About Cherwith..

Hi there, I’m cher. The creation of this blog in July 2007 was yet another attempt of mine in starting a blog and keeping it functioning well. As I have had numerous problems with my previous blogs, especially on the technical side. In my previous blogs, I guess I have ranted and raved a lot on my daily life with occasional views or commentaries on issues happening in our country(very rare though). If I’m not mistaken, my journey as a blogger began in mid 2005 through a Friendster blog but since its creation I probably posted around 23 post altogether for the duration of 3 years. Let’s just say that I was an occasional blogger, I blogged once in a blue moon quite the opposite now.When I first started blogging I was studying in a local university, the last thing on my mind was politics.,economics etc. Despite that, I was a rebel no doubt, I’d protest to everything I felt went against what I believed in and I was known for being outspoken but I totally hated politics .Just the mention of politics didn’t sit well with me and as I was studying communications it had an annoying habit of turning up all the time.(So, I thought!)

Despite majoring in Public Relations, I found myself having the urge to stand up for many issues that were actually very political but I would not link myself to politics. During my final year, one of my batch mates was in “trouble”, she was to face the disciplinary board for participating in a political rally. Initially I had always thought that students shouldn’t have any business being involved in politics but when this case creeped up on me I felt very differently. Hell I’m an adult and so is she we will do as we like! After finishing my degree, I ventured further into academics securing myself a position as a lecturer later on in my career path. I started to get engrossed in readings/situations/events/people that linked me in one way or another to economics and politics. I found it so interesting, so intriguing…it captivated my mind and from then on there was no stopping me…

Ever since then I’ve been learning, reading a lot of the political economy of our country, being more aware of my surrounding, opening up my eyes to what is happening not only in the world but in my own country. I realize that I need to stand up and speak my views. I can not fear(even though I do sometimes), as we do live in a country with oppressive laws(OSA,ISA etc) and with the constant violation of human rights in the country Malaysia is turning for the worst. Thus, I feel its essential especially for the young-ones like myself to take a stand against the oppression that comes in many shades and colors that surrounds us today. With that in mind, I do value the good that Malaysia does have but crave for more as I know she is possible of so much more.

With the availability of space, I belief that the blogosphere holds the key towards a better tomorrow for Malaysia no matter how small the influence or impact might be. People are beginning to care, to speak up, to unite for one cause despite their political inclinations. That certainly says something doesn’t it? My love for the blogosphere has definitely steered my path towards researching the possibilities of the Malaysian blogosphere towards providing a platform for critical debate, while being well aware of the constraints that keep it from growing.

This blog will be my window to explore new avenues, bring up issues or comment in issues that I strongly belief it be it political or not and will feature some of my research of the Malaysian blogosphere in the future. But there will certainly be times where I might rant of the smaller issues that surrounds my life as a student, a teacher, a speaker, a daughter, a friend …

So do come back and visit me…leave a comment or two but please be civil!

P.S=I will take down/delete racial comments

Cute eh??

Amen to that!

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  1. Noscere says:

    I have added a link to your site in my Blog roll, I hope you dont mind

  2. cherwith says:

    yeah sure..why not..

  3. john ung says:

    keep it going.

  4. 2legit says:

    Hi welcome back to blogosphere. Like you I too faced many technical problems with the blog I used to run. Perhaps I will attempt to start one again soon. Cheers.

  5. cherwith says:

    Yeah its often like that especially for technically challenged doinks like me!!:) Nothing stopped me and it shouldn’t stop you too. It too astronomical to ignore..the blogosphere. Thanks for dropping by

  6. Antares says:

    Found you via Petaling Street. Made me smile what you said about your awakening to social and political awareness – most reassuring to see young folks begin to reclaim their intelligence and integrity from elders too busy with “cari makan” to “cari makna.” Okay, Cher… all the best and keep doing your bit (I’ll be keeping an eye on you πŸ˜‰

  7. svllee says:

    Hi Cher, just found your blog via Haris’s. Well done, I have also just started blogging, albeit not into socio politics (yet!). Regards, Steven

  8. keanloong says:

    Hi cher,

    fellow coursemate Ken here. never tot you’ll venture into sopo blogging πŸ™‚ tot you’ll be too carefree to be even bothered…but glad to be proven wrong! seems like zaharom & mustafa have produced another thinking citizen as opposed to the mindless robots that many of our classmate (unfortunately) are! keep bloggin!

  9. cherwith says:

    Hey Ken, thanks for dropping by. Well you know what they say, never judge a book by its cover. Lolz, don’t blame you though, looks can be very deceiving, must be the hair. hheheeh. Yup that is true the likes of Prof.Z and Mustafa has had an impact I belief to many students. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  10. LC_Teh says:

    I’m glad there are many young people like you around who see things as they really are before they put their words into print. Keep up your good words….

  11. galadriel says:

    yus….my dear, we met at Bloghouse. A pleasure. Hope to see u around

  12. John Tika says:

    Pelajar UPM yang berani? X, hanya segelintir saja yang dah lupa nasihat mak bapak dorang guna duit hantar dorang suruh belajar, semester 1 dah mula bermain politik? X, ini bukan masalah perkauman tetapi kes memalukan pelajar UPM sendiri, semua kaum terlibat sama mendapat malu, apa yang dapat? Kepuasan? Duit? Anyway, ko tahu ke keadaan sebenar kat situ atau bergantung kat laman web yang separuhnya adalah bertujuan politik, agenda-agenda yang dibawa? X tahu? So, stupid blogger, yes πŸ™‚

    Yeah, you can delete my post .. this is actually for you to read .. TQ

  13. cherwith says:

    John, I did not equate it to be a racial problem. It was my opinion that they were brave to stand up for what they believed was unfair treatment towards their friend. I see nothing wrong with that. The problem with most people is they fail to see the point, the point of the matter is that they took his personal belongings, did not follow procedure and basically abused their power. Whether or not Yang Yang political inclinations fall towards the opposition or the ruling party is not for you or for me to judge, each of us have our own political stance.Please do not assume to understand or know how or what I based my writings on. To your comment “X Tahu?” Basically it is just your assumption of what I know or do not know. Stupid?Well you wouldn’t be the first person to label bloggers that so it doesn’t really bother me.Delete your post?Oh no everyone should read how ignorant people can be to assume and blame without thinking ….this blog represent my opinion on issue I feel strongly about, if you do not like you can argue, debate with me about but hitting below the belt……sad ..Like many have said before, if you don’t like what you see, you are not forced to continue reading my friend….

  14. Hakim@Hooligan says:

    Hey Cherwith, good blog, brave girl! Will look out for more of your postings.

  15. Hakim@Hooligan says:

    PS, whats with that front pic of your blog? Never seen handsome tall white dudes before? Hehe…hope you’re not trying to hook up with them or anything!!

  16. cherwith says:

    Well my friend, the front picture of my blog is Penang, near Odeon. My friend was doing an assignment on Penang Road, I was the photographer. I like the picture because it so Penang….those tall dudes happen to be there tourist. Nah don’t need to hook up already am hooked (lolz…you know the saying “once you go black there is no turning back….hahahahaha) so no..no white dudes for me(no offense to them though…i love me malaysians too muchhhh..)

  17. Yin Yin says:

    Hi Cheryl!I’m so suprised to see you here, as I’m browsing around and stumbled into your site. And you lil pic at the corner caught my attention, and I realized it was you, my long lost friend!

  18. Carnine says:

    I was looking for something different on Google, but ended here, reading your blog post, good read, thanks.

  19. EJ says:

    Your blog’s refreshing!! πŸ™‚ Amongst the plethora of ‘liestyle’ blogs and boring tech stuff and profanity laced rant-o-politics.

    • cherwith says:

      thanks, I write basically whatever that appeals to me at that point of time, could be politics, lifestyle, rants, every so occasional a food post..n of recent books I’ve read πŸ™‚ try not to get sucked into being put in categories

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