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Last Saturday, I lost my grandma who has been battling Alzheimer since her 70s. A fighter, this woman fought her last battle in her 82 year.

Growing up, Pati spoilt us silly, us grandkids with anything we desired be it a radio or walkman. Staying in the same town we received more gifts, trips to town, the playground and weekends/ school holidays spent being pampered.

We knew the day would come. Yet somehow I felt that she would always be there, she would always be around. It did not seem possible to have a life without her in it.

Yet that day has come. Armed with memories of her dancing to the Lambada, giving and receiving kisses, being subjected to her interrogation about boyfriends, about traditional remedies or just listening to her stories, I’m left here, feeling empty-feeling lost.

How do you deal with the loss even when they are old? Even when you know its their time. Knowing you will never ever lay your eyes on them again.

How do you?

Pati, on the 7th day I finally feel .

You are leaving us for good to be with him….

Yet it still hurts…. But I’m glad to finally let go. It’s hard holding back and trying to be strong..