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This page is basically to upload all the articles that I have written over the years some which have been published in magazines, websites, newspapers etc. Will add them one slowly, one by one as time is of constraint at the moment.I will also include some photos I’ve taken for some of this articles.Who knows one day even papers I present a some conference ahhahaha..if I don’t confuse myself too much that is…

Shadow Puppetry the Dying Art

Belly Good!

Swaying her hips from left to right, hypnotic straits of Middle Eastern music fill the air as the sound of jingles echo from the coins on her elaborately decorated costume. With only a veil concealing her face, her enticing eyes are revealed to the onlooker. As the beats of the rhythmic solo drums heighten, she rises to the beats floating as she becomes one with the music. Portraying the beauty of the female form, she interprets music.

She is belly dancing, the gift to womanhood…

Storming its way into the modern world with its sensual movements and mystifying effects, belly dancing has evolved from a fertility dance in Arab communities to a pure source of entertainment in the Western world. But today, belly dancing proudly stands as a leading fitness regime. An open expression of women’s sensuality, beauty and inner power, belly dancing has attracted women from different parts of the world.

With belly dancing classes offered in fitness centers around the globe, it is fast becoming a craze among modern women. Body positive images and empowerment characters in belly dancing has lured woman from all walks of life to sway with the rhythm of the belly. Its refusal to succumb to body stereotypes has been belly dancings driving force. While its never ending benefits of fitness and culture has contributed towards its growth and popularity of belly dancing has an ideal fitness regime for women of today.

Belly dancing is not only fun but truly an adrenaline pumping activity. Not only are calories shed, but a world of cultures absorbed. As you sway you’d be surprised to discover that every step symbolizes a significant time in history and culture. All the hip shaking and waist twisting with its sultry movements might look like peanuts but don’t be fooled because the workout can be quite challenging.

Burning up to 400 calories per hour, this energetic and sensual dance improves coordination, flexibility and is great for your posture. As hips shake in the opposite directions of the shoulders, the body undergoes a conditioning process. Building and toning muscles, it is gentle on joints and perfect for just about anyone!

With the execution of smooth moves like hip drops, circles, shimmies and figure eight movements, you’d be amazed with the level of control you possess. Energetic and swift movements might scare off those who suffer from back pain but don’t be disheartened because with belly dancing you’re actually right on track! Natural lubricants produced in joints when you belly dance will not only relieve your back pain but also improve your balance. It’s definitely a great way to release stress and maintain your sanity in the crazy world we live in today!

So if you thought belly dancing was all about booty shaking, I guess you know better now! It might be a tough cardio work out but it is sure worth a go. A healthy,stress-free way of feeling sexy and fit, it is the ideal solution for modern women of today. So belly away and feel the power within yourself as you sway!

(This article was published in one of the Essenze publications in 2005(Sorry for the error-it was in 2006)– sadly as I had left my position as a writer they decided to use my piece without acknowledging my writing. One of the bosses have since wrote me a letter to acknowledge that it was my work)

Peddling its way to the heart of Penang

Amidst bustling traffic, trishaws peddling through the inner streets or lounging in the sun awaiting prospective customers in Georgetown is something to be reckoned with. A novelty for tourist, this open fronted three-wheeled vehicle is truly an iconic symbol of Penang.

Those in attendance of the IN Penang Launch were pleasantly surprised when this human powered vehicle peddled its way through the Eastern and Oriental Grand Ballroom symbolizing the launch of the first free travel magazine in Penang.

Excitement filled the air when Penang’s king of the road peddled his way into the ballroom to hand out magazines to distinguished guest. Officiating the event, Chief Minister, Y.A.B Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, applauded Mr.Ch’ng Huck Then, Managing Editor of IN Penang for his daring efforts towards publishing the first free travel magazine.

An iconic symbol, the trishaw truly represents what IN Penang magazine is all about. Embodying the best of Penang, the magazine strives to explore all the nooks and crannies like the trishaw peddler himself. Commenting on the difficulty of promoting Penang, he said that ongoing efforts was needed in order to promote Penang. “Penang has a uniqueness of its own, being a microcosm of cultures, representing not only the best of Malaysia but Asia too,”said Tan Sri Dr.Koh Tsu Koon. After all where else can you find an island where time stands still yet paces with the rest of the world.”

With a twist of modernity, backed by rich cultural heritage, the coming together of Penang is truly the perfect union of the East and West. Y.B Teng Chang Yeow, Penang State Tourism Development and Environment Chairman expressed his desire to see the magazine serving as a tool to promote Penang to all quarters of the world. Reflecting the beauty of Penang, it features the best of hotels, eateries, restaurants, history and heritage trails, shopping hotspots, art events and her people.

“Penang’s unique combination of having everything under the sun is something that cannot be overlooked or transformed overnight. My partner and I are glad that, in one way or another, we are able to play a role in promoting this beautiful island to the rest of the world,”said Ch’ng.

Officially supported by Penang Tourism Action Council (PTAC), IN Penang magazine is distributed every 2 months to airports, seaports, hotels, tourist venues, hospitals and arts & antique shops both locally and abroad. With the printing of 50,000 copies per edition and wide channels of distribution, IN Penang is confident that Penang will become more accessible and known to the world.

  1. Stunna says:

    Hey there,

    i was doing my usual googling trying to track back all my past writing articles on the net and found out that u used to work in marketsource for Essenze publications. Perhaps u came in after i left coz i also wrote several articles in Frezh and Essenze but didnt get any byline for it. Also trying to track if i may have a copy of the magazine. how long were u there? 😉 btw, i also left in November 2005. just wondering if u came in before or after me.


  2. cherwith says:

    Yeah that’s pretty type of Marketsource, they didn’t acknowledge my work but used them after I left around 5-6 articles.Mr Chng finally gave me a letter to acknowledge my work but didn’t actually acknowledge it in the magazine supposedly because of Angeline… Let me think…I left in June or May 2006 ….You still writing now?

  3. Cyndy Fenner-Smith says:

    I read a copy of Essenze magazine while on holidays in Malaysia. I am not able to find a contact to start subscribing to the magazine but the email address bounced back. Do you know who I should contact to organise my subscription?
    Thank you for any help you are able to provide. ….. cyndy

  4. cherwith says:

    I’ll try to contact someone I know from essenze and get an email you can contact to go ahead with the subscription process alright? Will let you know as soon as I can..

  5. Cyndy Fenner-Smith says:

    Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to getting a subscription organised and receiving essenze. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year.

  6. cherwith says:

    Hi there. Sorry it took so long. According to the person in-charg, there are in the process of changing the email and web that’s why you couldn’t reach them. So I will pass you Lay Peng email address so that you can proceed with the subscription as promised. Glad I could be of assistance. Below is the email address;

    Good luck and have a good year ahead!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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