Photo Page

This page will feature the photographs I have taken over the years with my trusty Sony digi camera. I’ve taken pictures of numerous aspects some are of people, sceneries, moments… nothing professional..just my hobby.Anything that catches my eye, basically. So do enjoy and if you like to use the photos please credit Thank you!

UPDATE: Purchased a Cannon Digital Camera (semi-pro) about a year ago thus upcoming photographs will be linked to a new blog (  ).

India: Courtesy of Eve W

Kerbau at Work

Work in Progress

Women of India

My Bundle of Joy

Proud Pup

I rule

Brandy Rufus Daniels



Sounds of the waterfall

Nature at its best

A closer look

Butterflies at Work




Penang Road Trip

I took this photo on a road-trip with Veena. As she had to write an assignment on Penang, we decided to walk the streets of Penang by foot to capture the essence of the people, the surroundings that makes it the island it is!

Click on the picture for a better view and brief on the photo.

All walks of life

Plight of a Child

Colors of Chowrasta

Pleasures of the game

Wait for the Mini Visit for more…


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