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Who likes racist? None of us do. Who likes people who are ethnocentric? I doubt any of us do.

I mean who would like a person who blatantly disregards another human being on their barring of race, religion, culture or anything else. But let’s be real honest here. Let’s be direct, let’s not put icing on the matter shall we?

Before you attempt to read this post, read it with an open mind. Keep emotions out of it. For this post is not a post one can read on an empty stomach, that’s for sure nor read when emotions are in high tide.

The Anti Presana Narayanan Wave

Who is this woman? Why is everyone placing such an importance towards this person? What sort of media coverage has this sole person attracted?

Has she done any good to society? Perhaps won an award? Perhaps she is a missing child?

Nope.nope.nope. She is now a famous character not only over Facebook or in the mainstream media in Malaysia and some say overseas but among the Tamils or would it be accurate to say the Indians- she has become the talk of the town.

Presana Narayana- an Indian female model, in her 30s who recently became a household name after making racist statement about Tamils on her Facebook wall through her idiotic status. According to valid sources, this is not a first time offence so to speak, she has previously made such strong racist statements on a Malayleee Youth Group on Yahoo via email to other members. I shall not disclose the content of that email nor the status message she posted up. Rather, I want to address somethings, least we forget.

Just a few facts I would agree on before heading down that road.

Yes, the woman is racist- no doubt about that.

Yes, she has to understand that she cannot be allowed to speak in such a tone about anyone be it about Tamils or anyone really.

Yes, she should be taught a lesson (which I think she has)

Yes, her excuses for such an outburst is not only lame, but ridiculous silly [which one of us have not been whistled at or disturbed by our fellow Indians in the community (regardless whether they are tamils, malaylees, telugus etc)

Below,  what the community has done about it;

  1. Opened up a Facebook page called Anti Presana Narayanan which has 11,555 likes which was opened on the 21st of May 2012, barely a week ago.
  2. Raised the issue up to mainstream press where Malay Mail covered the story.

The reactions of people?

The bulk of them hatred =with comments on wanting to rape the girl, hurt her family among other hateful things.

I mean get your head on straight, if you are indeed anti-racism,you would first not start a page on a person, specifically targeted a single human-being, fine if your intentions was to actually get the issue out fine, but why still continue is my question?

If the issue is indeed about her actions or her words? Why swing below the belt and talk about how skinny she is or what her face looks like or how you think she would fare in the sack?

Are you just having an adrenaline rush by being part of this wave? Are you truly understanding the meaning of anti-racism? No point claiming to be anti-racist when your pro-hatred, don’t you think?

Come one, like I have mentioned before ,none of us are saints. Especially in Malaysia, there is a slang/special words used for every race from the Chinese to the Indians, Malays and other races. If you have never said anything bordering on racist fine, but I doubt anyone of you are  a saint.

Racism is ugly. Coming from a mixed marriage I understand this better than most. I know how it feels to be labeled by your race, religion etc. What is uglier is hatred, what is uglier is people getting together under the guise of unity of anti-racism but instead or targeted a single human being with acts of hatred.

I do not agree with what she said, how she said it, why she said – frankly speaking I think no attention should have been given to this women. She is not worth even talking about yet here we all are debating about her, talking about her and worse still being ugly because of her.

What makes you and her different? If you are just as ugly..You might not be throwing out racial slurs but hatred?

And you think you are taking the high road? Think again.

If only we cared as much about other things like how corrupt our systems are or how children go missing everyday, if we put as much effort towards all the other issues that really mattered, as much as we did for this particular person, wow- how great life would be.

But, oh well people will be people. Do think about what you are doing and what you are saying. Karma can be a bitch, the question is are you really certain that god will only punish Presana Narayanan, cause the way things are going look likes tens of thousand of people are dangerously drawing close to being , if not just as bad, but worse than all the things she says or is doing.

God bless us all.


Living practically half of her life alone[my dad works overseas], taking care of three kids, holding up the fort at home and caring for our furry friends, she has been the torch of the Withaneachi household.  She was always the picture of calmness, strength, love and composure.

She never had it easy, we had to go through a lot as a family and had many incidences of ugliness reigning down on us at our home many a time from extended family members especially when my dad was away and some assumed we were left unprotected, little did they know mum is a warrior and nothing could shake her… My dad is Sinhalse Buddhist and mum Indian Catholic. Need I say more? 

During our younger days, she kept us in check, ensuring we were disciplined, held steadfast life principles while always reminding us that she had our backs and she believed in all that we were.

It isn’t easy being a women. It isn’t easy being expected to be strong all the time. It isn’t easy having to care for 3 kids with minimal help. It isn’t easy to be the picture of composure while carrying out all this task.

It was surely WAS not easy,..


I got stuck in a Samsonite suitcase[I was probably around 2 or 3 yrs of age] as my naughty brother decided to lock me in just for fun and scramble the codes[my dad was again working overseas]- but she was calm, she told me to not be afraid-she spoke to me and calmly got me out of that scary predicament.

I got sick and starting having fits, without warning the sickness would attack- she would have to stay by my bedside during those long nights to make sure I was ok, to ensure I was safe.

I had to go for MRI scans and my mum had to hold my hand and tell me it was ok.

My brother had to go for a eye operation and he was barely 6 months old to correct his squinting.

My elder brother kept falling in drains and cutting his head open every single birthday…when mum had to pick him up and wash away the gushing blood, rushing him to the hospital each time.

She had to call my dad who was overseas to tell him that their son had been taken away from them…

She had to accept the fact that her son was gone and yet hold the fort, take care of arrangements and continue to care for us remaining siblings-she had to be strong even then..

She  shared my tears when my heart was broken,and helped me recover, piece by piece. She was my pillar of strength, my guardian angel.


This woman of steel has always been there at every point of my life and I always wish I could do more for her. I wish I could take away the pain she has to endure from all the trials and tribulations she has gone through in her life. I wish I could make it all better.

I aspire to be like you ma, to have her strength,courage, determination, intelligence…. to be the woman that she is gorgeous inside and out… I aspire to be everything she is…I wish that one day if I’m privilliged enough to be a mother, I will be at least half of what she is because she really brought us up well.

She made me who I am today, all I am and for that I thank her with all my heart and soul. I’m glad you are my best friend.

If I had even half of your strength and courage…I’d be quite a woman.

Love you ..

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line Honey

I’m still free , take a chance on me

If you need me, let me know, gonna be around

If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down

If you’re all alone when the pretty birds have flown

Honey I’m still free Take a chance on me

Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie

If you put me to the test, if you let me try

Take a chance. We often told numerous times in our life to just take that chance. Go out there, I mean what do you have to loose? If you have not accomplish anything yet, what’s there to loose? It applies in every facets of our lives from our careers, education and even our love life.

But the question is do we take that chance? Do you take that chance?

Taking chances, sounds easy enough. Simple enough really. You just go out there and seize the day, seize the moment, seize whatever comes your way. But is it really that simple? Is taking chances that easy? Is there no consequences in putting yourself out there?

If I say no, I’d be pulling your leg most definitely. Come on, how can there be no consequences when you put yourself out there.

It is like being naked. Being vulnerable. Putting your guard down.

Consequences will always be present. What you got to ask yourself really is if that chance is worth taking? Is it really? Are you taking that chance for yourself or because someone else wants you to?

How that chance is taken and how it will work or proceed is entirely up to you…I’m not saying that taking chances will result in having a positive outcome nor am I saying that it will guarantee happiness, money or even success.

That is the thing about taking chances. It involves a lot of risk.

It might leave you more bent out of shape that you were before. It might make you the happiest women/men alive. It might rob you off your self-confidence for a bit. It might make you see the world in a different light. It might take you on an adventure you would have never ever been open to before. It might open doors to the impossible.

The thing is that you won’t know which one of these possibilities will be your outcome.

What I can tell you is that taking a chance on something or someone is not easy, especially if you have been through a lot on your own, if you have been jaded in the past for whatever reason…it sure as hell ain’t easy and anyways saying it is bullshitting you to the core.

Will you regret taking that chance, I can’t say. I’m not you nor are you me.

At times, I do wonder whether taking chances is a good idea because it can leave you freezing in the cold, gasping for air-wishing you had never crossed or walked that path. You might walk to the middle of the bridge to take that chance will the other person might leave you hanging mid-way. It isn’t entirely up to you. But what I do know is that…

…In that smallest gap of a moment, I think of all the wonderful things I did experience. while taking that path towards my chance and I feel maybe it was worth it after all. Even if it does hurt now.

I mean would you rather leave it to the universe to decide?  I wouldn’t.

ABBA  did set the record, years ago…



Why is it really like that, huh?

Sure beats me.

You know for instance when you get up from bed and hit your leg against the steel frame,only to leave you with throbbing pain for the next few minutes and somehow everything else kinda takes a similar course.

That would be the same day your car would break down, the business deal will fall through, a long awaited appointment would be canceled and the list goes on. Some say it’s sheer bad luck, people who follow the secret will say you put yourself in that path while some of us would just settle with this old proverb;
when it rains,it pours

Sucky ain’t it. So should we follow the secret? I mean I have tried it and to a certain extent, it does make a difference, I guess.

It calms you down,makes you more patient, provides you with time to re-evaluate your situation without blowing your top, among other things.

Hence, giving you that space and clear thoughts for what you intend to do,later in that day or time frame.

But it ain’t easy to practice the secret, it’s a lot of faith, lot of belief in all that can be.

What I do not get is how this often occurs to the best of people? The people who kill themselves working hard for their bosses, generous people, kind people, people who follow the rules, people who have a conscience, people who have principles,people who basically follow the rules of society!

Why does it rain and pour? Does it not pay to be good? Often it does cross my mind and then I’m reminded that.. This is what makes people like us different, beautiful in and out,stronger, more confident and basically just the way we are.

Although I might question it very now and then I do believe that god has a plan for us, a plan for us all, for those who have had to weather storms and have come out soaking, yet still willing to brave the rain each time.

Yes, he has a plan for you and for me, you just wait and see:)

For it will be glorious.. For when it does rain the next time around it will an abundance of grace.

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

God bless, good night:)

You know in the past, it would be a common thing to see a man sitting down after a long day of work, reading his newspaper while his wife brings him coffee. But of course, he would be that same man who would fix the light bulb, chase the mice as his significant other screams at the sight of it, take the car for service, pay the bills among other common things you would expect a man to do (but then again, is it really a common thing expected anymore?).

He would be the one, who you could rely on to BE A MAN. You know the whole protect you if things go haywire, defend , you from other people. Simple gentleman sorta thing like opening car doors, giving you a peck on the cheek (subtle but intimate), walking you to your car/door after a date. But most importantly, the one you feel the safest with, someone who makes you feel secure- that feeling that makes you feel that you can do anything in their presence and not have to worry, even for a minute.

But the question is where have all the men’s men gone? You know the real men….

Most of them can’t even fix a light bulb, they run at the sight of mice and hide behind the women. Worst still are the ones who can’t do anything that remotely signifies the whole I AM MAN but with the whole I AM MAN ego intact, those are the worst kinds.  The ones who you feel, you need to protect. You need to support and tell them over and over again that it is okay.

I know most men will now say, hey woman…the women these days are similar-most can’t cook to save their lives nor maintain a household. Right you are!

I have no disagreements on that note, except to say I ain’t like that 🙂

This post is in no account trying to dis men in general but rather just an outcry, perhaps like a tiny scream within wondering where are the men’s men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I realize the very few men who are….live in my father’s generation or are unattainable.

Perhaps I’m living in the wrong era.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Like most women,I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

What is it with the men folk? They chase after you like there is no tomorrow and when you reach the point where you feel really mean for not giving them the time of day and because they have been so nice you let them in..they start acting like bafoons( not all men of course) this is just a very simple example ..

and there is this lingo you say A they think you meant D…sometimes something so harmless can turn into a huge argument…among other things..

Are we on different planets,do we like speak different languages?

I mean I don’t even want to get into the whole discussion of how men are completely different prior to marriage and after..the question is why?

Is it that we women are not listening hard enough? There is a different lingo we need to learn? Or is that man are just the way they are and you either gotta take it or leave it.

Come on guys..need some feedback here.

Gurney Drive.

An area that holds lot of memories for most Penangnites and heart-core supporters of this lovely little island 🙂 Like myself. After being away from Penang for the last 5 months, it is always loved to be welcomed home with open arms.

So sitting down and lamenting on how peaceful it was, I felt at home. It had been a long time since I even considered wanting to return to Penang be it to visit or to stay for good. But today, I felt like I did many years before. So I sat there, with my mother and a close friend we saw many antics.

It started off very quiet and after a session of taking pictures of each other- typical Penang rookie behavior (born-again Penangnite?:P), we were pulled away by a sound of something falling. Turning back I saw this young adults or perhaps teenager possibly around 18 or a little older stuck in the mud, most of his leg was deep in the mud. Curious, we all watched as his friends video-taped the whole incident and as he successfully removed his shoe from the thick mud trap. His friends giggled and I thought it was a little mean, the poor dude was drenched in mud- but heck everyone had fun and he was a good sport.. Was just thinking to myself, how lovely to hear the sound of happiness through their laughter.

Swept away by my surroundings and just being in the island, I was in a world of my own until of course some commotion broke my concentration off and I say a bunch of guys, particularly this guy with long hair hitting this guy with a helmet, as his girlfriend used her body to shield him from the attacks. From their body language it was obvious they not only knew each other, but they did not intend to hurt the girl but do some serious damage to the guy.

As blows and blows went to his head, I sprung up from my seat in shock and screamed at them to stop. They looked at me for a while and stopped then they continued to do so. My mum and friend called me to move away from the scene this resulted in my first 911 call to report an incident. Hardly making any sense, hence why it took so long…I gave them descriptions of the incident and reported it. Less than 5 minutes later, the police were on the scene (KUDOS to the cops, I was so proud of them).

By then the young men who were hitting this guy was already in hiding. I saw one of them get into a Waja, Silver but later one the guy seemed to have walked out of the car and hid elsewhere. I managed to give as much details I had by chasing after one of the cops who were on the other side of the road.

After a short period of time, a bunch of guys were in a car were stopped, I identified that it was possibly the same guys earlier but could hardly see from my car. But they had definitely checked out the tip I gave them and the girl who was shielding her boyfriend was present. I have no idea what happened after that.

One thing I do know was I felt quite pissed off, in fact embarrassed with Malaysians. Here, there was a bunch of guy mercilessly hitting this boy with helmets and instead of stopping to help or chase this guys away people started to disperse and move away. Thankfully, a guy and his girlfriend together with another few random guys decided to take matters into their own hands(which I was totally impressed and respect them for..) and walked fast towards this morons. Seeing them coming towards them really fast, they begun to disappear.

The question here is would you turn a blind eye if this would have happened to you? How would you have reacted?
Would you have said anything?Screamed? Shout? Call the cops…pretend you did not see anything, not get involved..etc?
What would you do? I couldn’t…


Well that’s what our society is all about these days. Isn’t it?

Should I go for that event? Why should I? Do I get something from it?

I want you to do this activity for class. Do I get marks for it? Or if I don’t will you deduct my marks?

A person is in need, she fell down. Why should I help I don’t know her?

Someone is struggling to cross the road. Why should I care she ain’t my mother…

The list goes on.. These days, society is about ME.ME.ME. What is IT in IT for ME? Am I getting anything out of it? Is there money? Is there rewards? How about doing it just because? Hell, no how is that possible? How about doing it because of humanity? What’s that you might ask…

This recent incident in China, just alerts us to the dangers of becoming nothing but a ME. A single entity living in the world for themselves and no one else. Who cares not for others but of their own welfare. Nothing wrong with caring about yourself, providing you do not lose your sense of morality.

How can a person see a child being run-over, over and over again and just pretend that they can’t see/can’t feel/can’t hurt? Just because they fear that they might have to pay a fine? So a child’s life is less important? A fine is something to be worried about more than someone’s life? Come on. Where is our sense of morality?

Where is our conscience? Where is our heart? How would you feel if someone treated your child in that way? How would you feel if it was your sister? Your mother? How can you not feel? Are you not human?

Regardless of how good deeds can be misintrepreted..does this mean an end to all good deeds? Because of one particular case? Because of one bad judgement by a judge in China? Because of some moronic idiot/liars who try to live off your good deed?

The question is where does it end? First we might start with not helping a child that is being run-over? Next- we might turn a blind eye to a woman being raped and god forbid someone being stabbed/burned and other unimaginable things. Just because we can.

There is a fine line between beisane and insane. Have we all lost our marbles? Is this how we want to be remembered? How we want to live our lives? What we want to teach our children?

I already see it in some of my kids. I do not blame them cause they do not know any better. Untill you reveal the consequences of each action they take or make, only then do they realize how big or how impactful each action really is….

But we as adults, do not instill proper values, basic humanity..what have we become or worse still what are we becoming?

How are we any different from animals? God gaves us something he gave no other species. The question is why do we continue to fail him and ourselves by living life like zombies.

Like I always tell my students, in life there needs to be purpose. Everything that you do has to have a purpose…even a single action. There must be meaning to everything that you touch, see, feel…experience. You must feel. You must hurt. You must view the world with open eyes, you must feel the world’s joy, hurt, pain. Everything.. only then can you be truly alive, truly human.

If we fail to do so and continue to indulge in ME.ME.ME then we have failed as a society a human being ….we have indeed killed morality.

Next time death comes calling, pray very hard that your loved one does not intend to send you to Universiti Hospital because that would probably be the last time you see anyone or anything in your life.

This occurrences is not merely coincidental. Not one or two people have experience inefficiency at its worst here but many. I myself one two different instances, years apart have experienced crappy service.

Unlike any other industry, inefficiency of staff be it nurses or doctors can result not only in losses in monetary losses but death. So it is no laughing matter.

When my seeya(grandpa) was rushed to the hospital after he had a fall, he was left to bleed. No one attended to him at all and my auntie who is a doctor had to rush to the hospital and stitch him up. Only to be charged for it later, not only is that absurd but irresponsible. My late grandpa was in his 70s then.

Years later, my achie (grandma) was admitted to Universiti Hospital due to heart failure. She was admitted at approximately 11am and till 1.30 pm no one doctor attended to her as no doctors were on a duty apparently which I believe is BULLSHIT. Once he does decide to attend to her, the doctor ask all her family members to leave the room as he questions her. You have to understand my grandma is in her 80s and is having dementia, she does not remember things very clearly-fighting with her is to no avail. Smart thing to do would be to ask her family, but does he? No…the smart doctor fights with this 80 year old woman. I mean how stupid can you get? I think this doctor need to attend finishing school more like it!

How can a hospital run without doctors? So when its a holiday people can be left to die?That is ridiculous. To make matters worse, she is then prescribed a medication which sadly the pharmacy can’t provide because its half day-on a freaking Monday in a freaking hospital. It is closed! Can you believe that?

So my 56 year old father has to drive around KL looking for the medicine which happens to be a controlled medication. All this while my grandma remains in the hospital without the necessary medication for heart failure. Someone suggested that we send her to the private wing because they take care of you better. So what happens if you do not have money? You are left to die? So is that the state of our medicine today?

The best thing is after this huge charade they will charge you a hefty bill for basically doing nothing! What is the point of doctors and hospitals then?

I’m appalled by Universiti Hospital. I vow never to return.

CURRENT UPDATE: She has no bed yet and has been at UH since 11 this morning. Lack of beds.

Apparently, this seems to be the procedure when dealing with cases of which, the PDRM has doubts. Of late, there has been more than one case of which civilians have been shot (some accidentally apparently) for no valid reason.  One of the most recent cases which has annoyed quite a number of Malaysian, is the news of the “Noodle Seller Shot by Plain Cloth Police Officers”>that was recently reported, and <“Aminulrasyid Shot Dead”>

According to Malaysiakini, Ho Chei Hang was shot by plainclothes policeman while he was driving. There was no warning shots nor any identification that these were indeed police officers, doing their so call duty. Mr.Ho has since sent a memorandum to SUHAKAM, ,to demand that the trigger happy police are investigated and that the issue does not fall on deaf ears. A trial is on-going regarding the Aminulrasyid case while Mr.Ho case is being investigated by SUHAKAM on the grounds of human rights. The PDRM on the other hand is treating this case (Mr.Ho) as attempted murder and drug possession.

There seems to be a pattern in all these cases, firstly the police officers shot at the alleged cars after receiving tips of the said offense but neither officers on both cases had any prove that this men/child were armed to begin with… Isn’t it a rule that officers cannot fire at their own will without solid evidence ? Will have to check on that…

Yesterday it’s a high school kid, today it is a noodle seller, tomorrow will it be you or me?

Now if you riding or driving on the roads and probably have been identified to have the same color car or model as a suspected criminal, are you in danger of being killed?
Will you end up in the pool of your own blood?

If you do not stop, for fear of being mugged or killed, will you be shot down? If anyone would stop me at the wee hours of the morning, even the police, I would not stop (unless it is a block and you can see that it is official that is!)!

How am I to know that this plain-cloth police are truly police? Should I take the risk and get mugged, raped or others?

Anyway, with all this cases constantly occurring, my trust-0-meter for the police keeps decreasing. As it is I hardly ever go to the police station for anything!

Recently, I visited the Sunway police station to report an incidence whereby some men came to my house with parangs and harassed me, threatening to kill my dog and asking me to leave the vicinity within a month- I was scolded by the inspector there because he said that since the issue was already settled(the police came to the house the night before and both parties talked) he assumed that I should not waste his time).

If I were to be killed, what prove would  I have? So you tell me now, why would anyone trust in the PDRM?

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that there are no good cops but I’m saying that the image of the PDRM is being tarnished due to its reckless, non-caring, could not be bothered attitude in general that is showcased repeatedly through not one, but many cases that have been re-occurring.

The question here is what is being done about this trigger happy cops?
What is being done with the officers who scold you for reporting an incident?
What is being done with officers that plant evidence on unsuspecting civilians?
Where have all the good cops gone? Why are we advocating a shoot first prove later policy?

Why why why!

So many questions that remain unanswered.

Before I end, I’ll like to assert that I love this country but I’m not about to sit here and watch people dying due to the recklessness and tidak-peduli attitude of some of our coppers.

I just want to feel safe again. Don’t you ?