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Who likes racist? None of us do. Who likes people who are ethnocentric? I doubt any of us do.

I mean who would like a person who blatantly disregards another human being on their barring of race, religion, culture or anything else. But let’s be real honest here. Let’s be direct, let’s not put icing on the matter shall we?

Before you attempt to read this post, read it with an open mind. Keep emotions out of it. For this post is not a post one can read on an empty stomach, that’s for sure nor read when emotions are in high tide.

The Anti Presana Narayanan Wave

Who is this woman? Why is everyone placing such an importance towards this person? What sort of media coverage has this sole person attracted?

Has she done any good to society? Perhaps won an award? Perhaps she is a missing child?

Nope.nope.nope. She is now a famous character not only over Facebook or in the mainstream media in Malaysia and some say overseas but among the Tamils or would it be accurate to say the Indians- she has become the talk of the town.

Presana Narayana- an Indian female model, in her 30s who recently became a household name after making racist statement about Tamils on her Facebook wall through her idiotic status. According to valid sources, this is not a first time offence so to speak, she has previously made such strong racist statements on a Malayleee Youth Group on Yahoo via email to other members. I shall not disclose the content of that email nor the status message she posted up. Rather, I want to address somethings, least we forget.

Just a few facts I would agree on before heading down that road.

Yes, the woman is racist- no doubt about that.

Yes, she has to understand that she cannot be allowed to speak in such a tone about anyone be it about Tamils or anyone really.

Yes, she should be taught a lesson (which I think she has)

Yes, her excuses for such an outburst is not only lame, but ridiculous silly [which one of us have not been whistled at or disturbed by our fellow Indians in the community (regardless whether they are tamils, malaylees, telugus etc)

Below,  what the community has done about it;

  1. Opened up a Facebook page called Anti Presana Narayanan which has 11,555 likes which was opened on the 21st of May 2012, barely a week ago.
  2. Raised the issue up to mainstream press where Malay Mail covered the story.

The reactions of people?

The bulk of them hatred =with comments on wanting to rape the girl, hurt her family among other hateful things.

I mean get your head on straight, if you are indeed anti-racism,you would first not start a page on a person, specifically targeted a single human-being, fine if your intentions was to actually get the issue out fine, but why still continue is my question?

If the issue is indeed about her actions or her words? Why swing below the belt and talk about how skinny she is or what her face looks like or how you think she would fare in the sack?

Are you just having an adrenaline rush by being part of this wave? Are you truly understanding the meaning of anti-racism? No point claiming to be anti-racist when your pro-hatred, don’t you think?

Come one, like I have mentioned before ,none of us are saints. Especially in Malaysia, there is a slang/special words used for every race from the Chinese to the Indians, Malays and other races. If you have never said anything bordering on racist fine, but I doubt anyone of you are  a saint.

Racism is ugly. Coming from a mixed marriage I understand this better than most. I know how it feels to be labeled by your race, religion etc. What is uglier is hatred, what is uglier is people getting together under the guise of unity of anti-racism but instead or targeted a single human being with acts of hatred.

I do not agree with what she said, how she said it, why she said – frankly speaking I think no attention should have been given to this women. She is not worth even talking about yet here we all are debating about her, talking about her and worse still being ugly because of her.

What makes you and her different? If you are just as ugly..You might not be throwing out racial slurs but hatred?

And you think you are taking the high road? Think again.

If only we cared as much about other things like how corrupt our systems are or how children go missing everyday, if we put as much effort towards all the other issues that really mattered, as much as we did for this particular person, wow- how great life would be.

But, oh well people will be people. Do think about what you are doing and what you are saying. Karma can be a bitch, the question is are you really certain that god will only punish Presana Narayanan, cause the way things are going look likes tens of thousand of people are dangerously drawing close to being , if not just as bad, but worse than all the things she says or is doing.

God bless us all.


Living practically half of her life alone[my dad works overseas], taking care of three kids, holding up the fort at home and caring for our furry friends, she has been the torch of the Withaneachi household.  She was always the picture of calmness, strength, love and composure.

She never had it easy, we had to go through a lot as a family and had many incidences of ugliness reigning down on us at our home many a time from extended family members especially when my dad was away and some assumed we were left unprotected, little did they know mum is a warrior and nothing could shake her… My dad is Sinhalse Buddhist and mum Indian Catholic. Need I say more? 

During our younger days, she kept us in check, ensuring we were disciplined, held steadfast life principles while always reminding us that she had our backs and she believed in all that we were.

It isn’t easy being a women. It isn’t easy being expected to be strong all the time. It isn’t easy having to care for 3 kids with minimal help. It isn’t easy to be the picture of composure while carrying out all this task.

It was surely WAS not easy,..


I got stuck in a Samsonite suitcase[I was probably around 2 or 3 yrs of age] as my naughty brother decided to lock me in just for fun and scramble the codes[my dad was again working overseas]- but she was calm, she told me to not be afraid-she spoke to me and calmly got me out of that scary predicament.

I got sick and starting having fits, without warning the sickness would attack- she would have to stay by my bedside during those long nights to make sure I was ok, to ensure I was safe.

I had to go for MRI scans and my mum had to hold my hand and tell me it was ok.

My brother had to go for a eye operation and he was barely 6 months old to correct his squinting.

My elder brother kept falling in drains and cutting his head open every single birthday…when mum had to pick him up and wash away the gushing blood, rushing him to the hospital each time.

She had to call my dad who was overseas to tell him that their son had been taken away from them…

She had to accept the fact that her son was gone and yet hold the fort, take care of arrangements and continue to care for us remaining siblings-she had to be strong even then..

She  shared my tears when my heart was broken,and helped me recover, piece by piece. She was my pillar of strength, my guardian angel.


This woman of steel has always been there at every point of my life and I always wish I could do more for her. I wish I could take away the pain she has to endure from all the trials and tribulations she has gone through in her life. I wish I could make it all better.

I aspire to be like you ma, to have her strength,courage, determination, intelligence…. to be the woman that she is gorgeous inside and out… I aspire to be everything she is…I wish that one day if I’m privilliged enough to be a mother, I will be at least half of what she is because she really brought us up well.

She made me who I am today, all I am and for that I thank her with all my heart and soul. I’m glad you are my best friend.

If I had even half of your strength and courage…I’d be quite a woman.

Love you ..

“Makan, Minum, Tidur Coca-Cola”
The phrase clearly states an absolute obsession over Coca-Cola. Fine by me, catchy and pretty clever as a marketing/advertising strategy there is no doubt about that, after all it is a product. But what would be the case with the latest obsession our dearest government has been infected with…Would it be a marketing strategy? Propaganda? Visionary dream? What would you call it?
I call it the 1Malaysia syndrome. You basically see it everywhere… Let’s just have a breakdown of how 1Malaysia syndrome is seeping into our lives, our workplace, our homes, our schools, our media and the list never ends.

Image 1: 1Malaysia blog by Dato Sri Najib (but of course)

Image 2: 1Malaysia Facebook Group

Image 3: 1Malaysia Booklet

Image 4: 1Malaysia News Item

I need not elaborate further, don’t you think? You get my drift, yeah? Well, it is everywhere. It’s on print (essay competition etc), TV (mystory)…. I almost feel as though this concept has been de-valued or even forced, so common that it bears neither significance nor relevance in this 21st century.
Some might say, hey cher you are such a skeptic but let’s just look at the bare facts. 1Malaysia is sure as hell not a new concept; it’s been recycled over and over again when the nation requires crutches to stay afloat. It’s been used time and time again in different ways; using different names by different people that sit right up there (I ain’t talking about god, that is for sure!).

All of a sudden he becomes a hero because he is all about unity, all about togetherness, all about the coming of all races no matter the color, the culture, the religion and the list goes on. 1Malaysia, who can fault such a noble vision, such a community puller but the question is what is behind 1Malaysia or more like who and why!!

Quoted from the 1Malaysia booklet;
(can be accessed at
“1Malaysia adalah penerusan agenda membina negara”
– In simple words, it means 1 Malaysia is a continuation of an agenda in the direction of developing a nation.
Some of the key words used in this document;
“Penerimaan antara kaum”
-Acceptance among the races-

“Peningkatan ketara sikap toleransi”
-Increase of tolerant attitudes-
“Tiada mana-mana pihak yang akan dipinggirkan”
-No party will be sidelined-
“Sikap sampai lewa dan acuh-tak-acuh tidak boleh wujud….”
-Could not be bothered attitudes should not exist-
“1Malaysia adalah satu transformasi ketara”
– 1 Malaysia is an obvious transformation-

PM Malaysia(current one-2010) says;
“1Malaysia adalah satu gagasan bagi memupuk perpaduan di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum, beteraskan beberapa nilai penting yang seharusnya menjadi amalan setiap rakyat Malaysia”
– 1 Malaysia is a notion to foster unity among Malaysian of varied races based on a few crucial or important values that should be a practice for every single Malaysian-

Like I’ve mentioned before, 1Malaysia is a recycled concept (think Bangsa Malaysia during Mahathir’s time). No issue with that really, good concepts should always be emphasized and fostered but if it is such a great concept why was it not picked up by the nation, by its people? Simple, just one word- “Hypocrisy”
It’s as simple as a father telling his son to quit smoking because it is bad for him and the very next minute lighting up a ciggie right in front of his son and smoke his lungs out. Good for you, bad for me scenario? It’s like what you should do and what the reality really is…

Let me tell you why 1Malaysia will never work;
1. Affirmative action –it is argued that it should remain as we should not questioned the Bumiputera’s right, in fact we should help them but my question is who helps those in need regardless of race? What about those who are in the same boat but just not Bumiputera, do they not matter? (refer to the third keyword phrase above- already people are being sidelined and continue to be)
2. Malaysia’s raced based party system (by this I don’t mean a partay but political party!)- it is argued that there should be an acceptance of all races yet we are founded and continue to grow on a political system that clearly is based on race (think MIC, MCA, UMNO). We still use race cards when elections are near, we still call each other special names that reflect our races, we still call ourselves “Malaysian Indians, Malaysians Chinese etc”.(some might argue, what’s in a name but I argue that it reflects much more than just the name but how we have been brought up to think and feel as Malaysians which is divided!)
3. Perpetuation of the importance of race being individually singled out in official documents or forms- If race does not matter and everyone is accepted, why does race play an important role when applying for a dog license, a job, a scholarship etc? Acceptance of ALL RACES? Think again!
4. Double standards of how race is portrayed attacked and ridiculed on a seasonal basis. There are so many cases in which race is used as political currency or worse still weapon that is often brushed off or ignored. Think Siti Inshah Mansor of Sekolah Menengah Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra racist remarks that went ignored, Awang Selamat on his article “Bisikan from Utusan that was had threatening elements(, Makkal Ossai printing of pictures of Jesus holding a cigarette( and the list goes on…
I could go on but I think the reasons are evident and in your face already…

I have written about the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and lots that relate to 1Malaysia over the years, on numerous occasions;

All I can say is a very wise man once said;
The power entrusted to us is not to be used against others, not to improve our position and not to make us rich. The power is to be used in the interest of the people” – Tun Hussein Onn

Yet here we are almost 50 years later talking about a concept that has been talked about by numerous parties including myself with no real action. We talk and talk and talk but we are still rooted in the same system that imprisons us. We have pillars of the nation that advocate a concept they truly do not believe in, let alone understand. So 1Malaysia? I say start talking action that truly reflects that, I have in a small way, have you? No point plastering adverts after adverts to drill in the concept of 1Malaysia to the public if you guys up there do not understand it beyond superficial notions of 3 main races playing guli together or congkak(only being constantly portrayed through TV/Adverts etc when the reality is far from it)! So is the power being used for the interest of the people? Is that what 1 Malaysia is or merely another political instrument to favor the ones in power?

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was warned by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to make statements that could stoke racial tensions.  (The Star,Thursday March 13)

Pak Lah I would have expected you to sober up by now, after suffering a huge defeat in the recent elections. After losing the mystical 2/3rds…that had become more of a curse than anything else for the last 50 years. So when former PM, Mahatir said step down…when other quarters said resign….I thought come on, people lose its normal. But people can change, who knows Pak Lah can too. He can make a better Malaysia. After all he did humbly accept his defeat and vouched to serve the people better. But Pak Lah whats with the threats? What’s with the warnings?

Guan Eng the current CM for the coalition won Penang fair and square! He was given the mandate by the people. Every Malaysian be it Malay,Chinese or Indian voted for DAP, PAS and PKR the coalition government in support of their of them and what they stand for. The people have voted. What have you got to say now? Doing with NEP has always been the plan from the start itself. What’s wrong with doing away with NEP? It is in fact a racial policy. Just because people do not take to the streets and kill each other over it doesn’t make the NEP any less racist then it already is. NEP only serves to help select few not all Malays thus it does not fulfill its purpose.

You claim to represent the people Pak Lah but you don’t! You represent yourself! You are a selfish man and I’m glad to say I’ve seen enough of you. The only thing that will cause racial tension is if people like yourself continue to badger on and cause a ruckus when there is not. You do not have to worry about Malays in Penang. As longs as Malays, Indians,Chinese and other races are Malaysian they will be taken under the wing of our coalition government. Those who are poor will be assisted not just because of their race but because they require assistance. Not all Malays are poor..same case with Chinese, Indians and other races. But they are those who are poor regardless of race. Please open your eyes.

Doing away with this policy will only do good because EVERY MALAYSIAN will be at the heart of things, they will be put first priority! So racial tension????? Only tension will be Dealing with people like you that are not willing to accept that with time comes change and with change comes differences…with differences comes a better Malaysia. The question is Pak Lah, do you want to be apart of  a better Malaysia or not?

When I mention Barisan Rakyat I’m not only talking about those political parties such as DAP whom have endorsed or accepted the People’s Declaration but everyone one of us rakyat…I believe that we all play a crucial role in ensuring that we have a steady state government and government overall in Malaysia. We need to be strong in our principals and not bow down under pressure but at the same time be able to compromise, maklumlah we live in a multi-racial country~

The state coalition government should adhere to the People Voice and People Declaration that you can find in<“People Declaration and People’s Voice”> as they have promised before the rakyat gave their votes to them in the recent election.

What we rakyat need to remember is that we have every right to be outraged or angry should our Mps or any one of our leaders steer the wrong way (take Uncle Kit for instance) but at the same time we should be level-headed enough not be consumed with our anger and annoyance so that we can move ahead beyond our anger to get something constructive done against this wrong paths taken by our leaders. We have to understand that our leaders are only humans and they will make mistakes. It is our job to make sure they need to work for the next 5 years, follow the right path and lead the country well towards a Better Malaysia. We have already felt the vibes of a better Malaysia. We should not let blackmail or threats from certain parties to soil our movement, our determinism.

IT is not only the role of the current state government in this 5 states to make sure all goes well and the state is run well. It is also our job! We wanted a participatory government didn’t we ? So we too will have to work hard with our state leaders to achieve every single thing that we outlined or desired in our people’s declaration. We can’t only come to the polling booth and vote every 5 years and expect miracles. Yes voting is one of the very first steps but we got to do more. We need to mobilize our strengths to help our leaders. We need to work as hard as they are or perhaps harder…

There are currently groups that have been mobilized for this cause one being Haris and geng’s effort much earlier to the elections of Bangsa Malaysia both in KL and Selangor. This group still keep in contact via emailing groups and have taken it to the next step by forming a meet beyond the Internet sphere. I hope that others will follow suit with this sort of efforts in some way or another. Like I said, we play a role, a crucial role it is!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!!!

Barely a few days ago, I informed readers about the stupidity of the sms I received which annoyed me to a certain extent, read my last posting entitled<“Such Mentality Will Deter Malaysians”>.That very sort of mentality has come back once again this time by a different community demanding for their ethnicity to stand out to represent their own community. I hardly ever watch local TV this meaning TV1, TV2 and TV3 but I do occasionally watch comedies on 8TV.

Yesterday night, I decided I’ll just catch some news on TV3 and see their take on the latest update post-elections. When I switched the TV on it was reporting on Guan Eng being appointed as Chief Minister of Penang. I’m quite happy with him being elected, he looks fresh and determined. Furthermore he as been very active in getting things organized and settled at this very early stages of his take-over. With parking summonses evaporating(I can’t complaint!-got loads! hehehe) and review of PGCC which a lot of us fought against due to their disguised plan, I’m glad at the pace Guan Eng is working at! But I shall reserve my full judgments as its been barely a few days. Anyway after the coverage of Guan Eng there was this little press conference whereby this Malay group-Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce that supposedly represented the Malay community were highlighting their concerns and demands. I was rather shocked! Wah can demand for certain things and even get coverage for it??

I guess this concerns came along due to some policy reversals made by Guan Eng. According to International Business Times, Guan was reported to have said that he would do away with the New Economic Policy, an affirmative action programs that awarded those of Malay ethnicity in regards to state contracts. He said;

“We will run the government administration free from the New Economic Policy that breeds cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency,” Lim, an ethnic Chinese, said in a statement.

With that in place, state contracts will be up for bidding and not be give to a select few! Isn’t that good news for all? Fair competition? Declaration of assets of state government members and civil servants publicly- that should help with the reforms seek by the people don’t ya think? I couldn’t quite get the names of this group, so if anyone knows do fill me in, will update!!!- Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce-Got iT! Anyway I guess this section of the community might worry due to being spoon-fed all this time and probably are not thinking maturely yet. As there are still thinking based on racial lines whereby their rights can only be safe-guarded if they have a Malay in the position of the Deputy Minister as it was previously. I wonder if the Opposition will give in to their demands? I hope not as that will only conform to such thinking whereby ethnicity prevails. Why can’t trust be put on a Indian, Chinese or any other race in fact to safeguard your rights just on the stand that they are Malaysians and will seek to give the best to their people?

Like I mentioned in my earlier posting whereby the Indians wanted a Deputy of Indian ethnicity to “jaga” their rights so that they would not be marginalized… like I said such desires or actions on their part will in turn only cause more people to think on ethnic lines as has been demonstrated here in Penang in regards to this Malay group whom worry that their rights will be sidelined just on the fact that they are Malay and Chinese are running the government!

So what I say? Hasn’t all our PM and Deputy PM been Malays? Most of our Cabinet Ministers Malays? Have we demanded that for each one, a person of our own ethnicity be put to maintain our interest? Come on… I know you have your worries due to our history…we are thought to think on racial lines. But don’t you think its time to do away with that? Give your trust to the CM in this case Guan Eng to do what’s right not just for Malays but for all Malaysians. I don’t think we need someone of particular ethnicity just because of their ethnicity. I mean what’s ethnicity got to do with it?

Time we go beyond the conventional. Time to go beyond what we are accustom to. It’s time for a change…

Like I’ve said many times before, the battle has just begun…we have a lot more to fight for..first being getting our stupid little narrow minds to think outside the box in terms of race. We did that when we voted through the ballots, why can’t we do it in our daily life?

Take a chance…Trust in your CM, Menteri Besar, PM, whoever that has been chosen this time around because they have been elected and now is the time they are suppose to shine. If they go out of line, by all means go ahead and question them.If they are unfair at any point of time, demand for a change. You have a right you are a rakyat. But first of all give them a chance to begin with… Same goes for the opposition and for Barisan. The People have spoken… Now let them do their work before we jump all over them for the silliest of things!

Lest we forget, we are anak bangsa Malaysia every one of us who are born on this soil!

Around midnight I receive this sms from a friend that to a certain extent irritated me. On the day of the elections I was pretty hyped up. Happy, ecstatic even before the results. Somehow it just felt right, felt good. Little did I know that Malaysian history would be written on this fateful day. So I guess you all know the story, the Opposition comes back after a lapse of 20 over years to deny the BN their 2/3rd majority. Winning over 5 states, namely Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Selangor and even my state, Perak. Since its been like forever since such a great representation of the “otha side”, people are over-joyed! At least I am! So when someone sends me a message like please forward this message to all Indians, to sms Lim Kit Siang to ask him to elect a deputy MB in Selangor and all the states won by the Opposition, it IRRITATES every single bit of me. I know I’m Indian but more so I know I’m MALAYSIAN.

According to <“Malaysiakini”>, Hindraf’s chairperson P Waythamoorthy said that it was time for the opposition to repay the Indian community for their huge support in turning the wave in favor of the opposition in yesterday’s general election.

– Why is that necessary? Aren’t we Malaysians? Indians, Malays or even Chinese did not do whoever a favor, it was their obligation, their birth rights as Malaysian to demand for a better Malaysia. So what if they garnered support? They were Malaysian, they were not strangers to the country!!! I feel the only repaying that has to be done is by both the government and Opposition in making Malaysia better!

I see no rationale or necessity to particularly require for someone of Indian ethnicity to be in such a position so that he or she represent my rights. The fact that the person is in Kamunting is a whole different matter altogether but the fact that the person is put there due to the sole fact that he is INDIAN is just too much. I have faith that Kit Siang, Nik and Anwar will represent people of all races..all faiths..regardless. Of course this believe is in faith for the people who have promised the people of Malaysia a better Malaysia. Will they accomplish that? Time will tell..

If there don’t..If they fail..If they slack or crumble under pressure..if they fall into the traps of money politics..IF…then we shall re-address the situation, then we Malaysian will figure a way to VOTE them out. I feel chances should be given when there are due. In regards to the request by Hindraf (and some part of the Indian community), I feel that a person should not be given a position due to this ethnicity, yes he has fought greatly and put in ISA for it. ..But the point at this time is not to single out ethnicity as due reason to put someone in position. The fact that he is still in Kamunting will complicated his duties further.If this sort of by race situation starts it will never end and we will in turn become like the people or parties we despised the most.Next the Malays, Chinese and other races will want a deputy in each state to represent their race or ethnicity. So when does it stop??? Aren’t we all Malaysians? Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia? If we truly believe in a bangsa Malaysia concept I urge you the stay away from such mentality, I urge to not to support such silly SMS-es, I urge to think for the Better of Malaysia and not your individual concerns. As I stated earlier I believe those who have been put into power by the people will represent every single Malaysian regardless of race or creed but should those put into power by the people neglect any Malaysian… the rakyat will not be still, the rakyat will not stand for it. The Opposition has around 5 years to prove its worth to Malaysian whom have given them a chance, let’s hope there make the best of it..

It’s all about the keris, all over again! This time is the blatant denial of the ancient Malay weapon being use for the purpose of ticking of at other races or stating superiority over others but the question is if that is truly the case? I dare say that most of us are quite annoyed that a person can have the audacity to wave the keris(an ancient Malay weapon) around and threaten to bathe those from the Chinese ethnicity in their blood(BY UMNO YOUTH YEARS AGO) When our dear Hishamuddin, waves the Keris once again and continues to use to keris in UMNO annual meeting its signals stupidity seeing past episodes relating to this matter. For a man who supposedly believes in racial harmony and being sensitive to other races, I feel it more so hypocrisy in disguise just for political gain rather than personal principles.

Well a smart man would do-away with the use of such a symbol due to the use of it in the past and use other cultural symbols that are available but then again who said we are dealing with smart people here? According to<“Malaysiakini”> today, UMNO Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein today ticked off those who continue to criticise the brandishing of the keris at the ruling party’s annual meeting and accused his detractors as the real racists. So now he plays the blaming game, it ‘s everyone else except me (even though he is ultimately the one who waved the keris) but then again what can we expect? Those who lodge reports again those who commit crimes or wrong-action are the ones persecuted in Malaysia not those who actually commit the crime. Is this something new? Well of course we have the few lucky strikes of justice, with the Irene Fernandes case and others but many doubt is as a technique to put the minds of the people at ease as election bells are already heard.

For those of you who are in a blur of what this whole Keris issue is all about, here is an excerpt from Newsweek International (Nov 25 2006), edited by Fareed Zakaria, a progressive Muslim on the bahaviour of Kerishamudeens during the episode of the annual UMNO meeting back in 2006;


Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein unsheathed a keris (Malay dagger) at the meeting. Party supporters perceived the gesture as invoking Malay power and pride, but critics said the minister was pandering to racist elements in UMNO’s youth wing, which Hishammuddin heads. Twenty years ago, the youth wing had displayed banners calling for the keris to be bathed in the blood of the minority Malaysian Chinese. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi disavowed the inflammatory rhetoric in his speech to the UMNO conclave, and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak suggested that the police have a word with delegates who’d used extreme language. Still, the UMNO chest-thumping makes clear that the moderate Abdullah is struggling to cope with a surge in intolerant—and in some cases extremist—behavior by his base of Malay Muslims.

So what now you might ask? Well looks like the Keris is here to stay according to our great UMNO Youth Chief! After all according to him its all about unity not superiority! Well I guess we can guess if the Keris is here to stay well racism is too but its ……Up to you to analyze and decide…..So much for racial sensitivities eh?