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Inspired by Diana Owen’s blog posting[] on this question, I’d like to take a swing at it from my p.o.v.

This strength that we are supposed to conjure up to save us from life, from daily struggles, from turbulence?

Reflecting on her question[ What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? ] has brought me to question the exact same thing. What has made me stronger?

I think to be honest, I do not think one particular experience can indeed make you stronger, it is possible that a base experience could provide the path for many other experiences to take form  into becoming something that indeed serves to keep a person stronger-sane I’d like to call it. To say that one(uno) experience actually causes this would be mere fallacy but I do believe that it could begin there, could be the starting point. Then again, I guess we all look at the world from a different point of view, so..

Back to the question: What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

I guess for me there is only one, one that I hold on to with dear life. One that serves as that point, where I go nothing ….can be worse than this[ i will survive] Nothing at all. It serves as a great reminder to all things that occur around me[ but also serves to put a stopp.  To those who know me well, there would know that this experience would be the one in which I lost someone very close to my heart when I was 16.

Losing someone close you heart is like losing apart of yourself. Apart you possibly never knew existed, let alone was growing in you all along. When you do lose that someone, all sorts of feelings and emotions start appearing. Things you have never felt, things that normally meant nothing or could not move you to react among others. The thing about this sort of experience is that it changes you, for good? for worse? I do not know, all I know is as a result you become stronger, you become like a brick wall like the great wall of china sorta strength [really? yes really].

Now most would consider that as something negative to build up walls in that manner, but it kind of protects you, shields you. In turn it also feels you with something an amplified version of feelings be it positive or negative. It could be extreme paranoia, fear, desire, wants, needs, happiness among others. It is something hard to really tell what indeed is going on in a person’s mind to actually get to where she or he is.

But the answer to this question is like a double-edge sword, cause as much as it protects you, it also makes you just as vulnerable. Your experience also defines you, builds you to become who you are, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Strength can serve you well if used correctly, but wrongly can leave scars that forever remains. So you might be stronger than you think, but are you really strong? [yes, I can be very complicated, I barely comprehend myself sometimes :)]