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On the way to work and back, on the way to groceries and back, on the way to practically anywhere, the sight is similar. The last few weeks, we all have been subjected to the eyesore that they call campaigning.

With flags, banners and picket cards line-up at your local barber shop, that favorite playground, the beautiful open landing, defaming ads in the newspapers,wherever you can imagine, they have it plastered reminding you that the time is now. It’s all dominated by the colors of blue, green and red, it is a wonder any of us can recognize any other color moving forward.

It does not end there either, even our personal lives are invaded. With manifestos arriving in our mail, SMS-es taking up space in our inbox to video-MMs-es defaming one party over another- the harassment by these parties are endless. To make matters worse, social media has exploded with the sharing of racist youtube videos, blog postings and images inciting nothing worth mentioning most of the time. As usual of course there is the coffee shop talk, where you see the uncles discussing politics over their morning coffee and newspapers (although the newspapers are hardly seen much these days). One thing that differs I guess is that you can easily see youngsters taking heed of the elections, you can see them taking an active role, an active part actually discussing of what is and what will be.

56 years and counting, nothing much has changed in terms of the sights and sounds as election looms near. There is the same ole talk. Same ole propaganda passing around, same ole promises. So what is so different about these upcoming elections that keeps me cringing?  Elections, politics- basically anything equating to those two words are often dirty, what makes this any different?

For a country that has been dominated by a single party made of up component parties (only for election purposes of course), time is changing and tensions are running high. What used to be a walk in the part for this party has truly become a race(no we are not talking about Indians, Malays or Chinese), a battle of the titans. It is no longer assumed or expected that they will win as they always have and then in it creates a whole lot of chain reactions.

Why in the first place can a single party or individual be allowed to rule for such a long period of time? Well, that requires an analysis of the political system that we are apart of that I will not be discussing. It is what it is.

This elections in fact is the dirtiest ever. They say 1Malaysia but is is merely a propaganda tool for they still use…race.. Races. Yes races are used as a pre-requisite to demand, to incite, to hurt and to insinuate nothing good. The words you keep hearing is I,My …..repeated over and over again. It is us against the world sort of situation. We don’t really see campaigning do we? We see defamation at every possible level. We see hate campaigns. Why do we allow it? Why do we allow people to campaign and trample another’s image and dignity as a basis for us to defend the worthiness of a party.

If a party is defined by how bad/unethical another party is, well I have to say your party is baseless and has no stand indeed. Also I believe there is no purpose of defaming another to look good- that is like every custody case in the country. If I have to choose to vote base on who is worse, that is truly sad.

Gosh look at the ads in the newspapers below;

dap silent dap

It does not end there either. We hear words constantly repeating about how we the Indians and Chinese are Pendatangs and we should go back to our own countries. It’s weird they didn’t feel that way when we contribute our salaries, business etc to the economy nor do they have such sentiments during non-elections. Oh come on, its pretty obvious. You are using race to define the General Election as a way to win. What better way to fuel people’s emotions? Religion of course. Race of course. That’s how you get people to get ticked off, to get angry, to get pissed, to fear the unknown  and to vote in anger and fear.

They don’t care how it goes down. They only care that it does in their way. To fill their pockets with money and power. You think they care about you at all? Think again. Once they are in power, your wants and their promises become a distant memory. So before it become another term of them deciding what happens to you, why not you show them who is in power. Show them that the people matter. Show them that they are working for us like how we work for our companies. They are in power because we wanted them to not because they are god almighty.

So when you place your vote this Sunday.

Think. Think. Think

What do you want for yourself, for your children, for your country?

“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

Do you want to live in fear? Do you want to live knowing that those who are in power will blackmail you at anytime if you do not sing to their tune?

Let us remind them who is in power. Let us remind them that we are not indeed afraid of them. Any government that will rule regardless of party.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

We need them to realise that so we can truly be free. We need to send a strong message this elections .That the citizens rule. Time and time again we will need to remind them at each elections be it the opposition or the Barisan Nasional.  So break out of your prisons that hold you captive and make an educated choice.

The time is now. Vote wisely.


Malaysiakini reports that Syed Azidi aka Kickdefella was arrested in Kota Baru today.

According to Haris, the arrest had some relation to something seditious…In relation to bloggers being picked up, I heard that another blogger-PENARIK BECA has been arrested (can’t confirm the validity of this claim just yet)

There are picking up bloggers one by one..what are we going to do about it? Or are we going to wait for our turns in silence?

You decide…

Something is definitely up…scheming..some big time scheming is going on!

“By now, what Screenshots mentioned yesterday about RPK’s Malaysia Today being blocked by TM Net has turned out to be something more sinister.” Jeff Ooi

Sinister alright… What is happening? Well in my opinion they have run out of options. Options to retaliate. The tried the defaming, insulting….they tried to blame the Internet for all the wrongs, all the mishaps of human errors..they basically tried to use the Internet..blogs,websites alike to take the blame for irresponsible behavior of certain parties. Did they succeed?

Hell no! But instead, the General elections saw bloggers (yes those who had been said to be the root of all evil, all things impure….you get my drift?) taking regard to distribution of information, in fact bloggers even made parliament! Then they thought hmm perhaps we should be nice to them, learn the trade from them. Worship it as it won them the election and it will give them a chance to gain back their dignity and what better way….then the Internet. So they started off praising blogs, saying how those without blogs should hold certain positions. I was like dumbfounded..what the hell one minute you’re a hater the next a lover? Ehem…ehem..What’s next?

Of course that took a turn……and it went on and on the roller coaster….until i believe they just can’t take it no more..they couldn’t beat us…they tried so they joined us..yet it still didn’t work in their favor. They tried to take power through threats, intimidation in the beginning which didn’t work, then they tried becoming one of us yet it didn’t work so what’s the last best option for their little minds? Simply to censor for that is the easiest way….to curb something they can’t control. They tried their best to behave like adults but a mask can only hold for a certain extent (its like a first date, you can’t be as flawless as your first date, it tends to show your true colors, that little temper your have perhaps, your annoying habit etc)

So here we are..I guess we all knew that the time would come..that they would resort to censoring and so they have now with Malaysia Today.

“We know by now the reason for Malaysia Today being unaccessible to TMnet subscribers since Tuesday evening is actually a result of Internet censorship. Malaysia Today is inaccessible to Malaysia readers because the website is placed in what is known technically as ‘DNS blackhole list’. [ SEE EVIDENCE HERE ]” Jeff Ooi

Today DNS blackhole list? What lies tomorrow? What was the rationale behind this move by the MCMC? Aren’t they an independent body? Read Nuraina’s thoughts on MCMC Biggest Mistake;

Can they really stop the flow of the information now? Now that society is so hyped? Now that people are yearning for the truth? Now that people want and know their rights? Can censorship stop the urge, the passion of the people? The passion for change?

Most importantly how will the move affect Malaysia? Go to for Rocky’s insight into how this will possible impact how Malaysia is view by the world especially in regards to our investors. Bill of Guarantees….hahha.What a joke..joke of the century…oh well..

We will just have to wait and see. But know that the battle is not over. Bloggers will not fall off the face of the earth….they will remain and continue stronger as ever. Don’t be mistaken, bloggers have a cause and no amount of censorship can stifle their passion. After all blogs have taken to the streets….

Anyway for those of you who are trying to access Malaysia Today, please go to;

Access RPK and Malaysia Today through

Cited as a landmark case in the Malaysian blogosphere as it has been the first case in the history of the sphere to be handed such a judgment, time will only tell how this case will prove crucial for future cases dealing with the blogosphere in the future. I shall not go into the details of the suit but just briefly explain what the judgment is about;

The High court of Kedah ruled in favor of Nordin Kardi, the VC of UUM amounting to a sum of RM2 million to be paid to him while another RM2 million to be paid to UUM. The decision could be considered as a default one as RPK lawyers were not present to defend the case of defamation whereby RPK was supposedly guilty of publishing a defamatory article that tarnished MR.Datuk’s reputation and UUM. RPK ignored it and despite the judgment call of the high court, RPK views remains the same, refusing to budge from his stand. He still defies to pay RM4 million and Nordin Kardi has threatened that he will follow suit although he knows RPK probably can’t afford to pay (no brainer?stupidity? You call it!

I wonder what this says about defamation cases and the blogosphere. Some might argue that defamation is defamation be it online or off line. Some might argue facts are facts and thus cannot be considered defamatory.  Whatever the case, this particular suit will definitely contextualize what bloggers can expect in the future especially with the refreshing new look of the Information Minister towards blogs. Will the promise to be more friendly phase out with the steam of the elections? Will it be grounds for more cases to come? Will it be a deterrent for bloggers to continue being as bold and outspoken about the government or its functionaries? Or will this issue just boil over as many other issues have. The only difference this time is in a way a case has been won over a blogger, the ramification of it is yet to be felt.

Only time will tell.

Not too long ago, Pak Lah challenged us to go to the ballot boxes. He said if people were not happy there was no need for demonstration etc, they should just say their piece through their rights as voters. I guess he didn’t not expect the outcome would be such a tsunami. He didn’t expect those same words he used would actually be the starting of an avalance of protest through ballot boxes against BN. But the time again and people as he challenged us the ballot boxes to have their say. But is that enough?

Yes, we used our rights as citizen of the country by voting but is that sufficient? For us to vote every 5 years or so and hope all will be well. Some might say well we voted for a different party to rule so that we could give a check and balance. Yes, perhaps so but as concerned citizens that is not enough. It is the beginning, a good start I’d say but not ENOUGH! So what next? We need to make sure there is a check and balance, we need to play our part.  We need to stop talking and start acting. Step 1 down, now for Step 2…

Bangsa Malaysia

A lot of people who voted this time around voted for a better Malaysia. Their votes went beyond racial lines, they did not care what race was running for the post as long as it was not BN. A lot of us including myself went along that approach to give the BN a run for their money so to speak!!! To make sure they perform but we have to go further and that’s where Bangsa Malaysia comes in. An initiative started by a great man, Haris Ibrahim and his people( Tony,SK,Bernard etc) somewhere in August last year.What started off as a simple gathering of like-minded people in KL and then later in Penang has since transformed. It is hoped that through Bangsa Malaysia we Malaysians can participate in the workings of our government and not just watch from the sideliness wondering or feeling as though we are helpless to say or do anything when something is amiss. So this time around we can have a say, we can make things right before rot sets in.

In Penang, a group of us born out of the great idea of Bangsa Malaysia which was held last August had our very first meeting beyond the cyber world. In the last year we have communicated online through our e-mailing group but decided to take it one step further into the psychical realms of things. So today, over lunch at a local mamak 14 of us from various backgrounds got together to embrace the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and revive it for Penangnites in a hope that we could serve…we could contribute our part to society and our country! We discuss on various issues, some which is already on-going through Bangsa Malaysia in KL run by Haris such as Project Irrelevant. While some others will deal with us forming a solid foundation of a group that will seek audience with the state government of Penang to make sure Bangsa Malaysia is implemented at state level and hopefully in time are at the beginning stages of our efforts and it will probably take us some time to reach our goals or objectives set out but we call on concerned Malaysians from which ever background, race, religion to join us in our fight, in our struggle for a better Malaysia. For the battle has just begun…

Check  <“Pg Watch”> for some pictures of the meet !!!

Like I’ve said in a previous posting;

 I see a glimmer of hope…perhaps the concept of Bangsa Malaysia will not be something so difficult to attain or conceptualize for our children. As people now are beginning to realize, it’s not about being any particular race that matters but being Malaysian. Loving the soil you were born on, loving to be a part of this land, apart of this beautiful people and culutre, apart of our world. I’m glad that people have opened their eyes but much work needs to be done just to create the awareness that it does matter, that it does reflect on us and I salute Haris Ibrahim for making this possible…making this happen, it probably won’t happen in a day or two but we can always start small and work from then on…The future of a Bangsa Malaysia is no longer bleak, this General Elections proved that Malaysians can go beyond racial lines..

If you feel the way I do…….then make a change and be a part of Bangsa Malaysia..

A group of us will be meeting again on the last Sunday of the month to discuss further on some issues discussed at our first meet. If you are interested in becoming a part of this “Rakyat”group do not hesitate to email me at and I will get back to you a.s.a.p!!!

Hidup Rakyat!

When I mention Barisan Rakyat I’m not only talking about those political parties such as DAP whom have endorsed or accepted the People’s Declaration but everyone one of us rakyat…I believe that we all play a crucial role in ensuring that we have a steady state government and government overall in Malaysia. We need to be strong in our principals and not bow down under pressure but at the same time be able to compromise, maklumlah we live in a multi-racial country~

The state coalition government should adhere to the People Voice and People Declaration that you can find in<“People Declaration and People’s Voice”> as they have promised before the rakyat gave their votes to them in the recent election.

What we rakyat need to remember is that we have every right to be outraged or angry should our Mps or any one of our leaders steer the wrong way (take Uncle Kit for instance) but at the same time we should be level-headed enough not be consumed with our anger and annoyance so that we can move ahead beyond our anger to get something constructive done against this wrong paths taken by our leaders. We have to understand that our leaders are only humans and they will make mistakes. It is our job to make sure they need to work for the next 5 years, follow the right path and lead the country well towards a Better Malaysia. We have already felt the vibes of a better Malaysia. We should not let blackmail or threats from certain parties to soil our movement, our determinism.

IT is not only the role of the current state government in this 5 states to make sure all goes well and the state is run well. It is also our job! We wanted a participatory government didn’t we ? So we too will have to work hard with our state leaders to achieve every single thing that we outlined or desired in our people’s declaration. We can’t only come to the polling booth and vote every 5 years and expect miracles. Yes voting is one of the very first steps but we got to do more. We need to mobilize our strengths to help our leaders. We need to work as hard as they are or perhaps harder…

There are currently groups that have been mobilized for this cause one being Haris and geng’s effort much earlier to the elections of Bangsa Malaysia both in KL and Selangor. This group still keep in contact via emailing groups and have taken it to the next step by forming a meet beyond the Internet sphere. I hope that others will follow suit with this sort of efforts in some way or another. Like I said, we play a role, a crucial role it is!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!!!

As most of my readers already know, I recently attended the Forum on Blogs and Digital Democracy in Kuala Lumpur recently at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club( KLGCC). Upon reaching Pudu, a friend picked me up from the bus station, we had a drink and then I was off to the forum. I reached rather early I guess, people will still coming in slowly. The buka puasa session had just began as I walked into the room. Was warmly greeted by Tony, Anu and who can forget sweet Bernard. Haris was no where to be seen, I was rather disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing him. Anyway, I was allocated a place at one of the tables located at the far right of the hall with Howsy, Rikey and some others I did not know. Later on I realize some of them who were siting at my table were journalist from Malaysiakini, if I’m not mistaken Zan Azlee was also at my table.

The event started soon after…. What was visible on the screen of the LCD was “Participatory Media, Participatory Democracy’ such phrases gave me flash backs of my times at uni with all those phrases being often mentioned in the course of my studies. The forum was moderated by Jeff, among the speakers invited to grace the event was;

1. David Sasaki, Head of Global Voices Outreach ( Rising Voices ) — an off-shoot project of a project initiated at Berkman

Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School

2. A.Kadir Jasin of <“The Scribe A.Kadir Jasin”>

3. Ahiruddin Attan of <“Rockybru”>

Among those who attended the event were representatives from NGOs, alternative media, legal professionals, journalist, researcher(probably I was the only one~)… Those whom I spotted at the event were Howsy, Rikey, Zorro-Unmasked, Galdariel, Tony Pua, Tony Yew, Nat Tan, Li Tsin, Walski69, SK, Nuraina Samad and TV Smith.

The function of All-Blog was briefly explained;

1. Engage + Embrace those ignorant

2. Protect bloggers- through linking of legal help-lawyers

Although not much was explained further I think I get the drift of what All-Blogs is all about but I guess it goes further. They also serve to teach bloggers and non-blogger what it is to blog, how to blog responsibly, importance of blogging for democracy, its link to unity etc

A brief explanation was given on what Global Voices Online (GVO) entailed… From the gist of what was said, I gather that it is basically “citizen journalism” virtually. Jeff also mentioned some activities of bloggers in the region of Asia namely in Cambodia( ISP served as main sponsors for a blogger event- How cool is that?) and Indonesia(Pesta Blogger is to be held and their sponsors are Microsof/Nokia- event to be officiated by the ICT Minister-fancy that happening in Malaysia eh???)

Jeff introduced the panel of speakers and then gave the honor of breaking the ice to Rocky to relate his experience on the issue on his part. I assumed that he would go into detail about the case but I presume that he isn’t able to as the case isn’t over yet thus it find bind him legally from commenting on the case. But instead of relating his experience in that sense, he gave the audience something even better! He related to the audiences his entry point into blogging, what made him a journo-blogger!


Started off in the field of journalism in 1984 as an Intern in Business Times

– Started blogging in 2006

– Irony of being sued as a blogger by journalist( as Rocky was formerly an editor with a local daily)

Rocky related how he entered into the world of blogging. Relating his first experience as hear-say from fellow journalist whom informed him that a blog(Screenshots@Jeff Ooi-how ironic eh they are good buddies now!) was insulting/commenting on Malay Mail and later attacking him personally in an entry on Rocky in 2003 soon after.Rocky then the editor of Malay Mail explained how he felt intense pressure as he could not catch up as he could only respond weekly in his Sunday Times Column, while Jeff was having a field day each day! He felt as though he could not engage with bloggers as they were in real time! Getting mixed reactions with some advising him to ignore, retaliate by suing etc he decided to take it a step further! He started to blog….and from then on there was no looking back.

One very important aspect that Rocky spoke on was about the relationship that lies between bloggers and journalist. He related on how it was so important for this two roles to have peace. He said fear did not lie only within bloggers but with journalist too. All-Blogs could possible bridge the gap that existed between this two, whom had so much similarities rather than differences yet we often looked at the relationship very pessimistically. SoPo blogger often picked on mainstream media thus affecting the ego of the journalist too I presume but what we fail to realize sometimes that it all boils down to what the 4th Floor people say thus at the end of the day its not the journalist that bloggers are against or unhappy about its the way news is presented by those way up there! It was essential for us bloggers to work with journalist towards a bigger course, towards digital democracy as Jeff earlier said we have chosen the digital channel to express that!

After Rocky and Jeff were sued in early Jan(the NSTP court case continues till today) the idea of All-Blogs soon came to shape! Around more than 60 bloggers got together to form this national alliance of bloggers. Since the idea materialized in April 2007, there has been no turning back with on-going activities from the Bangsa Malaysia-Do, Multi-Faith Doa, Buka Puasa Meeting Iniative with PELITAR+ Citizen Think Tank+ All Blogs and most recent this spectacular forum! I believe more is to come from this pro-active organization, personally I’m glad it hasn’t remain static!

Rocky even related his attempt at invited dear old Zam our Information Minister to the event, sadly he declined as he is busy with some other engagement and said that he would try to make it for future events-let’s hold him to it shall we?. Busy or made busy I have no idea. But oh well, as Rocky brilliantly stated;

” We are moving fast with or without our Information Minister” – Rocky

Part 2 on David Sasaki and A.Kadir Jasin’s Take on Digital Democracy...…to be continued 

Jeff Ooi of All-Blogs has just brought to my notice that a forum on Blogs and Digital Democracy is scheduled to be held on the 3rd of October 2007! Yeah 2007! It’s barely a week away! More information will be updated soon, for now here is the information that is available.

Head of Global Voices Outreach(Rising Voices), David Sassaki will talk to us about blogs and how governments around the world engage digital democracy.Global Voices Outreach(Rising Voices) is said to be an off-shoot project of a project initiated at Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School.

Why you should come?

Connects online media activists around the world + learn more about blogs+digital democracy

Can anyone come?

Well, sadly no as it is by invitation, you will have to get yourself an invitation for this event, best bet is to wait for the next update on this event from either<“JeffOoi”> or <“Rockybru”> of All-Blogs.

According to <“Rocky”> Sheih or fondly known as<“Kickdefella”>has been summoned to record his statement pertaining the case of the doctored pictures that created an uproar as it doctored the picture of Najib, our DPM, Razak Baginda(the accused) and Altantunya (the Mongolian national who is the victim of a murder). Tian Chua, an opposition politician is deemed responsible for the digitally doctored pictures that appeared some months back and we assume that Sheih has been called as he apparently put a watermark stating FAKE on the doctored pictures but I do not see the relevance of how Sheih can help in either the defense or vice versa as he just modified the picture further to validate that it is indeed fake. Hopefully they will not try to accuse of him of anything…..With the current administration, there is no telling what can happen, how action will be taken or even for what reason… Rocky says that there will be some people, I assume bloggers that will be there to see what’s really happening as Sheih goes to the Multimedia Commission. I have not reported on this issue but have heard of it a million times and in my opinion Tian Chua’s action is in bad taste, of course we all know its a mockery but you know how it is………..Good luck anyhow to everyone. We have some sort of freedom but we should be very careful towards how we use it or we will be just like them……

Left Penang on Friday evening to reach KL that night at the Old KTM Station in Kuala Lumpur for the Bangsa Malaysia event that was scheduled to be held the following day with a forum, followed-up with a get-together later at night. I had been waited in anticipation for this event since I had heard of this event and when Friday finally came and I boarded my bus to come to Kuala Lumpur I was excited. I had no idea what to expect! Here I was coming all the way from the North to the Central for an event to meet people I did not know, not a soul. Being quite a newbie to the whole blogging arena(active one anyway), I hardly knew anyone there except for Zorro Unmasked and Shanghai Fish that I met a week earlier while I was down in KL for some media night at the National Press Club.

So when my cousin dropped me off at the Blog House, I was excited but at the same time weary of how things would take place. How would it really be once I was there, I wondered? It’s like being thrown in the unknown, the unfamiliar… There was quite a number of people when I reached, registered and all and went and sat down quietly. I’ m not a great fans of forums, I find them most of the time a waste of time as they do not impact me in any manner whereby most often that not the speaker just loves the sound of his or her’s own voice. To my amazement I felt so engrossed in the forum, the careful choosing of the speakers reflected a diverse background of people whom related their say on Bangsa Malaysia. Each speaker not only spoke well but I felt manage to hold the audience captive and engaged with the forum. I a person who rarely can hold attention for a long period of time surprisingly felt so captivated, so engrossed with what they had to say. It was my first time seeing most of the speakers except for Zorro Unmasked which I met prior to that. The speakers that day besides Zorro was Malik Imtiaz, Azmi Shahrom, Zaid, Jayanath and not to forget Rocky Bru who introduced us to Usman Awang poem entitled Untuk Malaya Merdeka and “Tanah Air” (Menjelang Merdeka) which was both recited one during the forum and the other later on.

As every Malaysian event, there was food! The food was glorious no doubt, I manage to get a bit later on at night as prior to that I was too engrossed to move even for food. I was trying to get the nerve to go up to people I did not know and attempt to talk to them which thankfully I did. I was privileged enough to meet many bloggers and some blog readers. I was surprised that some of them had even heard of my blog..hahaha…Earlier to coming there I had been warned, cautioned by my cousin of the implications of my blog which I felt was harmless and told that this event might cause some trouble and get me into hot soup. But I didn’t feel threatened even when the POLIS cars started passing the Blog House and ended up trying to take pictures of their patrol cars ( I wasn’t alone in my quest and Sabrina+Priscilla were determined to get the pictures!)

Watching out for us bloggers or watching us?


Anyway the event went quite well, I shall not go on further into what was said but perhaps relate a few quotes from the speakers that I liked and felt was just ‘perfect’.

Zorro Unmasked related a quote from Tunku

“Marilah Kita Hidup Atau Mati”- Tunku (Let’s live or die in true spirit of a patriot- so well phrased!)


Zahid said;

“We can’t live together if we think our ideas are better than others”( I totally agree ethnocentrism brings us nowhere!)

“Barisan has to change” (Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!)



While..Jayanath related to us the important of how we view and transcend categories of being Malaysians. He related to us a story about how he was in Harong Bay,Vietnam where he met some Chinese boys from Malaysia that recognized him within a group of Indian, Sri Lankan nationals that truly shown how much we can identify which other as Malaysian, if only we were always in that mode, eh? He also told us of the plight of Dato Onn Jaafar on his vision for a Bangsa Malayan then, well this concept perhaps has been suggested through different names, is not something new but something that needed and wanted to be achieve 50 years ago or perhaps even longer and till know we are struggling to achieve it but I do belief that we will succeed slowly but surely.

I can’t quite recall who said this but is was probably one of the speakers;

“Before we change others, we have to change ourselves” (How true eh?)

“It is not a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban ….other tribes/races problem but it is a Malaysian problem”

“We are but a speck of dust in the universe, so we shouldn’t be fighting with each other”- Jayanath

Malik truly astounded me with his eloquent way of not merely speaking but reaching out to the audience…he said that that there lies differences in political currency in Malaysia, there was a need for critical analysis, de-emphasis on race & religion among others..We have to teach them a lesson,it time to reclaim democracy, it’s our future he said, we have no choice….

Rocky Bru and Azmi made a twist to the way things were presented with their own versions of how and what they felt about Bangsa Malaysia. Rocky chose some people from the audience that recited the “Untuk Malaya Merdeka”, one of them was one of the youngest blogger, Aishah (11 years old-amazing eh?) , Jeff Ooi…


Once the gathering part of the event took there was a lot of singing, poem recitals etc that has been related through many other blogs thus I shall not re-peat them again here. Furthermore , I did not manage to stay till the end and missed out on the candlelight part of the evening. I wasn’t there for the later part of the evening and on of the last acts I saw was Walski singing and later SK being called-as I left the event. But according to other blogs, an announcement was made concerning the formation of Pelitar(Penyanyang Legasi dan Inspirasi Tunku Abdul Rahman) to carry the aspirations of Bangsa Malaysia that is reported to carry their aspiration to other venues for the awareness campaign (PG,Ipoh,JB)

click here to go to the Pelitar blogsite)Finally coming North, won’t have to take another bus then, thankfully!

Oh ya did I mention that All-Blogs was officiated, they chose the event location as the physical location for the association, below is the address;

66 Lorong Setiabistari 1 Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Who was I privileged to meet?

Zorro Unmasked (for the second time!:)

Shanghai Fish (for the second time!: you going to kena for calling me short..ehehhe)

A young lecturer from a public university (great to know they are still great educators out there who have the passion to reach out to the young-ones under them-so refreshing to get to know you!)
Two enthusiastic young people, Sabrina+ Priscilla -blog readers

Howsy ( You look so young+ innocent !!!! )

Malik Imtiaz (Brilliant….as I was told….right on the dot!)

Bang Malaysia( Thanks for coming and saying hi and glad you started blogginG!)

Whatalulu(wish I had more time to chat with time alright?)

Chong ( your such a sweet person!)

Rocky Bru( You looked so tired, was a little afraid to approach you:)

Jeff Ooi (You look so red! Lolz…it was a pleasure to get to know you 🙂

Mob (The creative man…in the flesh…………your so dam cool 🙂

Walski ( Your such a darling….🙂

Tony Yew (You so rajin man!!! Keep up the good work, nice to see someone so passionate about what they belief in!)

Marina Mahatir (barely had any time to catch up, was like hi & bye sorry for that…really was rushing..)

Nuraina A.Samad ( wasn’t formerly introduced to you, so I think it was you hehhee...)

Haris Ibrahim ( I do not have one particular word to describe meeting you, you are truly a role-model, simple person with such a great vision-thank you for bringing it alive!)

Azmi Shahrom ( you are so energetic!!!!Thank god for lecturers like you!!! There is still hope!

Nat (you like a bubble going to burst-so full of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I could meet you again!)

I must have met maybe more than 50 people so sorry if I didn’t not list your name here. But I’m just so glad to have been able to speak to all of you. It was truly amazing to put a face to the blog in some cases!!! Shall update on this event if time permits later on.

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P.s- Sadly I did not manage to meet SK and Tony Pua…As I left, SK arrived…Tried to approach Tony but poor guy was so busy, not a moment was he left alone ..lolz..for me to kacau next time…

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