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[Zorro]              :  Are you a registered Voter?

Cheryl                : Nah, I’m not really into all that. It’s not like it makes a difference anyway!

Bernard             : Well, then you don’t have a say in anything that happens in the country. So don’t complaint.

Cheryl               : Isn’t that my right as a citizen, to say something, especially if it is wrong?


                           ” My dear, voting is a privilege. It gives you a voice. It gives you the power to make a difference.

                              Whether you decide to use that privilege or give it up, is up to you. But don’t you dare say anything, if you don’t

                             contribute  because you have revoked your right by not voting.”- Bernard of Zorro Unmasked]


* my conversation with Bernard@Zorro, a very nice old man, I met during my days as an active blogger at National Press Club. Bernard has since passed on [ 2014], but he has always left a lasting impression on this once young lady.

My journey as a researcher led me to my journey as a blogger. I became more of a blogger than a researcher by the time I completed my masters in early 2009. I was a true-blood blogger, my spirit was full of fire- I wanted to make a difference, I had learn so much in my journey as a blogger. This was the time I met the likes of Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imitiaz, SK Thew, Walski, Marina Mahatir, Anura Bird, Bernard@Zorro that opened my eyes to the importance of of making a difference of having a voice.

Does it matter? Why? Let me tell you why.

Why you should RECLAIM your Rights?

  • You can make a differenceUSE your VOTE! Why let someone else decide for you? You have a voice- that is your vote.
  • It’s a privilege. Vote on behalf that those who can’t. Many minorities and under-represented groups do not have a right to vote around the world. Did you know that women fought for the right to vote?
  • Feel underrepresented? REPRESENT! Are you one of those passionate Facebook or Twitter warriors that has a lot to say about what the government should and shouldn’t do? Do you feel that they could do better? Do you feel your state does not get what it needs:?
  • $$$$$/ RM Each vote equals money. YOU DECIDE THE CAUSE, it is your Money that fuels the state. Don’t you care where your money goes? Money that your MP [Member of Parliament] will fuel to causes he thinks is good, is needed and necessary. You think there is a need for more Youth Education? Local Content? Child Abuse?
  • CANCEL out someones Vote. Your decision to vote might cancel out someone else’s vote. Your vote could be the decider, of whether that corrupt person continues to yield power in your state. Also it balances the votes out, so at least those in power will feel the pressure to WORK and not laze around. Majority votes make it too safe, makes the winner feel too much pride that they forget, they serve the nation.
  • Be a True Malaysian. Have a VOICE! Yes ,exercise your participation as a citizen. Don’t call yourself a citizen, for without this vote, you have no voice. Want to have a voice? VOTE!
  • Want stability? A prosperous economy? VOTE! Want someone who talks sense, knows what he is doing with the country’s billions? Want someone who not only has a background in Finance  but an expert in it, running the Finance ministry? Put him or her there! How many of your Ministers know anything about their Ministry?
  • Want to be Educated? VOTE! Wonder why English keeps failing among our ministers, our graduates? Who makes those policies? Who do you want sitting in those seat deciding the fate of our future? Without knowledge, our country will perish.  Do you really want to leave our education system in the hands of those who know nothing? You enjoy policies changing every 5 years at the whim and fancy? English in Science, Malay in Science [Recall being part of this system?]
  • Want a Job/ starting a business, based on how awesome you are? You decide policies on tenders [who gets them], diversity in jobs not based on race/religion, job opportunities etc
  • Unhappy with companies polluting our rivers? Getting rid of our beautiful Penang hills?  Constant water cuts or electricity? You have a choice, don’t let them. It’s your backyard, your land, your rivers, your home. Put those who know what they are doing in place. VOTE!

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether to vote or not. But as a very wise old man told me once,

   “Voting is a PRIVILEGE. You have the power to make a difference, it just whether you want to make a difference or just rant”.


On the way to work and back, on the way to groceries and back, on the way to practically anywhere, the sight is similar. The last few weeks, we all have been subjected to the eyesore that they call campaigning.

With flags, banners and picket cards line-up at your local barber shop, that favorite playground, the beautiful open landing, defaming ads in the newspapers,wherever you can imagine, they have it plastered reminding you that the time is now. It’s all dominated by the colors of blue, green and red, it is a wonder any of us can recognize any other color moving forward.

It does not end there either, even our personal lives are invaded. With manifestos arriving in our mail, SMS-es taking up space in our inbox to video-MMs-es defaming one party over another- the harassment by these parties are endless. To make matters worse, social media has exploded with the sharing of racist youtube videos, blog postings and images inciting nothing worth mentioning most of the time. As usual of course there is the coffee shop talk, where you see the uncles discussing politics over their morning coffee and newspapers (although the newspapers are hardly seen much these days). One thing that differs I guess is that you can easily see youngsters taking heed of the elections, you can see them taking an active role, an active part actually discussing of what is and what will be.

56 years and counting, nothing much has changed in terms of the sights and sounds as election looms near. There is the same ole talk. Same ole propaganda passing around, same ole promises. So what is so different about these upcoming elections that keeps me cringing?  Elections, politics- basically anything equating to those two words are often dirty, what makes this any different?

For a country that has been dominated by a single party made of up component parties (only for election purposes of course), time is changing and tensions are running high. What used to be a walk in the part for this party has truly become a race(no we are not talking about Indians, Malays or Chinese), a battle of the titans. It is no longer assumed or expected that they will win as they always have and then in it creates a whole lot of chain reactions.

Why in the first place can a single party or individual be allowed to rule for such a long period of time? Well, that requires an analysis of the political system that we are apart of that I will not be discussing. It is what it is.

This elections in fact is the dirtiest ever. They say 1Malaysia but is is merely a propaganda tool for they still use…race.. Races. Yes races are used as a pre-requisite to demand, to incite, to hurt and to insinuate nothing good. The words you keep hearing is I,My …..repeated over and over again. It is us against the world sort of situation. We don’t really see campaigning do we? We see defamation at every possible level. We see hate campaigns. Why do we allow it? Why do we allow people to campaign and trample another’s image and dignity as a basis for us to defend the worthiness of a party.

If a party is defined by how bad/unethical another party is, well I have to say your party is baseless and has no stand indeed. Also I believe there is no purpose of defaming another to look good- that is like every custody case in the country. If I have to choose to vote base on who is worse, that is truly sad.

Gosh look at the ads in the newspapers below;

dap silent dap

It does not end there either. We hear words constantly repeating about how we the Indians and Chinese are Pendatangs and we should go back to our own countries. It’s weird they didn’t feel that way when we contribute our salaries, business etc to the economy nor do they have such sentiments during non-elections. Oh come on, its pretty obvious. You are using race to define the General Election as a way to win. What better way to fuel people’s emotions? Religion of course. Race of course. That’s how you get people to get ticked off, to get angry, to get pissed, to fear the unknown  and to vote in anger and fear.

They don’t care how it goes down. They only care that it does in their way. To fill their pockets with money and power. You think they care about you at all? Think again. Once they are in power, your wants and their promises become a distant memory. So before it become another term of them deciding what happens to you, why not you show them who is in power. Show them that the people matter. Show them that they are working for us like how we work for our companies. They are in power because we wanted them to not because they are god almighty.

So when you place your vote this Sunday.

Think. Think. Think

What do you want for yourself, for your children, for your country?

“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

Do you want to live in fear? Do you want to live knowing that those who are in power will blackmail you at anytime if you do not sing to their tune?

Let us remind them who is in power. Let us remind them that we are not indeed afraid of them. Any government that will rule regardless of party.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

We need them to realise that so we can truly be free. We need to send a strong message this elections .That the citizens rule. Time and time again we will need to remind them at each elections be it the opposition or the Barisan Nasional.  So break out of your prisons that hold you captive and make an educated choice.

The time is now. Vote wisely.

-An Entry on HighStage Marketing Perodua Service Centre In Teluk Intan- Unethical Behavior

On the 4th of July 2012, I drove back to Teluk Intan from my home in Kuala Lumpur, I felt something was not right with my brakes as it made some sounds (this was not the first time I have heard those sounds). The first time I heard them was basically right after Perodua Service Centre in Teluk Intan claimed to have changed my brake pads to new ones.  I did come back to the centre and there was no more noise at that point of time. But from time to time after that I kept hearing these noises, I even called the centre and mentioned this over the phone.  On the 5th of July 2012, I used the car around town and there was a loud screeching sound every time I used my brakes- I got very worried, the next day I went to the service centre.

I was informed that my brake pads was completely used and needed to be changed. I had already changed my brake pads when my car hit the mileage of 31,000km in September last year and found it very strange that my brake pads could wear out so fast. I told them it was impossible for such a thing to occur unless they had not changed my brake pads during that service.  My mileage is currently only 44,000km.

Upon checking, it was certain that the pads were definitely not one that had been changed-they had basically just cleaned it and ensured it did not make noise despite charging me for new brake pads. I was rather annoyed but was just glad that I had found out and something could be done.

I was advised to change it and agreed but I told them I would not pay for it again. They said they would change the brake pads for me nevertheless. The service advisor [Mr.  Liew Sei Lek   ] came by the service area, looked at the pads and disappeared-he did not say a word to me which I found was very rude. When I returned to the counter, the lady [Ms.  Vindra ] informed me that they would changed new brake pads for me. I was quite delighted about the news.

For some reason I felt uncomfortable and went back to the service area. I saw a used brake pad near my car and asked the mechanic if that was the brake pad to be fixed for my car, he nodded and said he was told to fix that. I commented that it was not new, he agreed.

I took the part and when to the spare part area/store and asked one of the ladies who was there concerning this, she said that was definitely not new- it was a display piece [I found it funny that a display piece was used- I wonder if their display cars are also second-hand?]

She said she would find out went back into the office and apparently was unhappy because I was causing trouble. At that point, I was pretty pissed that I was treated in such a manner- just because I was an Indian women on my own. I might not be a genius when it comes to cars but I’m nobody’s fool.

The service advisor re-appeared and told me it was courtesy for them to even consider changing my brake pads because it was not their fault and brake pads had no warranty. He also told me that brake pads only last about 30,000 km in terms of mileage, and mine had about 17,000 left. He also said that it must be the way I pressed on my brakes- that was the only reason it was worn out. I reverted by telling him this was not my first car and I knew better. He said what he could do instead is put back this old pads and ensure there was no noise.  I insisted he changed it and walked back to my car.

Moments later he came back to me after seeing me make a few phone calls with a different story altogether. There was also a Malay guy- named Yasir from Perodua HQ who was there, he insisted that the service advisor was doing me a big favour. It wasn’t his fault, he could not monitor everything- even if one of his staff did not actually change the brake pads he would not know. They had no service of who did what to whose car and since it was so long ago, it would be impossible to track [I do know for a fact that there is a customer history and I knew that a Chinese guy-the mechanic named Mr.Ho serviced my car during the break pad change- he has since resigned]. He was not always there to monitor, he could not be on top of everything- he insisted over and over again it was not his fault and that’s why customer feedback like mine was essential. He said out of courtesy he would change new pads for me [something he promised much earlier of course before I found him giving me old parts instead]

Through an inside source, I have reason to believe this is not an isolated incident. This is not the first time they have cheated people of parts or their service. It’s not just about buying something or replacing something, we are talking about lives. Faulty or non-functioning brake pads can cause lost lives, it is no joking matter. God knows how many accidents on the roads can be contributed to service centres like this.

I have been visiting this centre since I bought my car in 2009, I wonder what else I have missed or was not aware of- I’m deeply disappointed and worse still I feel very afraid for those people who have no voice-people who have no idea they are being cheated constantly. Being a small town like Teluk Intan, I never expected this would occur-small town people belief but it did and I will never return to this centre. I urged you to share this matter with everyone you know to push for an investigation to be made on this centre. If you have any information or share similar experiences with this centre please leave a comment here and contact me.

A copy of this will be sent to a couple of organization namely




for now…

Who likes racist? None of us do. Who likes people who are ethnocentric? I doubt any of us do.

I mean who would like a person who blatantly disregards another human being on their barring of race, religion, culture or anything else. But let’s be real honest here. Let’s be direct, let’s not put icing on the matter shall we?

Before you attempt to read this post, read it with an open mind. Keep emotions out of it. For this post is not a post one can read on an empty stomach, that’s for sure nor read when emotions are in high tide.

The Anti Presana Narayanan Wave

Who is this woman? Why is everyone placing such an importance towards this person? What sort of media coverage has this sole person attracted?

Has she done any good to society? Perhaps won an award? Perhaps she is a missing child?

Nope.nope.nope. She is now a famous character not only over Facebook or in the mainstream media in Malaysia and some say overseas but among the Tamils or would it be accurate to say the Indians- she has become the talk of the town.

Presana Narayana- an Indian female model, in her 30s who recently became a household name after making racist statement about Tamils on her Facebook wall through her idiotic status. According to valid sources, this is not a first time offence so to speak, she has previously made such strong racist statements on a Malayleee Youth Group on Yahoo via email to other members. I shall not disclose the content of that email nor the status message she posted up. Rather, I want to address somethings, least we forget.

Just a few facts I would agree on before heading down that road.

Yes, the woman is racist- no doubt about that.

Yes, she has to understand that she cannot be allowed to speak in such a tone about anyone be it about Tamils or anyone really.

Yes, she should be taught a lesson (which I think she has)

Yes, her excuses for such an outburst is not only lame, but ridiculous silly [which one of us have not been whistled at or disturbed by our fellow Indians in the community (regardless whether they are tamils, malaylees, telugus etc)

Below,  what the community has done about it;

  1. Opened up a Facebook page called Anti Presana Narayanan which has 11,555 likes which was opened on the 21st of May 2012, barely a week ago.
  2. Raised the issue up to mainstream press where Malay Mail covered the story.

The reactions of people?

The bulk of them hatred =with comments on wanting to rape the girl, hurt her family among other hateful things.

I mean get your head on straight, if you are indeed anti-racism,you would first not start a page on a person, specifically targeted a single human-being, fine if your intentions was to actually get the issue out fine, but why still continue is my question?

If the issue is indeed about her actions or her words? Why swing below the belt and talk about how skinny she is or what her face looks like or how you think she would fare in the sack?

Are you just having an adrenaline rush by being part of this wave? Are you truly understanding the meaning of anti-racism? No point claiming to be anti-racist when your pro-hatred, don’t you think?

Come one, like I have mentioned before ,none of us are saints. Especially in Malaysia, there is a slang/special words used for every race from the Chinese to the Indians, Malays and other races. If you have never said anything bordering on racist fine, but I doubt anyone of you are  a saint.

Racism is ugly. Coming from a mixed marriage I understand this better than most. I know how it feels to be labeled by your race, religion etc. What is uglier is hatred, what is uglier is people getting together under the guise of unity of anti-racism but instead or targeted a single human being with acts of hatred.

I do not agree with what she said, how she said it, why she said – frankly speaking I think no attention should have been given to this women. She is not worth even talking about yet here we all are debating about her, talking about her and worse still being ugly because of her.

What makes you and her different? If you are just as ugly..You might not be throwing out racial slurs but hatred?

And you think you are taking the high road? Think again.

If only we cared as much about other things like how corrupt our systems are or how children go missing everyday, if we put as much effort towards all the other issues that really mattered, as much as we did for this particular person, wow- how great life would be.

But, oh well people will be people. Do think about what you are doing and what you are saying. Karma can be a bitch, the question is are you really certain that god will only punish Presana Narayanan, cause the way things are going look likes tens of thousand of people are dangerously drawing close to being , if not just as bad, but worse than all the things she says or is doing.

God bless us all.


Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow, today’s post will be on the top 10 things I would like to cultivate from my mum. Some are things that require time and effort, some are things that take years to build, some are things that might never be learned, some are things that comes with time and maturity- but all of these are skills I’d love to have if not today, one day.

So the top 10 are 🙂 Drum roll please!

1. Courage

2. Intelligence

3. Awesome cooking skills- mum says it comes with a lot of practice and passion.

4. Ability to forgive- mum is like a durian [appears to be very hard on the outside but super mushy inside-forgives so easily]

5.  Grounded

6.  Resourceful

7. Persuasive

8. Run a household

9. Tend to a garden

10. Be as close as she is…. to my daughter/son [if lah]

Why is it really like that, huh?

Sure beats me.

You know for instance when you get up from bed and hit your leg against the steel frame,only to leave you with throbbing pain for the next few minutes and somehow everything else kinda takes a similar course.

That would be the same day your car would break down, the business deal will fall through, a long awaited appointment would be canceled and the list goes on. Some say it’s sheer bad luck, people who follow the secret will say you put yourself in that path while some of us would just settle with this old proverb;
when it rains,it pours

Sucky ain’t it. So should we follow the secret? I mean I have tried it and to a certain extent, it does make a difference, I guess.

It calms you down,makes you more patient, provides you with time to re-evaluate your situation without blowing your top, among other things.

Hence, giving you that space and clear thoughts for what you intend to do,later in that day or time frame.

But it ain’t easy to practice the secret, it’s a lot of faith, lot of belief in all that can be.

What I do not get is how this often occurs to the best of people? The people who kill themselves working hard for their bosses, generous people, kind people, people who follow the rules, people who have a conscience, people who have principles,people who basically follow the rules of society!

Why does it rain and pour? Does it not pay to be good? Often it does cross my mind and then I’m reminded that.. This is what makes people like us different, beautiful in and out,stronger, more confident and basically just the way we are.

Although I might question it very now and then I do believe that god has a plan for us, a plan for us all, for those who have had to weather storms and have come out soaking, yet still willing to brave the rain each time.

Yes, he has a plan for you and for me, you just wait and see:)

For it will be glorious.. For when it does rain the next time around it will an abundance of grace.

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

God bless, good night:)

You know in the past, it would be a common thing to see a man sitting down after a long day of work, reading his newspaper while his wife brings him coffee. But of course, he would be that same man who would fix the light bulb, chase the mice as his significant other screams at the sight of it, take the car for service, pay the bills among other common things you would expect a man to do (but then again, is it really a common thing expected anymore?).

He would be the one, who you could rely on to BE A MAN. You know the whole protect you if things go haywire, defend , you from other people. Simple gentleman sorta thing like opening car doors, giving you a peck on the cheek (subtle but intimate), walking you to your car/door after a date. But most importantly, the one you feel the safest with, someone who makes you feel secure- that feeling that makes you feel that you can do anything in their presence and not have to worry, even for a minute.

But the question is where have all the men’s men gone? You know the real men….

Most of them can’t even fix a light bulb, they run at the sight of mice and hide behind the women. Worst still are the ones who can’t do anything that remotely signifies the whole I AM MAN but with the whole I AM MAN ego intact, those are the worst kinds.  The ones who you feel, you need to protect. You need to support and tell them over and over again that it is okay.

I know most men will now say, hey woman…the women these days are similar-most can’t cook to save their lives nor maintain a household. Right you are!

I have no disagreements on that note, except to say I ain’t like that 🙂

This post is in no account trying to dis men in general but rather just an outcry, perhaps like a tiny scream within wondering where are the men’s men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I realize the very few men who are….live in my father’s generation or are unattainable.

Perhaps I’m living in the wrong era.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

“I just don’t get it, if your stupid it is know but the problem is..YOUR NOT! You guys are intelligent but then when you guys give me work like this……arggh “

Anyone listening to this conversation would think that I was really getting it bad with the person in question, but in the contrary the person in question is not only one of the most respected persons in my books but also a man I totally care about and love. He often reminds me of my father. If I were to use any words to describe how he is to me, it would be “tough love”.

The man in question is my professor. I met him in 2002 when I first entered University Sains Malaysia to purse my undergraduate studies in Communication. Not liked by many due to his hard exterior and sarcastic comebacks, students would stay away from him. I on the other hand thought he was brilliant (yes and extremely sarcastic!)

Sitting in one of his first classes, the moment he started talking.. I stopped and listened attentively (why it was such a big deal? Simple… because I hardly listened, instead I would normally draw cartoons and what-nots when a lecturer speaks.. most of the time as I my attention span was minimal). But the moment the man opened his mouth, brilliance just came out so effortlessly. It was so clear. Another thing that I liked about him was that he did not give a damn about what people thought about him. He was smart and he knew it. He did not let anyone step on his head or give him crap. Admired that.

I used to drop by his office and see him off and on, for no particular reason. Back in university, I was a public relations major, so off the grid for someone like me. Hence, it meant hardly any dealings with prof because he was the journalism head but somehow I was drawn towards journalism and their lecturers. I was more in-tune to anything related to journalism or these lecturers and who would have thought that I would purse journalism in my postgraduate studies, but that is a different story altogether.

As I admired him to bits and thought he was of such brilliance when I decided to purse my postgraduate studies, naturally he became my supervisor. Trust me it was hard being his student. He expected nothing but the best and anyone who knows me academically, as a student knows that I have a million ideas (working, productive ideas) but sadly my organization skills when it comes to putting those thoughts in order was awful. He had to deal with that throughout my 2 years of doing my postgraduate studies in the area of new communication technology. I wanted to quit many times as it was really tough. But having him on-board was one of the reasons I stuck on- I knew he would ensure I gave quality.Conversations like above would always occur and every time I call him I feel like I’m walking on glass as I was nervous (I always wanted to please him and sound smart), hence I would make even more mistakes and blunders than normal.

As the years have passed, I have gone through so much academically and work wise. In my classes, I mirror him in many ways with the way I teach and I always tell my students about his brilliance and how he has mentored me all this years. Everything I do academically largely relates to my prof and his ways of teaching, his ideas and thinking..I owe the little parts of brainy me…to him ….how he has developed how I think critically.

He has always been there to support me and I notice that during every big decision of my life, I’m always either consulting my parents and prof. What he as taught me in class, during my post-grad and even the life lessons, as I entered the working world has been priceless.

I never really knew the depth of his influence on me and what I have achieved… till last Friday, as I walked down the hill in USM after meeting my current supervisors… I remembered his email recently also asking me if I was okay as I had resigned and started my own business, I mean my time lecturers could not be bothered about you let alone what you do after you leave their class but prof was always different.

I realized that I have never really thanked him for being there for me. For being my mentor all these years…for being the one who believes in me. He is one man besides my father than makes me cry, proud and happy with my achievements and progress. He makes me strive and be all that I can and I’m forever thankful and blessed to have such an influential figure in my life. My mentor 🙂

Thank you, prof.

Teluk Intan or known to the old timers as Teluk Mak Intan or Teluk Anson, is a small town located in the town of Perak.

This quaint town has grown from days of small roads and 1 fast food restaurant and a small mall to a 2-3 way roads (bigger than you can imagine) for a small town gal anyways! Now, the town even has a Mc Donalds drive-thru and our very own Giant. To the many who know me online, I’m an original Penangnite but truth be told I am a small town gal from Teluk Intan, Perak.

I’ve not ever mentioned this little town that I hail from but today, I find that it requires saving, it requires a spot on my blog, it requires highlighting matters that should not be overlooked ,just because it is a small town. Very aptly, the issue at hand leans very close to my passion, the field of education.

San Min Su Wa is a Chinese private school funded by the public through donations (they collect up to RM240k at one given time to fund the school). It is located at Jalan Sg Nibong, 36000 Teluk Intan. It is well equipped with computer and projectors. Hell, they even have a multimedia room. They are very big on extra-curriculum activities like singing, dancing and constantly entering competitions. Academically, the kids do not fair too well but often the majority of them pass (according to inside sources: they are “passed” if you get what I mean). I was told that the kids here are “skilled in English”. They can barely speak a sentence in English and we are talking about 16, 17 year old (but they can differentiate a verb, a clause and other parts of english! What’s the blady point if you can’t speak a word of English!). Guess what, these are the same students who come to me a couple of years later at college level and torture the living day light out of me. God, help me!

Most of the kids are fairly rich and have serious attitude problems. They are all mostly daughters and son’s of local businessman in town and most, show no regard to studies, as they feel they can always fall back on their parent’s businesses. Even their English teachers can barely carry the language well, to make matters worse they translate English words they teach to Mandarin (how does that help in any way? I have no idea). For those who might say, eh it’s hard to teach kids who can barely understand English, so translation is the way to go. I refuse to believe that as I encounter the same problem and my kids improve drastically after being exposed to methods of Ms.C and these are the same breed of UEC kids. If they show me attitude and if do not put effort, I fail them.

A local source tells me that educators are often made to pass students who do not deserve to pass (this also happens in local colleges that are not monitored well, I’ve seen it happen before, thank god my college has pre-boards for examination regulation).

his continues to occur in schools and colleges, when will it stop? To make matters worst, the management treats the educators in a very shameful manner, that “pisses the shit outta me”. An inside source tells me of the occurrences of the following incidence;

1.Teacher’s salary for the month of December has not been given to the teachers because of fear that they will resign at year end so the salary will only be given to teachers the
following year, towards the end of January. ( To my knowledge: People depend on their salaries on a monthly basis to pay bills at the right time and of course eat! It is their “rice bowl”
or periuk nasi”. I’m single and if I were to get my pay late I’d suffer, so I pity those teacher’s with families. It is year end furthermore,people have to pay for school uniforms,
stationery etc.
2. They have a steady input of part-timers that teach specific subjects. These teachers have been teaching for sometime at the school and have been paid on a monthly basis whether
there is classes or not. All of a sudden, there start cutting teacher’s salary into half as school holidays are approaching without giving further notice.
What do teachers who depend on the salary do when half their pay has been taken from them? Also they leave out teacher’s from the schedule and do not inform the part-timers that
they are no longer necessary. This is a plain injustice.Again, what do the teachers do? Have they, no courtesy? What about people who depend on it for a living!

It saddens me that this is the state of our education. This school is a perfect example of a mill that is churning out robots, who leave the school with minimal knowledge and impact. We are supposed to nurture the kids not numb their minds. Educators are treated like crap which is yet another sad revelation of what happens in this small quaint town.

Some might say this happens in all schools or colleges, so why this one. Firstly, I have an inside source to this particular one, to prove what occurs behind the doors! The rest (about other institutions) is based on speculation rather than evidence, so I can’t name specifics. Here, I can.

San Min Su Wa better buck up and hold up the integrity of its school as an education pillar of this town. I will not rest if nothing is done till words gets out about what happens in this schools especially if it does not improve in the near future. My question here is, what sort of governance is occurring if education becomes yet another shopping mall churning out certs/degrees and what nots to the non-deserving and treating their staff like pieces of crap. How are we to sustain the countries developments if this is the quality of graduates and teachers? How are we to turn a blind eye to the injustice occurring to this small town teachers! I can’t..can you?

Website: (Fully in Chinese, you’d think your in China!)

Facebook Page of the school:

Apparently, this seems to be the procedure when dealing with cases of which, the PDRM has doubts. Of late, there has been more than one case of which civilians have been shot (some accidentally apparently) for no valid reason.  One of the most recent cases which has annoyed quite a number of Malaysian, is the news of the “Noodle Seller Shot by Plain Cloth Police Officers”>that was recently reported, and <“Aminulrasyid Shot Dead”>

According to Malaysiakini, Ho Chei Hang was shot by plainclothes policeman while he was driving. There was no warning shots nor any identification that these were indeed police officers, doing their so call duty. Mr.Ho has since sent a memorandum to SUHAKAM, ,to demand that the trigger happy police are investigated and that the issue does not fall on deaf ears. A trial is on-going regarding the Aminulrasyid case while Mr.Ho case is being investigated by SUHAKAM on the grounds of human rights. The PDRM on the other hand is treating this case (Mr.Ho) as attempted murder and drug possession.

There seems to be a pattern in all these cases, firstly the police officers shot at the alleged cars after receiving tips of the said offense but neither officers on both cases had any prove that this men/child were armed to begin with… Isn’t it a rule that officers cannot fire at their own will without solid evidence ? Will have to check on that…

Yesterday it’s a high school kid, today it is a noodle seller, tomorrow will it be you or me?

Now if you riding or driving on the roads and probably have been identified to have the same color car or model as a suspected criminal, are you in danger of being killed?
Will you end up in the pool of your own blood?

If you do not stop, for fear of being mugged or killed, will you be shot down? If anyone would stop me at the wee hours of the morning, even the police, I would not stop (unless it is a block and you can see that it is official that is!)!

How am I to know that this plain-cloth police are truly police? Should I take the risk and get mugged, raped or others?

Anyway, with all this cases constantly occurring, my trust-0-meter for the police keeps decreasing. As it is I hardly ever go to the police station for anything!

Recently, I visited the Sunway police station to report an incidence whereby some men came to my house with parangs and harassed me, threatening to kill my dog and asking me to leave the vicinity within a month- I was scolded by the inspector there because he said that since the issue was already settled(the police came to the house the night before and both parties talked) he assumed that I should not waste his time).

If I were to be killed, what prove would  I have? So you tell me now, why would anyone trust in the PDRM?

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that there are no good cops but I’m saying that the image of the PDRM is being tarnished due to its reckless, non-caring, could not be bothered attitude in general that is showcased repeatedly through not one, but many cases that have been re-occurring.

The question here is what is being done about this trigger happy cops?
What is being done with the officers who scold you for reporting an incident?
What is being done with officers that plant evidence on unsuspecting civilians?
Where have all the good cops gone? Why are we advocating a shoot first prove later policy?

Why why why!

So many questions that remain unanswered.

Before I end, I’ll like to assert that I love this country but I’m not about to sit here and watch people dying due to the recklessness and tidak-peduli attitude of some of our coppers.

I just want to feel safe again. Don’t you ?