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[Zorro]              :  Are you a registered Voter?

Cheryl                : Nah, I’m not really into all that. It’s not like it makes a difference anyway!

Bernard             : Well, then you don’t have a say in anything that happens in the country. So don’t complaint.

Cheryl               : Isn’t that my right as a citizen, to say something, especially if it is wrong?


                           ” My dear, voting is a privilege. It gives you a voice. It gives you the power to make a difference.

                              Whether you decide to use that privilege or give it up, is up to you. But don’t you dare say anything, if you don’t

                             contribute  because you have revoked your right by not voting.”- Bernard of Zorro Unmasked]


* my conversation with Bernard@Zorro, a very nice old man, I met during my days as an active blogger at National Press Club. Bernard has since passed on [ 2014], but he has always left a lasting impression on this once young lady.

My journey as a researcher led me to my journey as a blogger. I became more of a blogger than a researcher by the time I completed my masters in early 2009. I was a true-blood blogger, my spirit was full of fire- I wanted to make a difference, I had learn so much in my journey as a blogger. This was the time I met the likes of Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imitiaz, SK Thew, Walski, Marina Mahatir, Anura Bird, Bernard@Zorro that opened my eyes to the importance of of making a difference of having a voice.

Does it matter? Why? Let me tell you why.

Why you should RECLAIM your Rights?

  • You can make a differenceUSE your VOTE! Why let someone else decide for you? You have a voice- that is your vote.
  • It’s a privilege. Vote on behalf that those who can’t. Many minorities and under-represented groups do not have a right to vote around the world. Did you know that women fought for the right to vote?
  • Feel underrepresented? REPRESENT! Are you one of those passionate Facebook or Twitter warriors that has a lot to say about what the government should and shouldn’t do? Do you feel that they could do better? Do you feel your state does not get what it needs:?
  • $$$$$/ RM Each vote equals money. YOU DECIDE THE CAUSE, it is your Money that fuels the state. Don’t you care where your money goes? Money that your MP [Member of Parliament] will fuel to causes he thinks is good, is needed and necessary. You think there is a need for more Youth Education? Local Content? Child Abuse?
  • CANCEL out someones Vote. Your decision to vote might cancel out someone else’s vote. Your vote could be the decider, of whether that corrupt person continues to yield power in your state. Also it balances the votes out, so at least those in power will feel the pressure to WORK and not laze around. Majority votes make it too safe, makes the winner feel too much pride that they forget, they serve the nation.
  • Be a True Malaysian. Have a VOICE! Yes ,exercise your participation as a citizen. Don’t call yourself a citizen, for without this vote, you have no voice. Want to have a voice? VOTE!
  • Want stability? A prosperous economy? VOTE! Want someone who talks sense, knows what he is doing with the country’s billions? Want someone who not only has a background in Finance  but an expert in it, running the Finance ministry? Put him or her there! How many of your Ministers know anything about their Ministry?
  • Want to be Educated? VOTE! Wonder why English keeps failing among our ministers, our graduates? Who makes those policies? Who do you want sitting in those seat deciding the fate of our future? Without knowledge, our country will perish.  Do you really want to leave our education system in the hands of those who know nothing? You enjoy policies changing every 5 years at the whim and fancy? English in Science, Malay in Science [Recall being part of this system?]
  • Want a Job/ starting a business, based on how awesome you are? You decide policies on tenders [who gets them], diversity in jobs not based on race/religion, job opportunities etc
  • Unhappy with companies polluting our rivers? Getting rid of our beautiful Penang hills?  Constant water cuts or electricity? You have a choice, don’t let them. It’s your backyard, your land, your rivers, your home. Put those who know what they are doing in place. VOTE!

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether to vote or not. But as a very wise old man told me once,

   “Voting is a PRIVILEGE. You have the power to make a difference, it just whether you want to make a difference or just rant”.


On the way to work and back, on the way to groceries and back, on the way to practically anywhere, the sight is similar. The last few weeks, we all have been subjected to the eyesore that they call campaigning.

With flags, banners and picket cards line-up at your local barber shop, that favorite playground, the beautiful open landing, defaming ads in the newspapers,wherever you can imagine, they have it plastered reminding you that the time is now. It’s all dominated by the colors of blue, green and red, it is a wonder any of us can recognize any other color moving forward.

It does not end there either, even our personal lives are invaded. With manifestos arriving in our mail, SMS-es taking up space in our inbox to video-MMs-es defaming one party over another- the harassment by these parties are endless. To make matters worse, social media has exploded with the sharing of racist youtube videos, blog postings and images inciting nothing worth mentioning most of the time. As usual of course there is the coffee shop talk, where you see the uncles discussing politics over their morning coffee and newspapers (although the newspapers are hardly seen much these days). One thing that differs I guess is that you can easily see youngsters taking heed of the elections, you can see them taking an active role, an active part actually discussing of what is and what will be.

56 years and counting, nothing much has changed in terms of the sights and sounds as election looms near. There is the same ole talk. Same ole propaganda passing around, same ole promises. So what is so different about these upcoming elections that keeps me cringing?  Elections, politics- basically anything equating to those two words are often dirty, what makes this any different?

For a country that has been dominated by a single party made of up component parties (only for election purposes of course), time is changing and tensions are running high. What used to be a walk in the part for this party has truly become a race(no we are not talking about Indians, Malays or Chinese), a battle of the titans. It is no longer assumed or expected that they will win as they always have and then in it creates a whole lot of chain reactions.

Why in the first place can a single party or individual be allowed to rule for such a long period of time? Well, that requires an analysis of the political system that we are apart of that I will not be discussing. It is what it is.

This elections in fact is the dirtiest ever. They say 1Malaysia but is is merely a propaganda tool for they still use…race.. Races. Yes races are used as a pre-requisite to demand, to incite, to hurt and to insinuate nothing good. The words you keep hearing is I,My …..repeated over and over again. It is us against the world sort of situation. We don’t really see campaigning do we? We see defamation at every possible level. We see hate campaigns. Why do we allow it? Why do we allow people to campaign and trample another’s image and dignity as a basis for us to defend the worthiness of a party.

If a party is defined by how bad/unethical another party is, well I have to say your party is baseless and has no stand indeed. Also I believe there is no purpose of defaming another to look good- that is like every custody case in the country. If I have to choose to vote base on who is worse, that is truly sad.

Gosh look at the ads in the newspapers below;

dap silent dap

It does not end there either. We hear words constantly repeating about how we the Indians and Chinese are Pendatangs and we should go back to our own countries. It’s weird they didn’t feel that way when we contribute our salaries, business etc to the economy nor do they have such sentiments during non-elections. Oh come on, its pretty obvious. You are using race to define the General Election as a way to win. What better way to fuel people’s emotions? Religion of course. Race of course. That’s how you get people to get ticked off, to get angry, to get pissed, to fear the unknown  and to vote in anger and fear.

They don’t care how it goes down. They only care that it does in their way. To fill their pockets with money and power. You think they care about you at all? Think again. Once they are in power, your wants and their promises become a distant memory. So before it become another term of them deciding what happens to you, why not you show them who is in power. Show them that the people matter. Show them that they are working for us like how we work for our companies. They are in power because we wanted them to not because they are god almighty.

So when you place your vote this Sunday.

Think. Think. Think

What do you want for yourself, for your children, for your country?

“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

Do you want to live in fear? Do you want to live knowing that those who are in power will blackmail you at anytime if you do not sing to their tune?

Let us remind them who is in power. Let us remind them that we are not indeed afraid of them. Any government that will rule regardless of party.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

We need them to realise that so we can truly be free. We need to send a strong message this elections .That the citizens rule. Time and time again we will need to remind them at each elections be it the opposition or the Barisan Nasional.  So break out of your prisons that hold you captive and make an educated choice.

The time is now. Vote wisely.

Apparently, this seems to be the procedure when dealing with cases of which, the PDRM has doubts. Of late, there has been more than one case of which civilians have been shot (some accidentally apparently) for no valid reason.  One of the most recent cases which has annoyed quite a number of Malaysian, is the news of the “Noodle Seller Shot by Plain Cloth Police Officers”>that was recently reported, and <“Aminulrasyid Shot Dead”>

According to Malaysiakini, Ho Chei Hang was shot by plainclothes policeman while he was driving. There was no warning shots nor any identification that these were indeed police officers, doing their so call duty. Mr.Ho has since sent a memorandum to SUHAKAM, ,to demand that the trigger happy police are investigated and that the issue does not fall on deaf ears. A trial is on-going regarding the Aminulrasyid case while Mr.Ho case is being investigated by SUHAKAM on the grounds of human rights. The PDRM on the other hand is treating this case (Mr.Ho) as attempted murder and drug possession.

There seems to be a pattern in all these cases, firstly the police officers shot at the alleged cars after receiving tips of the said offense but neither officers on both cases had any prove that this men/child were armed to begin with… Isn’t it a rule that officers cannot fire at their own will without solid evidence ? Will have to check on that…

Yesterday it’s a high school kid, today it is a noodle seller, tomorrow will it be you or me?

Now if you riding or driving on the roads and probably have been identified to have the same color car or model as a suspected criminal, are you in danger of being killed?
Will you end up in the pool of your own blood?

If you do not stop, for fear of being mugged or killed, will you be shot down? If anyone would stop me at the wee hours of the morning, even the police, I would not stop (unless it is a block and you can see that it is official that is!)!

How am I to know that this plain-cloth police are truly police? Should I take the risk and get mugged, raped or others?

Anyway, with all this cases constantly occurring, my trust-0-meter for the police keeps decreasing. As it is I hardly ever go to the police station for anything!

Recently, I visited the Sunway police station to report an incidence whereby some men came to my house with parangs and harassed me, threatening to kill my dog and asking me to leave the vicinity within a month- I was scolded by the inspector there because he said that since the issue was already settled(the police came to the house the night before and both parties talked) he assumed that I should not waste his time).

If I were to be killed, what prove would  I have? So you tell me now, why would anyone trust in the PDRM?

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that there are no good cops but I’m saying that the image of the PDRM is being tarnished due to its reckless, non-caring, could not be bothered attitude in general that is showcased repeatedly through not one, but many cases that have been re-occurring.

The question here is what is being done about this trigger happy cops?
What is being done with the officers who scold you for reporting an incident?
What is being done with officers that plant evidence on unsuspecting civilians?
Where have all the good cops gone? Why are we advocating a shoot first prove later policy?

Why why why!

So many questions that remain unanswered.

Before I end, I’ll like to assert that I love this country but I’m not about to sit here and watch people dying due to the recklessness and tidak-peduli attitude of some of our coppers.

I just want to feel safe again. Don’t you ?

Yesterday, I spoke about clueless coppers. Today not to far away from their world, we have the great Judicial Commissioner, Datuk Ahmad Nasfy Yasin with his words of wisdom which I will definitely highlight below, he says;

“However, Ahmad Nasfy said he also took into consideration that the accused was not violent against the victim in deciding to reduce his sentence”.

What am I talking about? If you haven’t already heard, today a man who raped a minor just got his jail sentence of 18 years reduced to 8 years. The pretext of such an action.. well Justice commissioner says that he is after all a first time offender (kesian bah,cut him some slack-so he says) and after all he was not violent (coz in Justice commissioner’s thoughts/perception, god knows what else…rape is not violent enough, you see?). So you a man who raped a minor at some rubber tapper estate, who was initially given 18 years imprisonment and six strokes of the cane (by Kuala Pilah Sessions Court) for the offense of raping a minor (15-year-old kid) is now getting a discount. He will still receive the six strokes of the cane but get a discount of 10 years off the sentence.

What is the world coming to? At one hand we have reports of women getting canned for alcohol consumption and pre-marital sex and then we have the ridiculously stupid decision of decreasing a criminal’s sentence due to the accused being a first time offender and not being violent(do they even know what rape is?). Firstly how can you ever begin to say that rape is not violent? Stripping the dignity,soul, body of a kid not violent enough? Put yourself in the victim’s shoes, her family, just be human. How can you stomach that? How can you have the nerve to imply that it was far from violent?  I’m sick to my stomach thinking of the crap that is constantly circulating and corrupting our beloved country. The way the authorities have been running the country is sad. I dread thinking of bringing up my own kids here in the future. I love Malaysia but this sort of situation just makes me want to pack my bags and leave yet I stay. What can I do? I feel helpless so all I can do is to highlight this issue to you and hope that you highlight to others and someone big somewhere realizes that it just too wrong to stay true…8 from 18 😦


You can read the original story at Star Online through the link below;

Pre-marital sex. In this day and age, such a notion is not excatly something very bizzare, or even something that would raise the eyebrow. You can count the amount of men and  women,who are still virgins, before they decide on marriage, muslim or non-muslim. The numbers doesn’t necessarily reflect the sort of Malaysian culture, that Malaysia often loves to portray. That aside, pre-marital sex is definitely something that is happening among muslims and non-muslims(no matter how much either of them would like to deny).

Personally, I could not be bothered, as to who decides to save their virginity or who doesn’t, men or women, muslim or non. Frankly speaking, it matters very little to me.  Like I often say, each to its own. But when pre-martial sex brings about the canning of women, Muslim women in particular, it definetely raises more than an eyebrow.

After a long hiatus away from reading newspapers or even blogs, UNSPUN’s post on his blog concerning Malaysian Women that were being canned due to their pre-martial affairs caught my eye. It really baffles me, that it is punishable by law, in fact it even makes it ridiculously silly (by no means am I making fun of syariah law). If you were to really punish by law, the crime of pre-marital affairs, I promise you there will not be enough jail cells for muslim or non-muslims alike! Why were this women in particular chosen to be put in the spotlight and canned? If it is truly punishable, I’m surprised it is the first we are hearing of. Most importantly, the fact that only the women are punished, makes it rather sexist don’t ya think? As far as I know, it takes two to tango ( in this sense, have sex). Unless the natural order of things has changed (if it has I sure did not get that email). Why only punish the women? Were the men unwilling participants? Were they victims? Are the men protected by law? Are they invincible to the hands of the laws or is it ok for them to do as they please? If anyone out there is an expert in Syariah law..please enlighten me… cause as far as I know, this is extremely ridiculous! As usual, our authorities have a lot of time to police this sort of affairs instead of actually bothering to solve real problems and issues like snatch thieves…sigh…

Malaysiakini reports that Syed Azidi aka Kickdefella was arrested in Kota Baru today.

According to Haris, the arrest had some relation to something seditious…In relation to bloggers being picked up, I heard that another blogger-PENARIK BECA has been arrested (can’t confirm the validity of this claim just yet)

There are picking up bloggers one by one..what are we going to do about it? Or are we going to wait for our turns in silence?

You decide…

Something is definitely up…scheming..some big time scheming is going on!

You Got One Life…Do Something!

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Event, human rights, Society

It was truly an eye opener to have visited Gurney Plaza on Wednesday morning with my mare class, alongside Michelle, Felicia and Pn.Zak…..World Vision Malaysia was having some sort of event at Gurney Concourse for HIV. So I thought I’d just tag along and learn a thing or two. It certainly did not prepare me for what was to be seen or heard on that fateful day.

You Got One Life..Do Something!

The theme I’d say was very inspiring….the layout of the exhibition was spectacular. It was a sight to behold even from the outside and we were all wondering what was waiting for us inside. We saw people lining up and going in equipped with an MP3 player and headphones but little did we know what happened behind those close doors or shall I say curtains.

The One Life Revolution Exhibit attract many be it the public, school children or college kids…not to forget their educators..ehem..ehem..Anyway after waiting for more than an hour, our turn came to actually experience what went on behind those curtains..As you walk into the exhibit area you pass through curtains at each phase equipped with your MP3 Player and headphones. Walking into the area was somewhat peaceful, it was like I was entering a different world altogether. Sitting there at the waiting area, listening attentively to the voice over the player..the journey begun…into the life of a little Cambodian gal. The voice guided me further on in this journey..this enriching experience of a young Cambodian gal struggle and empowerment. I saw her life through my eyes..through imageries, sounds, environment that surrounding me in the exhibit. It was moving, most importantly it seemed so was after all a true story. Not a figment of my imagination or any one’s fiction but a true life. The experience truly opened my eyes to the suffering, the stigma that surround those with HIV. The wall of hope and reflection was a great ending to the whole experience.

It is one of the best exhibits I’ve been for ever! It was impactful…enriching and most importantly it taught me something about life, about what we are capable of doing for someone else. I’d recommend everyone to go and live through the journey of these individuals. Although I thought that it should have been made bilingual- Chinese/Tamil etc to ensure audience understanding as a lot of kids seemed pretty confused. Perhaps a short briefing before entering would have been sufficient especially for kids as there are very impatient and do not take to instructions very well. But overall I thought it was a great way to reach out to the public, to create awareness, to teach people the meaning of life…of what we can do about it…..Pictures will soon follow…

Just short watch this video courtesy of a fellow Malaysians. It is very relevant to Malaysia especially in the wake of the upcoming elections. Enjoy….Hope this video enlightens you as much as it enlightened me!


I’m sure all of us at one point of time have either experienced being in an accident or have had those closes to us being apart of an accident. Either way accidents occur in the most unexpected places, to anyone and it sure does not give you warning before it occurs, thus the term accident. At the tender age of 10, I lost my close friend Hassan to an accident. He was cycling with Yap and was hit by a lorry. Few years later, I lost my best friend Nurul Huda who was traveling back to her hometown for Raya when her whole family met with an tragic accident, leaving only her and her sister survivors of the crash but she passed away barely 3 days later, leaving her sister as the sole survivor.(I was 14) It hit closer to home the next time around when my baby brother was hit by a car while he was crossing the road on his way to play football,he died on the spot.(I was then 16).

So accidents are more than a bunch of statistics or newspaper reports to me. To me accidents can rob you off so much, so fast, so unexpectedly. But what can you do when it’s an accident? Who can you blame? That’s what you call an accident but when the accident could have been avoided, can you still claim it to be an accident? Malaysia has suffered her number of accidents over the last year but sadly the numbers are on the rise and 2008 was no better. It’s been barely 2 months into the year but already we have had to grapple with the death of Nian Ning, Zailani and Boon Eng whom lost their lives in the horrible crash that occurred in late January in Slim River. It’s hard enough to lose those you love but when you lose them to the incompetence of others, of repeated offenders….. it truly makes my blood boil!

It’s often said than when you carry passengers be it on the bike or in your car that you have their life in your hand which I believe carries some truth. Thus knowing that you hold the cards to the lives of not only yourself, we are careful, perhaps super-careful when we drive others. But when I hear that those carrying not 1 but 30 to 40 passengers take their job lightly and drive as they please without a thought for others, it hits very close to home!

I need not remind you of other bus crashes that has occurred over they years (Bkt Gantang, Bkt.Mertajam) that on more than one occasions was a result of repeated offenders. Result of those who were not capable to drive, those who were not competent, those who played with the lives of others…It’s not surprised that the bus drivers that drive us around each time we go back to our hometown, return to university, visit a friend, go for a wedding could be the ones to end our lives for ever……Of course I’m not saying that ALL bus drivers or all the bus companies are incompetent but I’m saying how would we know? How could we? When the government allows them to get away with summonses after summonses….when they do not do background checks on their drivers, when they hire any tom, dick or harry!!! All for a buck or two?

Who knows whose live we are compromising each time we send our mother, sister, daughter, brother, father, grandma, friend, husband, boyfriend, colleague…the list goes on…. Should we have to sit and worry each time whether we will ever see our loved ones again? Should we allow for such mistakes to continue to occur? I’m rational enough to realize that accidents will happen but I will not accept ignorance, I will not allow incompetence to continuously to occur. I mean how many more lives need to be claimed before the relevant authorities take charge and ensure the highest quality in drivers and in the vehicles that they drive!

With constant bus accidents occurring whose to say whether it is safe anymore?What about those who do not have the luxury to drive about? Those who do not have the luxury to travel by car? Is their fate sealed in the hands of the incompetent? Be it the individual or the company…

So what are we to do? <“Bus Crash No More”> has started off the first initiative by creating a petition to demand for safer buses for our kids to travel on.. You can start off by signing the petition and who knows what will come next. Perhaps an ad-hoc committee to come up with proposal or road safety projects….awareness campaigns, thorough background checks approved by relevant authorities.

So do your part, sign the petition, make that change, let’s not let ignorance go scott-free!…no time better than the present to start effecting change.

My deepest condolences to the family of Nian Ning, Mhd Zailani, Boon Eng

Visit buscrashnomore for more information on this petition;

<“Bus Crash No More”>

Registered to vote already???? But your still not under the list??? What’s happening you might think? Possibly their slow as a snail process? perhaps they conveniently forgot? perhaps they have some sort of complicated process to deal with before adding it onto the system???Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..

After cracking my head for sometime over the issues of why I wasn’t own the dam list I though of a smarter(so I thought) of dealing with this issue before I have a melt down. So anyway before that I had already talked to Haris of People’s Parliament, Zorro, SK about this whole issue of not being on the list despite having registered to vote and with news that elections are around the corner…Well I’ll have to admit I was getting rather nervous! After all the decision to actually register to vote was a big one for me.

For those who have been following my blog for sometime, you’d probably be aware that I was rather skeptical over the whole process of voting as I thought that it would not only be a waste of time but will bring no good as I felt the whole system of voting was ultimately unclean and unfair. But over a period of a couple of months, I have since changed my view and standing on the issues of voting. Someone once told me that if I wanted to effect change I needed to play a part in it…there was no use of stating a conviction if it was a silent one not to be heard, not to be felt by anyone else but myself..I needed to be a part of this change that I craved for….I needed to be practical…I needed to vote…..Yes, there are still issues….whether voting this time around will be fair or not. But many parties have worked so hard to ensure, to make it happen….to make freer fairer elections more than just a campaign more than just a tag line but a reality. They all have played a part, so must I…

Anyway before I get carried away with the sentiments of why I decided to vote (I shall elaborate and bore you more the next time around) I shall get on with the matter of the day…Registering to be a voter

After finding out the important stuff I decided to take the chance and register to be a voter. It was as though it was a sign as I was lucky enough to have this people from the government having some sort of booth barely 20 meters away from where I worked. Thus I took the opportunity that was staring right at me and decided to vote. It was somewhere in early November 2007. I was so excited. ANYWAY…

Now it is 9 Jan 2008. It’s a whole new year (hahhaa) and nothing I tell you nothing has been done!!! I’m still not in the system.Boy was I furious. So months have passed, yet my name is yet to be seen. I checked through

<“Check whether your registered”> which is the site which you are suppose to access in order to check out your voting information and to double-check whether your on the roll. But do you think I saw my name there????? No no… Well I thought I’ll email those people at (I wasn’t really expecting a reply as most of the time I think this sort of mail becomes junk or lost in space-yes I’m talking from experience). Surprisingly I got a reply, quite fast in fact.( SYABAS to SPR-give praise where its due I believe. Loads of mumbo jumbo laws stuff which I barely understand, unless I read really carefully…. I don’t even know why it has to be so complicated but anyway this is what they had to say…


untuk makluman puan, puan telah memohon untuk didaftarkan sebagai pemilih
pada Suku 4/2007 (Oktober, November dan Disember). puan hanya boleh
membuat semakan Daftar Pemilih apabila Daftar pemilih Tambahan (DPT) Suku
4/2007 itu disahkan dan diwartakan. Ini kerana, sebelum disahkan sesuatu
daftar pemilih itu, beberapa proses perlu dilalui seperti di bawah:


1. Urusan pendaftaran pemilih baru ataupun permohonan pertukaran alamat
pusat mengundi bagi pemilih berdaftar yang telah bertukar alamat
bermastautin masing-masing bermula apabila seseorang warganegara yang
berkelayakan di bawah Perkara 119(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan membuat
permohonan kepada SPR dengan mengisi Borang A seperti yang ditetapkan di
dalam Peraturan 12 Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih)
2002. Selepas borang permohonan itu diproses, SPR akan menyediakan Rang
Daftar Pemilih Tambahan (DPT) bagi setiap suku tahun dan dipamerkan di 840
tempat pameran di seluruh negara untuk tujuan tuntutan dan bantahan.

2. Peraturan 17(1) menetapkan bahawa seseorang Pendaftar perlu mengadakan
siasatan awam bagi menentukan kesahihan sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan.
Jika sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan itu mempunyai asas-asas yang kukuh dan
disertai dengan bukti-bukti prima-facie, maka Pendaftar apabila berpuas
hati boleh menerima sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan yang dibuat.
Sebaliknya, Pendaftar boleh menolak sesuatu tuntutan dan bantahan yang
tidak mempunyai bukti-bukti yang kukuh. Namun begitu, demi untuk
menegakkan prinsip keadilan, Peraturan 20(1) Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan
Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih) 2002 memberi peluang dan ruang terbuka kepada
mana-mana pihak yang terkilan dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh seseorang
Pendaftar untuk membuat rayuan kepada Pegawai Pengadil. Dalam konteks ini,
keputusan yang dibuat oleh seseorang Pegawai Pengadil di bawah Peraturan
19(4) Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih) 2002 adalah
muktamad dan tidak boleh lagi dipersoalkan oleh mana-mana pihak.

3. Selepas semua urusan berhubung dengan tuntutan dan bantahan selesai
serta selepas Pendaftar memperakui DPT bagi kawasan pendaftaran
masing-masing di dalam Borang F, Ketua Pendaftar akan memperakui Daftar
Pemilih Tambahan (DPT) bagi setiap suku tahun untuk disahkan oleh
Mesyuarat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR). DPT berkenaan akan diwartakan
sebaik sahaja setelah ia disahkan oleh Mesyuarat SPR.

Apa yang berlaku bukanlah kerana masalah teknikal tetapi kerana DPT
Suku4/2007 itu perlu melalui proses seperti di atas. Selepas diwartakan
barulah puan dapat membuat semakan melalui laman web SPR.

Untuk makluman puan juga, pada pertengahan Januari ini SPR akan
mempamerkan Rang daftar Pemilih Tambahan Suku 4/2007 di 840 tempat pameran
di seluruh negara selama seminggu. Semasa pameran tersebut, puan boleh
membuat semakan mengenai pendaftaran pemilih yang puan telah buat sebelum
ini. tarikh pameran RDPT 4/2007 dan mewartakan DPT 4/2007 ini akan
dimaklumkan melalui media cetak dan media elektronik.

sekian harap maklum

So apparently that is the reason….but I ain’t going to just roll over if the situation does not change by the end of this month, I’m going all out….Anyway have you guys heard about the issue of those who aren’t of voting age being on the electoral roll? Funny eh…but I checked some IC numbers that I received from a friend and checked it on the SPR website, you’d be surprised to see what I SAW!! How far it is true I do not know at this point? If anyone has any idea on this matter ..heard of anything….please do clarify or let me know a.s.a.p. ….Looks fishy…fishy..