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[Zorro]              :  Are you a registered Voter?

Cheryl                : Nah, I’m not really into all that. It’s not like it makes a difference anyway!

Bernard             : Well, then you don’t have a say in anything that happens in the country. So don’t complaint.

Cheryl               : Isn’t that my right as a citizen, to say something, especially if it is wrong?


                           ” My dear, voting is a privilege. It gives you a voice. It gives you the power to make a difference.

                              Whether you decide to use that privilege or give it up, is up to you. But don’t you dare say anything, if you don’t

                             contribute  because you have revoked your right by not voting.”- Bernard of Zorro Unmasked]


* my conversation with Bernard@Zorro, a very nice old man, I met during my days as an active blogger at National Press Club. Bernard has since passed on [ 2014], but he has always left a lasting impression on this once young lady.

My journey as a researcher led me to my journey as a blogger. I became more of a blogger than a researcher by the time I completed my masters in early 2009. I was a true-blood blogger, my spirit was full of fire- I wanted to make a difference, I had learn so much in my journey as a blogger. This was the time I met the likes of Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imitiaz, SK Thew, Walski, Marina Mahatir, Anura Bird, Bernard@Zorro that opened my eyes to the importance of of making a difference of having a voice.

Does it matter? Why? Let me tell you why.

Why you should RECLAIM your Rights?

  • You can make a differenceUSE your VOTE! Why let someone else decide for you? You have a voice- that is your vote.
  • It’s a privilege. Vote on behalf that those who can’t. Many minorities and under-represented groups do not have a right to vote around the world. Did you know that women fought for the right to vote?
  • Feel underrepresented? REPRESENT! Are you one of those passionate Facebook or Twitter warriors that has a lot to say about what the government should and shouldn’t do? Do you feel that they could do better? Do you feel your state does not get what it needs:?
  • $$$$$/ RM Each vote equals money. YOU DECIDE THE CAUSE, it is your Money that fuels the state. Don’t you care where your money goes? Money that your MP [Member of Parliament] will fuel to causes he thinks is good, is needed and necessary. You think there is a need for more Youth Education? Local Content? Child Abuse?
  • CANCEL out someones Vote. Your decision to vote might cancel out someone else’s vote. Your vote could be the decider, of whether that corrupt person continues to yield power in your state. Also it balances the votes out, so at least those in power will feel the pressure to WORK and not laze around. Majority votes make it too safe, makes the winner feel too much pride that they forget, they serve the nation.
  • Be a True Malaysian. Have a VOICE! Yes ,exercise your participation as a citizen. Don’t call yourself a citizen, for without this vote, you have no voice. Want to have a voice? VOTE!
  • Want stability? A prosperous economy? VOTE! Want someone who talks sense, knows what he is doing with the country’s billions? Want someone who not only has a background in Finance  but an expert in it, running the Finance ministry? Put him or her there! How many of your Ministers know anything about their Ministry?
  • Want to be Educated? VOTE! Wonder why English keeps failing among our ministers, our graduates? Who makes those policies? Who do you want sitting in those seat deciding the fate of our future? Without knowledge, our country will perish.  Do you really want to leave our education system in the hands of those who know nothing? You enjoy policies changing every 5 years at the whim and fancy? English in Science, Malay in Science [Recall being part of this system?]
  • Want a Job/ starting a business, based on how awesome you are? You decide policies on tenders [who gets them], diversity in jobs not based on race/religion, job opportunities etc
  • Unhappy with companies polluting our rivers? Getting rid of our beautiful Penang hills?  Constant water cuts or electricity? You have a choice, don’t let them. It’s your backyard, your land, your rivers, your home. Put those who know what they are doing in place. VOTE!

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether to vote or not. But as a very wise old man told me once,

   “Voting is a PRIVILEGE. You have the power to make a difference, it just whether you want to make a difference or just rant”.


On the way to work and back, on the way to groceries and back, on the way to practically anywhere, the sight is similar. The last few weeks, we all have been subjected to the eyesore that they call campaigning.

With flags, banners and picket cards line-up at your local barber shop, that favorite playground, the beautiful open landing, defaming ads in the newspapers,wherever you can imagine, they have it plastered reminding you that the time is now. It’s all dominated by the colors of blue, green and red, it is a wonder any of us can recognize any other color moving forward.

It does not end there either, even our personal lives are invaded. With manifestos arriving in our mail, SMS-es taking up space in our inbox to video-MMs-es defaming one party over another- the harassment by these parties are endless. To make matters worse, social media has exploded with the sharing of racist youtube videos, blog postings and images inciting nothing worth mentioning most of the time. As usual of course there is the coffee shop talk, where you see the uncles discussing politics over their morning coffee and newspapers (although the newspapers are hardly seen much these days). One thing that differs I guess is that you can easily see youngsters taking heed of the elections, you can see them taking an active role, an active part actually discussing of what is and what will be.

56 years and counting, nothing much has changed in terms of the sights and sounds as election looms near. There is the same ole talk. Same ole propaganda passing around, same ole promises. So what is so different about these upcoming elections that keeps me cringing?  Elections, politics- basically anything equating to those two words are often dirty, what makes this any different?

For a country that has been dominated by a single party made of up component parties (only for election purposes of course), time is changing and tensions are running high. What used to be a walk in the part for this party has truly become a race(no we are not talking about Indians, Malays or Chinese), a battle of the titans. It is no longer assumed or expected that they will win as they always have and then in it creates a whole lot of chain reactions.

Why in the first place can a single party or individual be allowed to rule for such a long period of time? Well, that requires an analysis of the political system that we are apart of that I will not be discussing. It is what it is.

This elections in fact is the dirtiest ever. They say 1Malaysia but is is merely a propaganda tool for they still use…race.. Races. Yes races are used as a pre-requisite to demand, to incite, to hurt and to insinuate nothing good. The words you keep hearing is I,My …..repeated over and over again. It is us against the world sort of situation. We don’t really see campaigning do we? We see defamation at every possible level. We see hate campaigns. Why do we allow it? Why do we allow people to campaign and trample another’s image and dignity as a basis for us to defend the worthiness of a party.

If a party is defined by how bad/unethical another party is, well I have to say your party is baseless and has no stand indeed. Also I believe there is no purpose of defaming another to look good- that is like every custody case in the country. If I have to choose to vote base on who is worse, that is truly sad.

Gosh look at the ads in the newspapers below;

dap silent dap

It does not end there either. We hear words constantly repeating about how we the Indians and Chinese are Pendatangs and we should go back to our own countries. It’s weird they didn’t feel that way when we contribute our salaries, business etc to the economy nor do they have such sentiments during non-elections. Oh come on, its pretty obvious. You are using race to define the General Election as a way to win. What better way to fuel people’s emotions? Religion of course. Race of course. That’s how you get people to get ticked off, to get angry, to get pissed, to fear the unknown  and to vote in anger and fear.

They don’t care how it goes down. They only care that it does in their way. To fill their pockets with money and power. You think they care about you at all? Think again. Once they are in power, your wants and their promises become a distant memory. So before it become another term of them deciding what happens to you, why not you show them who is in power. Show them that the people matter. Show them that they are working for us like how we work for our companies. They are in power because we wanted them to not because they are god almighty.

So when you place your vote this Sunday.

Think. Think. Think

What do you want for yourself, for your children, for your country?

“Our masters have not heard the people’s voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

Do you want to live in fear? Do you want to live knowing that those who are in power will blackmail you at anytime if you do not sing to their tune?

Let us remind them who is in power. Let us remind them that we are not indeed afraid of them. Any government that will rule regardless of party.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
― Alan MooreV for Vendetta

We need them to realise that so we can truly be free. We need to send a strong message this elections .That the citizens rule. Time and time again we will need to remind them at each elections be it the opposition or the Barisan Nasional.  So break out of your prisons that hold you captive and make an educated choice.

The time is now. Vote wisely.

It’s funny really how things work these days…

I mean you would expect that in a service line, there was actually be service. Heck, it would be a given.

Not something you fall upon by chance but something you would come to expect, after all it is the service line. You would expect the company providing the service and the staff that build and serve it as a support system to actually do the SERVICING bit.

But let’s be practical.
I mean who am I kidding…service?
Not known to most Malaysian companies. There have not the slightest clue on how to operate in a manner that would be expected of them, unless of course there are monetary returns on their part or if it is a temporary condition. Yes, if it is a temporary condition-now, that would not be an issue.

A smile, a polite gesture-yes, that would be easy but expect that long term? A genuine attempt?…let’s just say that it would not be safe to hold your breath.

What is most disappointing about the service line is when it affects one of the most important institutions in the country,heck the world…

Education…an industry that is close to my soul-after all I have been apart of it from the age of 3 (from kindergarten to grad school and now being an educator myself).

You would think as years pass by that the standards would get higher, as improvements are made and people get hold of new technologies. But in fact the lies, the unacceptable services is what you can expect most. But of course at the get go, things will be rainbows and sunshine….and wham the next minute, it’s like something hit you and you have no idea what it was…

Ironic eh?

The sad thing is that service is merely a front-right until they get the cash checked. Then you can forget about the smile, the polite gesture and sadly at times they will forget that you were/are indeed a paying client at one point. It’s awful in education especially because its a hefty investment-we are not talking about a thousand or 10 thousands dollar, but at any given time its easily 30,40, 60 and the numbers keep getting higher.

Service on the other hand is worse than ever. Paying clients have to be at the mercy of these people who are supposedly taking care of them. They are scared to say anything, because well… that’s how they have been brought up and the education system perpetuates that exact teaching- question no one in power.

Simple-rule but of course every now and then there is hope with some who do not play default in that very system…Thank god for small mercies, eh?

Being Malaysian..Asian we are suppose to uphold certain tenets, values that makes us a culturally enriched society. But from what we commonly see on a daily basis, I dare say across the industries- it is more of the same thing. It’s is the perpetuation of unacceptable norms, that over a period of time has become okay.

It’s okay to be a unproductive member of the company, as long as your good at sucking up and covering your tracks. It’s alright to cheat, lie, manipulate as long as profit is the outcome-yes, it doesn’t matter how you got there. It’s okay to behave cowardly and hide behind your student’s skirts, so to speak when things get rough. It’s okay to assume that people are at your mercy, people are born to serve you and people need to take your crap.

But hey, when the unacceptable becomes the norm- you either sit there and take it or you fight it. When you have fought for the long haul and it is the best you can do, then you decide to become one of those robots and surrender to the system or you leave and uphold the principles that make you who you are.

Simply put its choice we make in life. That is the only thing that sets us apart.

What’s your choice????

Apparently common decency and etiquette comes in rare doses especially in the vicinity of Selangor specifically in Subang Jaya. On a daily basis, I travel en route to work using the road that leads to SS15 shop houses that is home to many banks namely RHB, Maybank and Public Bank. Parking is scarce if you at all can find any. So if your working there and have no parking in your workplace try coming before 7.30am in the morning to secure yourself a car park, otherwise it is total madness. As the picture below demonstrates, people just DO NOT CARE. They leave their cars double parked on both sides of the road, not bothered about anyone but themselves;

It annoys the living daylights out of me! The fact that people could not be bothered. This does not only occur around the banks but also at the back closer to SRI KL, whereby parents and restaurant goers at SS15 park their vehicles blocking people constantly. Both my dad and I ran into a similar issue when we went to dine at a restaurant in that area. We had to wait a good 15 minutes while this woman ate her lunch and walked out slowly and apologized. These people do not really care and their apologies do not mean very much. They will sit and watch as you hon or frantically search for the owner of the car while they eat their hearts out because they just could not be bothered. This has to stop!

Where is MPSJ! Why are they allowing these morons to cause jams and more problems! I get stuck in a jam around Taylor’s College at about 3.30pm everyday because the parents refuse to be considerate and park accordingly. They just wait in the middle of the road for their kids. I know you have money but you do not own the road. Many a time I have been tempted to walk out of the car, leave my car there and tell one or two of these parents about decency.

All I am asking for is some common decency and consideration for others besides yourself.

How are you to teach your children if you yourself have no sense!

So in the future before you park, use your brain and learn;n

Never leave your car unattended when you are not in the car and no one else is in it!

Do not double park on both sides of the road, it creates a jam!

Do not park your car in the middle of the road while you wait for your child to walk out slowly(we all have better things to do and some of us have to get to work!).

Simply said: Use Common Decency, it is not hard. It is just a practical thing to do!

I was rather moved by the excellent write up by Dr.Mus on patriotism in Malaysia.Through the written word he singled out various acts of patriotism that clearly displayed acts of love for the country, we call home, despite it being called everything but love for the country.

But can you really blame them?

We are often blinded by the things we do not want to see, acknowledge or believe in. In their case, they do not want to acknowledge that Malaysian despite their color or creed, love their country and care enough to want to see change, to want to question, to want to make it better.

As Dr.Mus explains very eloquently, patriotism comes in many shapes and sizes ..It is most definitely not confined to the 1Malaysia formula that is constantly stuffed down our throats through various mediums. It is bigger than that, it is bigger than all of us.

It not about kawtow-ing to the government and following everything they say.Now, that is not love nor patriotism..that’s obedience or the act of conforming.

I’m talking about that intense desire, care, sense of belonging that makes the best of us still remain in Malaysia when we could have easily migrated.

Many say, if you do not like what you see, why not you just leave! If you do love for your country, I’d say stay and fight to see it better. Isn’t that what you’d do for a person you love?

Voting is also another act of love for the country. Too see it being governed well, for it to be fair, for it to have a chance in the world… I never knew this until most recently..Every vote counts.

“If you don’t start making a change through at least voting, do not sit here and tell me even for a moment that you desire change or that you have love for this country”. Action speak louder than words! “

Someone very wise told me that a couple of years ago when I was doing my research on the blogosphere. I ended up voting because for the first time, cause I knew that the act of voting was an act of love for my country as I wanted to see change. I was not happy with what I saw but does that make me love my country less hell no. Yes, I do possibly on a daily basis criticize a lot of decisions or actions taken by the administration but does that lessen my love for the country? Hell no!

It’s simply because I care enough that I say anything at all! Lest we forget, we are all Malaysians, for better or for worse. I’ll be there. We are not on the opposing side, we are not the enemies, we are just citizens of this beautiful land we call Malaysia!

Read here for Dr.Mus take on “this thing called love for Malaysia” at

P.s: Read this poem below by Rudyard Kipling;

The tumult and the shouting dies;
The Captains and the Kings depart:
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget lest we forget!

Far-called, our navies melt away;
On dune and headland sinks the fire:
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose
Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,
Such boastings as the Gentiles use,
Or lesser breeds without the Law
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget lest we forget!

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In reeking tube and iron shard,
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding, calls not Thee to guard,
For frantic boast and foolish word
Thy mercy on Thy People, Lord!

“Makan, Minum, Tidur Coca-Cola”
The phrase clearly states an absolute obsession over Coca-Cola. Fine by me, catchy and pretty clever as a marketing/advertising strategy there is no doubt about that, after all it is a product. But what would be the case with the latest obsession our dearest government has been infected with…Would it be a marketing strategy? Propaganda? Visionary dream? What would you call it?
I call it the 1Malaysia syndrome. You basically see it everywhere… Let’s just have a breakdown of how 1Malaysia syndrome is seeping into our lives, our workplace, our homes, our schools, our media and the list never ends.

Image 1: 1Malaysia blog by Dato Sri Najib (but of course)

Image 2: 1Malaysia Facebook Group

Image 3: 1Malaysia Booklet

Image 4: 1Malaysia News Item

I need not elaborate further, don’t you think? You get my drift, yeah? Well, it is everywhere. It’s on print (essay competition etc), TV (mystory)…. I almost feel as though this concept has been de-valued or even forced, so common that it bears neither significance nor relevance in this 21st century.
Some might say, hey cher you are such a skeptic but let’s just look at the bare facts. 1Malaysia is sure as hell not a new concept; it’s been recycled over and over again when the nation requires crutches to stay afloat. It’s been used time and time again in different ways; using different names by different people that sit right up there (I ain’t talking about god, that is for sure!).

All of a sudden he becomes a hero because he is all about unity, all about togetherness, all about the coming of all races no matter the color, the culture, the religion and the list goes on. 1Malaysia, who can fault such a noble vision, such a community puller but the question is what is behind 1Malaysia or more like who and why!!

Quoted from the 1Malaysia booklet;
(can be accessed at
“1Malaysia adalah penerusan agenda membina negara”
– In simple words, it means 1 Malaysia is a continuation of an agenda in the direction of developing a nation.
Some of the key words used in this document;
“Penerimaan antara kaum”
-Acceptance among the races-

“Peningkatan ketara sikap toleransi”
-Increase of tolerant attitudes-
“Tiada mana-mana pihak yang akan dipinggirkan”
-No party will be sidelined-
“Sikap sampai lewa dan acuh-tak-acuh tidak boleh wujud….”
-Could not be bothered attitudes should not exist-
“1Malaysia adalah satu transformasi ketara”
– 1 Malaysia is an obvious transformation-

PM Malaysia(current one-2010) says;
“1Malaysia adalah satu gagasan bagi memupuk perpaduan di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum, beteraskan beberapa nilai penting yang seharusnya menjadi amalan setiap rakyat Malaysia”
– 1 Malaysia is a notion to foster unity among Malaysian of varied races based on a few crucial or important values that should be a practice for every single Malaysian-

Like I’ve mentioned before, 1Malaysia is a recycled concept (think Bangsa Malaysia during Mahathir’s time). No issue with that really, good concepts should always be emphasized and fostered but if it is such a great concept why was it not picked up by the nation, by its people? Simple, just one word- “Hypocrisy”
It’s as simple as a father telling his son to quit smoking because it is bad for him and the very next minute lighting up a ciggie right in front of his son and smoke his lungs out. Good for you, bad for me scenario? It’s like what you should do and what the reality really is…

Let me tell you why 1Malaysia will never work;
1. Affirmative action –it is argued that it should remain as we should not questioned the Bumiputera’s right, in fact we should help them but my question is who helps those in need regardless of race? What about those who are in the same boat but just not Bumiputera, do they not matter? (refer to the third keyword phrase above- already people are being sidelined and continue to be)
2. Malaysia’s raced based party system (by this I don’t mean a partay but political party!)- it is argued that there should be an acceptance of all races yet we are founded and continue to grow on a political system that clearly is based on race (think MIC, MCA, UMNO). We still use race cards when elections are near, we still call each other special names that reflect our races, we still call ourselves “Malaysian Indians, Malaysians Chinese etc”.(some might argue, what’s in a name but I argue that it reflects much more than just the name but how we have been brought up to think and feel as Malaysians which is divided!)
3. Perpetuation of the importance of race being individually singled out in official documents or forms- If race does not matter and everyone is accepted, why does race play an important role when applying for a dog license, a job, a scholarship etc? Acceptance of ALL RACES? Think again!
4. Double standards of how race is portrayed attacked and ridiculed on a seasonal basis. There are so many cases in which race is used as political currency or worse still weapon that is often brushed off or ignored. Think Siti Inshah Mansor of Sekolah Menengah Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra racist remarks that went ignored, Awang Selamat on his article “Bisikan from Utusan that was had threatening elements(, Makkal Ossai printing of pictures of Jesus holding a cigarette( and the list goes on…
I could go on but I think the reasons are evident and in your face already…

I have written about the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and lots that relate to 1Malaysia over the years, on numerous occasions;

All I can say is a very wise man once said;
The power entrusted to us is not to be used against others, not to improve our position and not to make us rich. The power is to be used in the interest of the people” – Tun Hussein Onn

Yet here we are almost 50 years later talking about a concept that has been talked about by numerous parties including myself with no real action. We talk and talk and talk but we are still rooted in the same system that imprisons us. We have pillars of the nation that advocate a concept they truly do not believe in, let alone understand. So 1Malaysia? I say start talking action that truly reflects that, I have in a small way, have you? No point plastering adverts after adverts to drill in the concept of 1Malaysia to the public if you guys up there do not understand it beyond superficial notions of 3 main races playing guli together or congkak(only being constantly portrayed through TV/Adverts etc when the reality is far from it)! So is the power being used for the interest of the people? Is that what 1 Malaysia is or merely another political instrument to favor the ones in power?

Who would have thought that Merdeka would indeed be as Spicy as it has become. With the Permatang Pauh Elections which has just subsided and Merdeka just around the corner….we are surely going to have one spicy Merdeka. I’d like to relay a post here which is closer to home of a unique merdeka effort by students..and guess what its all about the SPICE!!!….Students of the Business Executive Club of Segi College Penang have created this masterpiece that I thought is extremely worthy thus I have listed in below together with their write-up ;

Segi’s Uniquely Spicy Merdeka

Penang’s title as the Food Paradise has not gone unnoticed this Merdeka. Recognizing its heritage of great cuisine, the Business Executive Club (BEC) of Segi College Penang has devised a plan to immortalize the pride of the nation, in tribute of the Pearl of the Orient. Merdeka 2008 will embody the exoticness that is Penang through the use of ingredients that makes Penang cuisine hard to resist.

SPICY MERDEKA 2008 launching ceremony will be officiated by Mr.Jeffrey Goh, Principal of Segi College Penang at the lobby of Segi College Penang, Greenhall on the 28th of August at 9.08 am.The masterpiece in making will encapsulate the Malaysian culture that is created not just for Segians or Penangnites but for every single person that calls Malaysia their home.

Through the embodiment of ingredients like spices, herbs, legumes such as dry chili, white sago and yellow lentils (dhal), that are loved by all the different races since the days of our forefathers, the aromatic version of the Malaysian flag will be realized. The process of immortalizing the Stripes of Glory will be done through the use of the mentioned ingredients that represent the four main colors of the flag and will span 14×30 feet encompassing the Segi Colllege Penang lobby.

The Strips of Glory that consists of 14 horizontal red and white stripes equal width, representing the 13 components States and the Federal Government will be symbolize d by the fiery red dry chilies and pure white sago respectively. The canton of dark blue in the upper quarter next to the staff and extending down to the fifth stripe that symbolizes the unity of the people will be aptly represented by the use of sago that will be sprayed blue.

The process of creating the flag will signify the building blocks of unity that has been nurtured over the last 51 years. The union contains a crescent that represents Islam, the official religion of Malaysia. While the 14 points of the star, denote the unity of the 13 states with the Federal Government. The yellow color that signifies the royal color of these items will be denoted through the sweet and nutty yellow lentils/dhal that often accompanies Penangnites breakfast, lunch and dinner at the local mamak stalls.

Merdeka 2008 will not be just another public holiday that is observed by all but as the day each Malaysian recognizes and feels like Anak Bangsa Malaysia as the amazing food culture that is glorified by the Stripes of Glory is portrayed…

Not too long ago, Pak Lah challenged us to go to the ballot boxes. He said if people were not happy there was no need for demonstration etc, they should just say their piece through their rights as voters. I guess he didn’t not expect the outcome would be such a tsunami. He didn’t expect those same words he used would actually be the starting of an avalance of protest through ballot boxes against BN. But the time again and people as he challenged us the ballot boxes to have their say. But is that enough?

Yes, we used our rights as citizen of the country by voting but is that sufficient? For us to vote every 5 years or so and hope all will be well. Some might say well we voted for a different party to rule so that we could give a check and balance. Yes, perhaps so but as concerned citizens that is not enough. It is the beginning, a good start I’d say but not ENOUGH! So what next? We need to make sure there is a check and balance, we need to play our part.  We need to stop talking and start acting. Step 1 down, now for Step 2…

Bangsa Malaysia

A lot of people who voted this time around voted for a better Malaysia. Their votes went beyond racial lines, they did not care what race was running for the post as long as it was not BN. A lot of us including myself went along that approach to give the BN a run for their money so to speak!!! To make sure they perform but we have to go further and that’s where Bangsa Malaysia comes in. An initiative started by a great man, Haris Ibrahim and his people( Tony,SK,Bernard etc) somewhere in August last year.What started off as a simple gathering of like-minded people in KL and then later in Penang has since transformed. It is hoped that through Bangsa Malaysia we Malaysians can participate in the workings of our government and not just watch from the sideliness wondering or feeling as though we are helpless to say or do anything when something is amiss. So this time around we can have a say, we can make things right before rot sets in.

In Penang, a group of us born out of the great idea of Bangsa Malaysia which was held last August had our very first meeting beyond the cyber world. In the last year we have communicated online through our e-mailing group but decided to take it one step further into the psychical realms of things. So today, over lunch at a local mamak 14 of us from various backgrounds got together to embrace the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and revive it for Penangnites in a hope that we could serve…we could contribute our part to society and our country! We discuss on various issues, some which is already on-going through Bangsa Malaysia in KL run by Haris such as Project Irrelevant. While some others will deal with us forming a solid foundation of a group that will seek audience with the state government of Penang to make sure Bangsa Malaysia is implemented at state level and hopefully in time are at the beginning stages of our efforts and it will probably take us some time to reach our goals or objectives set out but we call on concerned Malaysians from which ever background, race, religion to join us in our fight, in our struggle for a better Malaysia. For the battle has just begun…

Check  <“Pg Watch”> for some pictures of the meet !!!

Like I’ve said in a previous posting;

 I see a glimmer of hope…perhaps the concept of Bangsa Malaysia will not be something so difficult to attain or conceptualize for our children. As people now are beginning to realize, it’s not about being any particular race that matters but being Malaysian. Loving the soil you were born on, loving to be a part of this land, apart of this beautiful people and culutre, apart of our world. I’m glad that people have opened their eyes but much work needs to be done just to create the awareness that it does matter, that it does reflect on us and I salute Haris Ibrahim for making this possible…making this happen, it probably won’t happen in a day or two but we can always start small and work from then on…The future of a Bangsa Malaysia is no longer bleak, this General Elections proved that Malaysians can go beyond racial lines..

If you feel the way I do…….then make a change and be a part of Bangsa Malaysia..

A group of us will be meeting again on the last Sunday of the month to discuss further on some issues discussed at our first meet. If you are interested in becoming a part of this “Rakyat”group do not hesitate to email me at and I will get back to you a.s.a.p!!!

Hidup Rakyat!

Penang UMNO has been urging and recommending the federal government to stop proposed mega projects in Penang such as the;

A. second bridge

b. light monorail system 

c. Penang Outer Ring Road

d. Penang Sentral

e. RapidPenang bus service.

State Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said the previous Gerakan-led state government had worked together with the federal government to bring all sorts of development to Penang and since people wanted a change and thought that DAP could do better than they did not need all this development since they voted BN out. As such, all development projects fueled previously would be urged by them to be cancelled.– looks as if they are more worried about their political positions then their own rakyat!!!

Since the people have clearly rejected development and made their choice for a change, we will recommend to the federal government to cancel all such projects. Don’t blame us for this,” he said after a state liaison committee meeting here today. (Umno only won two parliamentary seats and 12 state seats- whose fault is that now? the rakyat?)

When asked whether revenge was on their mind they retaliated and implied that since the rakyat wanted a new leadership his hands were tied. Case of sour grapes perhaps? So I guess this is what we have to look forward to…each time UMNO loses they will either resort to creating ill feelings among the rakyat(there was a demonstration at KOMTAR yesterday) when that doesn’t work they try to claim back “their so call development project which were supposedly their brain child”. Is this what we have to look forward to? Is this who you’d like to vote back in, 5 years from now? A party which blackmails you? Threatens you? Pulls the carpet from off your feet?

I see no point at all of the demonstrations. Why? I believe in freedom of assembly. There should assembly if there feel their rights are alienated or marginalized or even seek audience with the CM….perhaps the latter first. But why I said no point? UMNO Penang were the ones who were demonstrating yesterday for the rights of Malays at KOMTAR but they were the same people saying take all the major projects away- doesn’t that imply let our people suffer for making the choice that they deemed not right?

So what’s the point of demonstration when you yourself have indirectly asked for not only your right but others to be taken away in Penang? So each time things don’t go their way they are going to cut off the rakyat’s benefits? What next?Basic supplies? Water? Electricity? What a joke!

Which makes me think back. UMNO Penang says take the development project away. But whose money is being fueled to run this projects? Not UMNO definitely! Not BN! But every Malaysian….tax payers money. So how dare they use it against the rakyat?

You know when election was around the corner, I had a chat with my grandparents both avid supporters of Barisan. They have always been very secretive about voting but we all knew they voted BN. So we were talking about the elections and BN, Opposition. My grandpa said its BN who has been paying my pension all this years!I scoffed and told him that it was the government at that point entrusted to BN to run ,that was paying your pension. But most importantly it did not come out from the BN pocket but the taxpayers money! I guess previously most Malaysian feel indebted to BN when thats not the actual senario. They are meant to feel grateful for money they earned through hardwork, nothing to do with BN ultimately .The concept of people being upfront and brave towards the government and their policies was alien to them instead there said we should just be content with what we have or it could be taken away.

We should not be afraid of our government. But we always have been. Why? For the simple reason…we are afraid they will take away the little we have. Look at UMNO Penang-thats a great example of what people fear!

But people have to remember the money used for this project is the rakyats! Without the rakyat, there would be no money, no goverment let alone elections. So don’t allow this people to black mail us ever again! Tell them off! To have the audacity to say this…just horrible.

Whoever has the time should read what Zaid Ibrahim of UMNO said concerning all this issues after the elections, read here;

Former Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim has called on politicians – both government and opposition – to stop fueling racial sentiments in the wake of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition’s unprecedented election setback”- Malaysiakini

read here for more on what Zaid had to say

-now that’s a smart UMNO Dude!

another humble and man that is using his brains!!- dude Mr.Koh Tsu Koon

“former chief minister Koh Tsu Koon, who is also the Gerakan’s acting president spoke some sense when he rejected the Umno’s call by saying that those infrastructure projects are crucial for the future economy and quality of life for Penang and its neighboring states.” –Sourced from SK

On an ending note I’m glad to say that the UMNO Penang do not represent the Malays in Penang.Malays here are much smarter than to fall for the political tacticts of UMNO Penang who like someone said cut their nose to spite their face. The Malays know that we are in for the long haul, to help each other regardless of our ethnic background! I’d like to call/ to invite all Malaysians from the Malay, Chinese and Indian, Kadazan etc ethnic group who are interested to join the cause of creating and retaining a Bangsa Malaysia- Penang. A true bangsa Malaysia….to work towards a better state government-first stop Penang…Any takers? Mail me at

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was warned by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to make statements that could stoke racial tensions.  (The Star,Thursday March 13)

Pak Lah I would have expected you to sober up by now, after suffering a huge defeat in the recent elections. After losing the mystical 2/3rds…that had become more of a curse than anything else for the last 50 years. So when former PM, Mahatir said step down…when other quarters said resign….I thought come on, people lose its normal. But people can change, who knows Pak Lah can too. He can make a better Malaysia. After all he did humbly accept his defeat and vouched to serve the people better. But Pak Lah whats with the threats? What’s with the warnings?

Guan Eng the current CM for the coalition won Penang fair and square! He was given the mandate by the people. Every Malaysian be it Malay,Chinese or Indian voted for DAP, PAS and PKR the coalition government in support of their of them and what they stand for. The people have voted. What have you got to say now? Doing with NEP has always been the plan from the start itself. What’s wrong with doing away with NEP? It is in fact a racial policy. Just because people do not take to the streets and kill each other over it doesn’t make the NEP any less racist then it already is. NEP only serves to help select few not all Malays thus it does not fulfill its purpose.

You claim to represent the people Pak Lah but you don’t! You represent yourself! You are a selfish man and I’m glad to say I’ve seen enough of you. The only thing that will cause racial tension is if people like yourself continue to badger on and cause a ruckus when there is not. You do not have to worry about Malays in Penang. As longs as Malays, Indians,Chinese and other races are Malaysian they will be taken under the wing of our coalition government. Those who are poor will be assisted not just because of their race but because they require assistance. Not all Malays are poor..same case with Chinese, Indians and other races. But they are those who are poor regardless of race. Please open your eyes.

Doing away with this policy will only do good because EVERY MALAYSIAN will be at the heart of things, they will be put first priority! So racial tension????? Only tension will be Dealing with people like you that are not willing to accept that with time comes change and with change comes differences…with differences comes a better Malaysia. The question is Pak Lah, do you want to be apart of  a better Malaysia or not?