The Essentials That Make Family Ties Worthwhile

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Freedom of Expression
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This is going to be a short post [yes I do know what that means].

I had major issues the first year I came to live in Kuala Lumpur mixing a little too much with certain quarters. Let’s say it got ugly and leave it at that. But that is not what this post is about, it’s about that gel that holds everything together even though at times, I do feel I should do away with family ties altogether due to the constant drama [yes every family has it I know :P].

What is it that holds everything together? Cousins.





No matter what, no matter when, no matter how- we somehow always ensured that we were OK. We always ensured that our relationship flourished, it grew-regardless. Although I don’t see my cousins much, as much as I would like too, I know deep inside we all know that we can rely on each other when it does matter. I know that I can rely on them, that they won’t let anything affect us being family.


                                If nothing else, I’m blessed to have my cousins.

p.s- to da cousins yg tak der gambar jgn marah yer, tht’s all I could find-most picture ripped off cousin punya FB walls!

  1. Alan Shan. says:

    hey !why no pic of me?

    • cherwith says:

      because we do not even have one picture of us together ever! Coz your busy shooting models or with models 😦 It is either I;m behind the camera or you are behind the camera!

    • cherwith says:

      Tried looking for tht group photo all of us remember during stephen’s wedding,can’t find it…that was an awesome picture of us all!

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