It is a Given for me, should it not be for you too?

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Freedom of Expression
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With all the drama going-on with families these days [mine-included], it makes you kind of wonder about what is really happening around you. It really makes you think of things way ahead of your time. It makes you question, what would you do.

The thing is when such a thing appears to me, be it in my mind, through a conversation or even when I see the realities occurring right in front of me- the answer is always the same and it always will be. There will be no question of economics, comfort, convenience or any such thing because like the post says, it is a given! There should be no question at all.

What am I rambling about? Parents.

As I see my grandparents getting older (hitting their 80s and older) I see all the squabbles, the hesitance of their children in taking care of their own parents and it makes me really sad. I mean imagine years from now, you too will be in that position. I just can’t fathom how anyone can even consider, even for a moment whether they should or should not take care of their parents.

Imagine if your parents thought that about you too. Now that would be real COOL don’t you think. Nah, my daughter is crying too much, my son shits too much…she started writing on the walls again, she keeps asking me questions and bugging me. If our parents threw us out then, we would not be where we are. 

Now, don’t get on your high horse and tell me it is different. Frankly speaking, it is not. When your parents reach that age, they will fall back into that cycle, they will become kids again. The question is will you care for them, as they cared for you?

For me, it is a given. Should it not be for you too?

  1. raven1955 says:

    Well, what goes around comes around. Remember everyone will grow old one day and need someone to take care of them.

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