The Top Ten Things I’d Love to Cultivate

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Inspiration, Life, Love, Malaysia


Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow, today’s post will be on the top 10 things I would like to cultivate from my mum. Some are things that require time and effort, some are things that take years to build, some are things that might never be learned, some are things that comes with time and maturity- but all of these are skills I’d love to have if not today, one day.

So the top 10 are ūüôā Drum roll please!

1. Courage

2. Intelligence

3. Awesome cooking skills- mum says it comes with a lot of practice and passion.

4. Ability to forgive- mum is like a durian [appears to be very hard on the outside but super mushy inside-forgives so easily]

5.  Grounded

6.  Resourceful

7. Persuasive

8. Run a household

9. Tend to a garden

10. Be as close as she is…. to my daughter/son [if lah]

  1. Evylin says:

    You are so sweet. Couldn’t have a better daughter than you..

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