The word itself, fallin’ or proper English falling, brings imagery of fear rather than wholesome goodness, doesn’t it?

When I see the words, fallin’ I imagine the action of being pushed through this supernatural force, with no sense of control whatsoever over the situation ,let alone the frequency nor the impact of such a fall. But the intensity of that sense of no control can be very exhilarating I guess, that’s why we thrive on activities borne out of fear, don’t we.

That explains sports like bungee jumping doesn’t it. I mean why in the hell would you strap yourself to something and volunteer to fall miles and miles upside down only attached by a little spring thingy! Doesn’t make sense does it? But somehow such actions or force give us such pleasure, such exhilaration …..and fallin’ is no different, OR is it?


What is it really? The act of fallin can be so mysterious, its similar to fatal attraction except that, in this sort of  circumstances, it happens and continues to occur, each time with a higher intensity, until you have completely succumb to it, it is a more like a  journey. It certainly does not happen in the course of a day nor a night but how long really is determined by how fast your mind and heart works together to build that emotions brick by brick…not to forget the existence of prior dungeons, like you very own Great Wall of China. I mean if you have a Great Wall of China barrier within your mind and heart, the process of fallin (still happens whether you like it or not) will be a little more complicated as it seeps through, breaking that wall and its many barriers that seeks to keep any foreign agent out.

Why the concept of Fallin’ has come to mind all of a sudden?  Yesterday I visited my kids back at college and there were listening to Backstreet Boys and it just brought back a lot of memories from 97, the time of which life was easy, no complications ….

when life was just as it is, there were no barriers, when people were just people and it did not matter where they did come from…and who you did fall for, was pretty much simplistic.

Yes, you have guessed it- Backstreet Boy’s “As Long as You Love Me”

The lyrics itself;

As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you’re from
Don’t care what you did
As long as you love me

Listening to Backstreet Boys as I was growing up…in my teens I believed every single lyric (pretty standard for a growing up kid I guess). A lot of how and what I thought of life was formed with a little help from my boy band factor. In a way, lyrics like this is pretty direct thoughts on love on a whole. The whole idea that love isn’t based on place, career, job titles, status, ranks,riches was rather appealing to a young kid building her ideals as she went along, hence why a lot of my ideals are to some [not realistic] in this day and age.

Anyway not to stray from the topic of fallin’, let’s revert. Why I mentioned this song? Simple really, when you are fallin’ [my take on it, that is..] isn’t this lyrics pretty much a guidebook to the art of it?

I mean if you are indeed fallin for someone, it should not really matter should it? Any of those ideals should not even take part let alone take center stage? I mean how can you classify it as fallin, if you plan every single moment of it to the execution of that exact moment? If you get what I mean…

Well let me break it down for you. When you fall for someone, it is not supposed to be arranged in a perfect setting, the perfect symmetrical face cut, musical accompaniments among other things. It just suppose to happen each time with a higher intensity then the prior moment, it suppose to be magical not planned. If you are going to choose, dissect and pick, every single moment  to the moment of impact, how the hell is that considered falling?

To me its pretty arranged, possibly for glamorous purposes the tag, fallin is added.

You don’t choose who you fall for …I kid you not. It just happens, out of your control and that is what makes it so powerful and magical.

I hope for the lot of you that have not yet experienced it just yet….that when it does, you allow it to happen. When, how, why are questions that I can’t answer nor will you. When you fall, it will just happen, not something you can anticipate, but if you do and when you do, trust me the feeling is earth-shaking and if you let it work the way it should, it can be one of the most fulfilling journeys of your entire life.

I’m not saying that it going to lead to marriage and babies but what I can say is that it allows you the privilege to experience something truly magical, for most people,they only allow it to happen to them once because it basically about letting everything go, with no questions ask, most of us only manage to do that successfully once in our lives.

~ perhaps in part 2 we will explore the journey itself 😛 from my lenses.

  1. sabrina says:

    You know despite the fact that life was probably more carefree back then, i wouldn’t want to go back to that at all!!! I love the fact that i am so much older and wiser now and able to handle situations better. When i think of all the ridiculous things i did back then i literally cringe! LOL!

    • cherwith says:

      True true but that the thing dulu kita innocent, would never think of the worst only the best, hence why its so awesome hahaha, now of course we are wiser and can jaga ourselves but dulu, we can jst enjoy the moment without a doubt…in m ind

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