Dear God

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Freedom of Expression


Dear God,

You know I’m not exactly the most patient person ever. Ok, fine..I don’t have even an ounce of the patient(patience:P) genes, if there was any given to us that is…

I’d like to ask your favor this time around.. to just know help me with this little problem I have of wanting what I want when I want. In other words, like NOW.


I need to have more patience. Teaching has given me that but it only works on extreme situations and in class. Proof?

Well, god…

 I haven’t pshycially hurt anyone in class or slapped them yet, have I ? 🙂

So god, could you please teach me how to be patient?

How to be calm and collected?

Even when I do have moments of being calm, collected and patience(yeah even that!) at times, it goes as fast as it arrived…

So God,

Please forgive all my tresspasses, all my nonsense, all my absoulete ignorance that has put me here in the first place and please teach me how to be patient.

How to wait patiently for things that are good…how to patiently enjoy moments that come with it and savor each and everything in its path.

How to understand that each person has a different pace and they don’t necessarily have to dance to my tune, all the time!and not to mention,how to resist the urge the force them to comply or perish in the process of being apart of my life..

Could you do that for me God?  Could you? Please?

Written 6 months ago-


Would like to thank god for giving me that patience that I craved, truly blessed and loved.


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