Where have all the men’s men gone?

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Changes, Inspiration, Malaysia, Past Experiences, Personal ramblings, Society
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You know in the past, it would be a common thing to see a man sitting down after a long day of work, reading his newspaper while his wife brings him coffee. But of course, he would be that same man who would fix the light bulb, chase the mice as his significant other screams at the sight of it, take the car for service, pay the bills among other common things you would expect a man to do (but then again, is it really a common thing expected anymore?).

He would be the one, who you could rely on to BE A MAN. You know the whole protect you if things go haywire, defend , you from other people. Simple gentleman sorta thing like opening car doors, giving you a peck on the cheek (subtle but intimate), walking you to your car/door after a date. But most importantly, the one you feel the safest with, someone who makes you feel secure- that feeling that makes you feel that you can do anything in their presence and not have to worry, even for a minute.

But the question is where have all the men’s men gone? You know the real men….

Most of them can’t even fix a light bulb, they run at the sight of mice and hide behind the women. Worst still are the ones who can’t do anything that remotely signifies the whole I AM MAN but with the whole I AM MAN ego intact, those are the worst kinds.  The ones who you feel, you need to protect. You need to support and tell them over and over again that it is okay.

I know most men will now say, hey woman…the women these days are similar-most can’t cook to save their lives nor maintain a household. Right you are!

I have no disagreements on that note, except to say I ain’t like that 🙂

This post is in no account trying to dis men in general but rather just an outcry, perhaps like a tiny scream within wondering where are the men’s men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I realize the very few men who are….live in my father’s generation or are unattainable.

Perhaps I’m living in the wrong era.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

  1. aaron says:

    *I AM MAN (not MEN) – sorry i had to there.
    On another note, the gender roles you mentioned above do more to restrict the sexes than help them. Supposed, the man in the relationship dies, does the wife then just move on to the next man if she needs a light bulb change? Likewise, the men too should learn how to cook; with independent people, who think for themselves, the world might just become a better place.

    • cherwith says:

      Thanks, didn’t realize that mistake. Anyway what I mean is not that the women can’t change a light bulb or anything like that…Nothing to do with that, I’m just saying that A MAN..is not A MAN anymore, they don’t do the so call pre-defined roles of a man nor do they do anything else at all.

      If they can’t change light bulbs for instance, if they can do something else..it is fine..I’m saying that is not the case.. But that is just an example…. It goes way beyond simple things like changing a light bulb and extends to caring for the family, supporting them, giving them a sense of security among other things…

      So you see my dear, it extends far beyond. The roles have definitely evolved to a certain extent but the question here really is what are we changing to..both the women and men.. Cause if it is indeed merely about a light bulb….hahaa…look at the bigger picture please 🙂

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