Can they only speak…do they not hear?

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Freedom of Expression
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Your cheating heart..will make you weep..

You’ll cry and cry….

Until you sleep..

But sleep won’t come…the whole night through…

Your cheating heart, will tell on you

Somehow, don’t ask me why,but this song keeps playing over and over in my head. I remember this dude who lived in my grandpa’s house, Austin. He had the most amazing, deep, husky voice that could just blow you away and it was one of the first songs he taught me within that short time that he was around.

Of course being barely 12 years of age… I hardly ever thought of this song at all…like really understand the lyrics. I mean somehow when your younger you don’t get the nitty gritty, for most that continues to adulthood, hence why you see fun, happy tunes that don’t make any sense hitting it big in the charts!

Anyway I have always been on the receiving end, often swallowing bitters pill of deceit and betrayal and have always wondered….

Do they really regret it? Do they really suffer? Do they even care?

Can they only speak, do they not hear?

What do you think?


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