Rebel With A Cause

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Changes, Education, Inspiration, Past Experiences, Personal ramblings, WORK
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The title itself of this post, rings close to home. Anyone …especially those who have known me from school days, will understand why my blog title reads…. “Rebel With A Cause”..

From school days, I’ve always been known as the rebel. I was always the one to not only ask, demand and get what I think is right from the get go. I’ve always asked why and I always stood up for what I thought was right at any given point, even since primary school.

Of course being so young, my bold and direct approach was not always taken kindly, earning me the reputation of the troublemaker.
Now that I’m older, has much changed? Perhaps not.

In some circles, I’m still known as the trouble maker (especially in the office among the management staff-I’m sure of that!). Well in an industry like mine, I’m considered pretty young hence again the young complex…so I should not be so bold nor say what I think is right, no no no….

But I am such…I will not accept things just as it is, I will question you till you turn blue… if you do not have your facts right. I have no fear of superiors or influential people if they are wrong in my eyes (can be a bad thing, trust me:)..the list goes on…

I guess I should thank my parents for that, although some might find that it is a value that a woman should not really uphold to that sort of level (as it creates two folds sometimes three folds of issues that keep coming).

Of course as I get older, the rebel part of me has changed in many ways and the issues I fight for differs…When I was younger it was concerning issues that affected me directly and as I get older it concerns the people around me…

My kids (no not my biological ones) know for a fact that they can come to me, at any given time with an issue and if they have solid reasons or facts to back their claims, I will defend them, even if it makes the management frown. Making me not so popular with the management that has had severe blows to my career. despite my credentials of being highly educated, passionate, pro-active, a problem-solver and good with the kids.

But like I’ve said many a time, we make our choices 🙂

For the longest time (the last 6 years-yet it seems so long), almost most of my career I have been an educator and if I can say, a damn good one. I teach with passion, I go the extra mile for the student and my relationship with them goes far beyond the classic classroom teacher-student, as I know them as, not only students but individuals in their own right.

In this last 6 years, despite it all, I’ve been the rebel in college many a time when I bring up issues that affect my students and their education. Trust me, when you try to do the right thing people will come after you, I had a knife so close to my back for the last 2 years, it was hard to breathe, yet I continued on and did the best I could,for as long as I felt the cause was worthy.

That time has passed though and like every rebel with a cause, it’s time for this rebel to have her own cause….this time around I’m doing something for myself. My students might find it hard to see me in any other role, trust me it was hard in the beginning, to imagine myself doing anything else.

I love education, I love educating but mostly I LOVE my students …and when I can make a difference in their life, even in the slightest, smallest portion…… makes my day. I will continue to love what I love but not at the expense of having to lie or cheat, hence my decision to have my own cause, a cause that might not be as potent as my other causes previously, but just as important perhaps to my development as an individual.

I will come back one day and return to my passion of educating in colleges or universities but for now the educating will take place via something much more calm, peaceful, soul soothing….for a change, my hands will do the talking (god knows, my mouth needs a break :).

So do visit me in my new venture, support me if you can (

I know it’s something new and perhaps something you would have never imagined me doing,but all you need to do is look at me, to know, that this is good for me. It’s super good( god you should look at my skin now!) and if you could see my soul, I would tell you it’s doing the LAMBADA 🙂

I’m happy and I hope all of you are too 🙂

So for now, the rebel’s cause will be soul soothing 🙂 It’s funny eh, from a rebel who used to be called Baasha to one who practices calming, soothing energy for the soul. My my how we change…

  1. mer says:

    been a long since the last time i blogwalked. the education world is lucky to have you. most educators all over the world have become complacent, more likely conform to what is ‘normal’ rather than stand out for truth and justice. it’s refreshing to know that there’re still rebels among us 🙂

    p.s. how’s the thesis going?

    • cherwith says:

      Hey mer thanks for the kind words:) thesis well I’m finally paying more Attention to it, my job previously did not give me much time.done my proposal waiting to present soon:) read your work on the Internet in Indonesia and activism good stuff using it as a base for my thesis 🙂

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