When unacceptable becomes the norm…

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Bangsa Malaysia, Education

It’s funny really how things work these days…

I mean you would expect that in a service line, there was actually be service. Heck, it would be a given.

Not something you fall upon by chance but something you would come to expect, after all it is the service line. You would expect the company providing the service and the staff that build and serve it as a support system to actually do the SERVICING bit.

But let’s be practical.
I mean who am I kidding…service?
Not known to most Malaysian companies. There have not the slightest clue on how to operate in a manner that would be expected of them, unless of course there are monetary returns on their part or if it is a temporary condition. Yes, if it is a temporary condition-now, that would not be an issue.

A smile, a polite gesture-yes, that would be easy but expect that long term? A genuine attempt?…let’s just say that it would not be safe to hold your breath.

What is most disappointing about the service line is when it affects one of the most important institutions in the country,heck the world…

Education…an industry that is close to my soul-after all I have been apart of it from the age of 3 (from kindergarten to grad school and now being an educator myself).

You would think as years pass by that the standards would get higher, as improvements are made and people get hold of new technologies. But in fact the lies, the unacceptable services is what you can expect ..at most. But of course at the get go, things will be rainbows and sunshine….and wham the next minute, it’s like something hit you and you have no idea what it was…

Ironic eh?

The sad thing is that service is merely a front-right until they get the cash checked. Then you can forget about the smile, the polite gesture and sadly at times they will forget that you were/are indeed a paying client at one point. It’s awful in education especially because its a hefty investment-we are not talking about a thousand or 10 thousands dollar, but at any given time its easily 30,40, 60 and the numbers keep getting higher.

Service on the other hand is worse than ever. Paying clients have to be at the mercy of these people who are supposedly taking care of them. They are scared to say anything, because well… that’s how they have been brought up and the education system perpetuates that exact teaching- question no one in power.

Simple-rule but of course every now and then there is hope with some who do not play default in that very system…Thank god for small mercies, eh?

Being Malaysian..Asian we are suppose to uphold certain tenets, values that makes us a culturally enriched society. But from what we commonly see on a daily basis, I dare say across the industries- it is more of the same thing. It’s is the perpetuation of unacceptable norms, that over a period of time has become okay.

It’s okay to be a unproductive member of the company, as long as your good at sucking up and covering your tracks. It’s alright to cheat, lie, manipulate as long as profit is the outcome-yes, it doesn’t matter how you got there. It’s okay to behave cowardly and hide behind your student’s skirts, so to speak when things get rough. It’s okay to assume that people are at your mercy, people are born to serve you and people need to take your crap.

But hey, when the unacceptable becomes the norm- you either sit there and take it or you fight it. When you have fought for the long haul and it is the best you can do, then you decide to become one of those robots and surrender to the system or you leave and uphold the principles that make you who you are.

Simply put its choice we make in life. That is the only thing that sets us apart.

What’s your choice????


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