How [Me.Me.Me] is Killing Our Morality

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Freedom of Speech, Justice, Society


Well that’s what our society is all about these days. Isn’t it?

Should I go for that event? Why should I? Do I get something from it?

I want you to do this activity for class. Do I get marks for it? Or if I don’t will you deduct my marks?

A person is in need, she fell down. Why should I help I don’t know her?

Someone is struggling to cross the road. Why should I care she ain’t my mother…

The list goes on.. These days, society is about ME.ME.ME. What is IT in IT for ME? Am I getting anything out of it? Is there money? Is there rewards? How about doing it just because? Hell, no how is that possible? How about doing it because of humanity? What’s that you might ask…

This recent incident in China, just alerts us to the dangers of becoming nothing but a ME. A single entity living in the world for themselves and no one else. Who cares not for others but of their own welfare. Nothing wrong with caring about yourself, providing you do not lose your sense of morality.

How can a person see a child being run-over, over and over again and just pretend that they can’t see/can’t feel/can’t hurt? Just because they fear that they might have to pay a fine? So a child’s life is less important? A fine is something to be worried about more than someone’s life? Come on. Where is our sense of morality?

Where is our conscience? Where is our heart? How would you feel if someone treated your child in that way? How would you feel if it was your sister? Your mother? How can you not feel? Are you not human?

Regardless of how good deeds can be misintrepreted..does this mean an end to all good deeds? Because of one particular case? Because of one bad judgement by a judge in China? Because of some moronic idiot/liars who try to live off your good deed?

The question is where does it end? First we might start with not helping a child that is being run-over? Next- we might turn a blind eye to a woman being raped and god forbid someone being stabbed/burned and other unimaginable things. Just because we can.

There is a fine line between beisane and insane. Have we all lost our marbles? Is this how we want to be remembered? How we want to live our lives? What we want to teach our children?

I already see it in some of my kids. I do not blame them cause they do not know any better. Untill you reveal the consequences of each action they take or make, only then do they realize how big or how impactful each action really is….

But we as adults, do not instill proper values, basic humanity..what have we become or worse still what are we becoming?

How are we any different from animals? God gaves us something he gave no other species. The question is why do we continue to fail him and ourselves by living life like zombies.

Like I always tell my students, in life there needs to be purpose. Everything that you do has to have a purpose…even a single action. There must be meaning to everything that you touch, see, feel…experience. You must feel. You must hurt. You must view the world with open eyes, you must feel the world’s joy, hurt, pain. Everything.. only then can you be truly alive, truly human.

If we fail to do so and continue to indulge in ME.ME.ME then we have failed as a society a human being ….we have indeed killed morality.

  1. sabrina says:

    Ooooo i love love love the new look babes. Very cool. Funky!

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