Inefficiency At Its Worst: When Death Comes Calling Avoid Universiti Hospital at All Cost

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Discrimination, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, Justice, Society

Next time death comes calling, pray very hard that your loved one does not intend to send you to Universiti Hospital because that would probably be the last time you see anyone or anything in your life.

This occurrences is not merely coincidental. Not one or two people have experience inefficiency at its worst here but many. I myself one two different instances, years apart have experienced crappy service.

Unlike any other industry, inefficiency of staff be it nurses or doctors can result not only in losses in monetary losses but death. So it is no laughing matter.

When my seeya(grandpa) was rushed to the hospital after he had a fall, he was left to bleed. No one attended to him at all and my auntie who is a doctor had to rush to the hospital and stitch him up. Only to be charged for it later, not only is that absurd but irresponsible. My late grandpa was in his 70s then.

Years later, my achie (grandma) was admitted to Universiti Hospital due to heart failure. She was admitted at approximately 11am and till 1.30 pm no one doctor attended to her as no doctors were on a duty apparently which I believe is BULLSHIT. Once he does decide to attend to her, the doctor ask all her family members to leave the room as he questions her. You have to understand my grandma is in her 80s and is having dementia, she does not remember things very clearly-fighting with her is to no avail. Smart thing to do would be to ask her family, but does he? No…the smart doctor fights with this 80 year old woman. I mean how stupid can you get? I think this doctor need to attend finishing school more like it!

How can a hospital run without doctors? So when its a holiday people can be left to die?That is ridiculous. To make matters worse, she is then prescribed a medication which sadly the pharmacy can’t provide because its half day-on a freaking Monday in a freaking hospital. It is closed! Can you believe that?

So my 56 year old father has to drive around KL looking for the medicine which happens to be a controlled medication. All this while my grandma remains in the hospital without the necessary medication for heart failure. Someone suggested that we send her to the private wing because they take care of you better. So what happens if you do not have money? You are left to die? So is that the state of our medicine today?

The best thing is after this huge charade they will charge you a hefty bill for basically doing nothing! What is the point of doctors and hospitals then?

I’m appalled by Universiti Hospital. I vow never to return.

CURRENT UPDATE: She has no bed yet and has been at UH since 11 this morning. Lack of beds.

  1. Tim says:

    well this is a sad story but i would like to point out that it is the same practice all the Globe. I all countries i have been to, similar occurrences do happen all the time. I believe having a personal doctor of advanced age is the only solution.

    • cherwith says:

      is it really? that is sad. But, not everyone has the buying power to have their own personal doctor. So what happens to those who do not have money? It is ok for them to die? It’s really sad. Especially when people die not because they have to but because people are inefficiency or just don’t care.

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