Lovey Dovey Couples? Call Malaysia, we have Watchdogs for Valentines.

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Freedom of Expression

You got to be freaking kidding me…
“Malaysian States Crack Down on Valentine’s Day”, moral amour they called it! What rubbish!

What utter rubbish….what’s next police to guard people’s houses to see if they are fornicating? I mean where do you draw the line? How can you even consider searches by local authorities and police force in a bid to find those who celebrate Valentine’s in a manner that does not please these people?

Oh, common!
They can’t get such manpower to combat the increasing number of snatch thiefs that are starting to claim the lives of our citizens but they can round up people to be sex and affection radars to circle towns in a search to find those who do not fit their ideals. Seriously, they want to talk about morality?

If morality was such a concern why not frequent clubs and prosititution dens that are a dime a dozen all around Malaysia? Are you saying Muslims do not frequent such joints? Why Valentines? Are you saying fornication does not occur on other days of the month?

Why pick on a western date and celebration? Why?

Yes, I do not think Valentine’s Day brings greatness but it does give a day for people to appreciate their loved ones whether they are from the opposite sex or not…I do not agree on all this commercialization but if people want to buy and spend all their cash on flowers and chocolate. have sex..whatever…I could not be bothered..each to its own. They are after all adults.

Look here for some ridiculous quotes;

“We have identified spots in these states which are used by lovers and we are deploying local religious department officials as well as party members to stop such sinful acts as casual sex, which violates Islam,” Nasrudin told the AFP

Í really do not know where to put my face. Crappy solutions to problem stemming from other issues. Outrageous band-it solutions that work only to enhanced their egos. Defaming other people’s culture and religion in an attempt to defend your own. I’m embarassed to be a Malaysian today. To say I know this people who talk shit….

What next?

Sometime it is as though Malaysians all came from that big bird that drops off babies (i can’t think of the name, I’m so pissed). It a whole wholier than thou attitude! Like Malaysian all fell from the sky …just born into this world.

Read here for more dirt on this issue;

Also a video on how this religious person defames another’s religion and culture;’s-day/

  1. iarrod says:

    nonsense la~~ oh…i do remember from somewhere that our dear current PM wants to make our country a night hub for entertainment?

    uh..hello? night hub? entertainment? …that spells booze and prostitution… so uh…where’s the morality in that? oh.. maybe it’s moral because it’s under the business category??

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