San Min Su Wa Teluk Intan: Nurturing or Numbing Young Minds?

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Discrimination, Education, Freedom of Expression, Justice, Malaysia

Teluk Intan or known to the old timers as Teluk Mak Intan or Teluk Anson, is a small town located in the town of Perak.

This quaint town has grown from days of small roads and 1 fast food restaurant and a small mall to a 2-3 way roads (bigger than you can imagine) for a small town gal anyways! Now, the town even has a Mc Donalds drive-thru and our very own Giant. To the many who know me online, I’m an original Penangnite but truth be told I am a small town gal from Teluk Intan, Perak.

I’ve not ever mentioned this little town that I hail from but today, I find that it requires saving, it requires a spot on my blog, it requires highlighting matters that should not be overlooked ,just because it is a small town. Very aptly, the issue at hand leans very close to my passion, the field of education.

San Min Su Wa is a Chinese private school funded by the public through donations (they collect up to RM240k at one given time to fund the school). It is located at Jalan Sg Nibong, 36000 Teluk Intan. It is well equipped with computer and projectors. Hell, they even have a multimedia room. They are very big on extra-curriculum activities like singing, dancing and constantly entering competitions. Academically, the kids do not fair too well but often the majority of them pass (according to inside sources: they are “passed” if you get what I mean). I was told that the kids here are “skilled in English”. They can barely speak a sentence in English and we are talking about 16, 17 year old (but they can differentiate a verb, a clause and other parts of english! What’s the blady point if you can’t speak a word of English!). Guess what, these are the same students who come to me a couple of years later at college level and torture the living day light out of me. God, help me!

Most of the kids are fairly rich and have serious attitude problems. They are all mostly daughters and son’s of local businessman in town and most, show no regard to studies, as they feel they can always fall back on their parent’s businesses. Even their English teachers can barely carry the language well, to make matters worse they translate English words they teach to Mandarin (how does that help in any way? I have no idea). For those who might say, eh it’s hard to teach kids who can barely understand English, so translation is the way to go. I refuse to believe that as I encounter the same problem and my kids improve drastically after being exposed to methods of Ms.C and these are the same breed of UEC kids. If they show me attitude and if do not put effort, I fail them.

A local source tells me that educators are often made to pass students who do not deserve to pass (this also happens in local colleges that are not monitored well, I’ve seen it happen before, thank god my college has pre-boards for examination regulation).

his continues to occur in schools and colleges, when will it stop? To make matters worst, the management treats the educators in a very shameful manner, that “pisses the shit outta me”. An inside source tells me of the occurrences of the following incidence;

1.Teacher’s salary for the month of December has not been given to the teachers because of fear that they will resign at year end so the salary will only be given to teachers the
following year, towards the end of January. ( To my knowledge: People depend on their salaries on a monthly basis to pay bills at the right time and of course eat! It is their “rice bowl”
or periuk nasi”. I’m single and if I were to get my pay late I’d suffer, so I pity those teacher’s with families. It is year end furthermore,people have to pay for school uniforms,
stationery etc.
2. They have a steady input of part-timers that teach specific subjects. These teachers have been teaching for sometime at the school and have been paid on a monthly basis whether
there is classes or not. All of a sudden, there start cutting teacher’s salary into half as school holidays are approaching without giving further notice.
What do teachers who depend on the salary do when half their pay has been taken from them? Also they leave out teacher’s from the schedule and do not inform the part-timers that
they are no longer necessary. This is a plain injustice.Again, what do the teachers do? Have they, no courtesy? What about people who depend on it for a living!

It saddens me that this is the state of our education. This school is a perfect example of a mill that is churning out robots, who leave the school with minimal knowledge and impact. We are supposed to nurture the kids not numb their minds. Educators are treated like crap which is yet another sad revelation of what happens in this small quaint town.

Some might say this happens in all schools or colleges, so why this one. Firstly, I have an inside source to this particular one, to prove what occurs behind the doors! The rest (about other institutions) is based on speculation rather than evidence, so I can’t name specifics. Here, I can.

San Min Su Wa better buck up and hold up the integrity of its school as an education pillar of this town. I will not rest if nothing is done till words gets out about what happens in this schools especially if it does not improve in the near future. My question here is, what sort of governance is occurring if education becomes yet another shopping mall churning out certs/degrees and what nots to the non-deserving and treating their staff like pieces of crap. How are we to sustain the countries developments if this is the quality of graduates and teachers? How are we to turn a blind eye to the injustice occurring to this small town teachers! I can’t..can you?

Website: (Fully in Chinese, you’d think your in China!)

Facebook Page of the school:


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