Moronic Bank Goers at SS15

Posted: November 25, 2010 in amusement, Bangsa Malaysia, Education, Society

Apparently common decency and etiquette comes in rare doses especially in the vicinity of Selangor specifically in Subang Jaya. On a daily basis, I travel en route to work using the road that leads to SS15 shop houses that is home to many banks namely RHB, Maybank and Public Bank. Parking is scarce if you at all can find any. So if your working there and have no parking in your workplace try coming before 7.30am in the morning to secure yourself a car park, otherwise it is total madness. As the picture below demonstrates, people just DO NOT CARE. They leave their cars double parked on both sides of the road, not bothered about anyone but themselves;

It annoys the living daylights out of me! The fact that people could not be bothered. This does not only occur around the banks but also at the back closer to SRI KL, whereby parents and restaurant goers at SS15 park their vehicles blocking people constantly. Both my dad and I ran into a similar issue when we went to dine at a restaurant in that area. We had to wait a good 15 minutes while this woman ate her lunch and walked out slowly and apologized. These people do not really care and their apologies do not mean very much. They will sit and watch as you hon or frantically search for the owner of the car while they eat their hearts out because they just could not be bothered. This has to stop!

Where is MPSJ! Why are they allowing these morons to cause jams and more problems! I get stuck in a jam around Taylor’s College at about 3.30pm everyday because the parents refuse to be considerate and park accordingly. They just wait in the middle of the road for their kids. I know you have money but you do not own the road. Many a time I have been tempted to walk out of the car, leave my car there and tell one or two of these parents about decency.

All I am asking for is some common decency and consideration for others besides yourself.

How are you to teach your children if you yourself have no sense!

So in the future before you park, use your brain and learn;n

Never leave your car unattended when you are not in the car and no one else is in it!

Do not double park on both sides of the road, it creates a jam!

Do not park your car in the middle of the road while you wait for your child to walk out slowly(we all have better things to do and some of us have to get to work!).

Simply said: Use Common Decency, it is not hard. It is just a practical thing to do!

  1. sriyany says:

    Oooo I can relate especially to Taipan’s bank goers! You can literally just leave your car in the jam, go do your thing and after 5 minutes the line cars still won’t be moving!

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