Limited Pork Consumption: A Sign of Times to Come?

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

Pork! Pork! Pork!

You think if I say it a hundred times, the stigma of pork would erase it self among the community? It is after all a type of meat.

I grew up in a small town and I attended Sekolah Kebangsaan of which I was the only Indian at one point. All my other classmates were Malay. I was barely 12. Even then we talked about religion and even pork, there was never an issue.

And then….came high school. All of a sudden mentioned pork or the love of pork is somewhat taboo among  Malay friends. In fact should you consume the meat, you have to be sorry about it. But I always wondered how come the same sort of courtesy (I’ll call it that for now) did not extend itself when other types of meats are consumed for example Beef (Hindu devotees considered cows as sacred hence they do not consume the meat as explained below).

“Symbolically, cow represents the qualities of earth – ever giving,
ever nourishing. The Hindu reveres all animals and the cow is revered as
representative of all animals and many other animals are revered as
carriers (Vaahanas) for the demi-Gods.”

(Ref: Dancing with Siva, By Sivay Subramuniya Swami, Himalayan Publication,3rd ed, 1993, p.193)

At times, the hypocrisy is unbearable especially when it comes to festive seasons where cows are slaughtered for korban very publicly (recall the mass slaughter at the Parliament grounds somewhere in 2007). What happen to courtesy then? Especially when it is done so publicly. I just do not understand why that only in Malaysia we have these double standards!

I respect the fact that Muslims do not consume pork as how some Hindus don’t either. Or the fact that Hindus do not consume beef.

But to expect or to limit where pork is consumed? I take you all have heard about the little boy who got canned for bringing non-halal food to school( Read the borneo post for the why’s:

What I’m really curious about is who checked to see the tiny pieces of pork in his fried rice and identified it as pork firstly? Do we have a pork police in schools these days?

Apparently the issue was not with the consumption of pork by a non-Muslim but became an issue because the boy’s identity was questioned. He was deemed Muslim hence he was canned for consuming pork. Simple!

But come on, you got to be kidding me!  Do we now have spies in schools to detect among the Muslims and non-Muslims too? All these in the background of our so call 1 Malaysia…

Does this signal the start of our religious beliefs becoming a political issue….Rather trivial don’t you agree?

The funniest thing of all is that the Deputy Education Minister apparently wants the parents to assist with the investigation as the reason for canning the boy is not about the consumption of pork but cause they thought he was Muslim. Now apparently an investigation is on-going on the validity of the father’s claim of himself being non-Muslim (See: Clara Chooi, The Malaysian Insider for more information on this issue).

Personally, I feel this issue is just blown out of proportion. The school authorities had no right to check a student’s food. I mean what were they looking for in the first place?

Like I’ve said many a time, it’s a wonder crime keeps increasing and criminals keep getting their way. We are so busy policing what food our students bring to school and what religion these kids are…and we have the nerve to claim to be 1Malaysia.  God help us all out of this hypocrisy for I can not take it no more!

Another day in Malaysia, where a poor boy is canned all in the name of politics. The poor boy must be traumatized!





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