Point and Shoot: Aren’t all our Dogs at Risk?

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

Ahh let’s just point and shoot, after all it is just dogs. Who cares right?


I never really understood what gave any human being the right to hunt down a dog and shoot it mercilessly just because it lacked a good home. What right does any local council have to shoot these dogs in such an unkind manner with blood splattered as the doggies remains are dragged leaving behind nothing but the ugliness of what has just transpired on that fateful day.

What is the point of pounds then? Is this a point and shoot game? Sometime back, people were suggesting that normal citizens become bearer of such awful activity when they proposed a catching strays competition (THINK Selayang!).

Of course there was an uproar then and there is still and uproar now!

Dogs are such loyal and faithful companions. Yes from time to time they annoy the crap out of the neighbors and in fact annoy their own owners when they nibble their favorite shoes, bite the pegs and pee on their cars. But after being scolded and sometime even reprimanded for their bad behavior, these are the same loyal creatures that come back to you without even thinking twice when you call them, these are the same creatures that love you unconditionally, that protect you from all harm, that keeps the neighborhood safe when the police can’t! How are we different from animals with our savage behavior of killing this innocent animals just because we can?

What sort of rules allows of dogs to be shoot and mercilessly killed? Today an elderly woman loses her therapy dog to such an act. Tomorrow it will be your turn. If we do not stand up and make a stand and tell them that enough is enough, it will never end. Today it will be dogs, tomorrow…….?

No matter what god we pray to, no God teaches us to be unkind and inhumane so placing God as an excuse for this horrid behavior is unexcused-able.

Yes the stray issue is a problem. But why only pick on dogs? Are there no stray cats? Why the discrimination and the different rules applied for different animals? If strays are indeed an issue why not find a better solution rather than shooting their brains out!

My dogs are my children, my family. If anyone, if any council were to harm my dogs, I would drag them to ends of the world to get my justice. God know how many more dogs have been sacrificed due to the heartless minds and hearts of these people that claim to be officers of the government. With, without licenses…has no bearing anymore, just looks like another way to control and earn more money rather than serve as a practical solution on issues that involve these animals. Again I do not see cats having licenses.

These dog-shooting rules should be immediately abolished. This is not the first case of dog cruelty or inhumane activities. Years back, my grand-uncle lost two of his dogs (who were beaten up by TNB guys who came to check the meter because they barked and tried to enter the house while he was not at home). The dogs were badly beaten and left for the dead. He has no wife or children, these dogs were his life. What right did they have to enter his house and hurt his animals!

People be it governmental or not should not be allowed to treat animals in such a manner. They should be punished severely and not get off the hook that easily by saying it is just a mistake. Some countries give very heavy punishments to such crimes but we…what do we do? We sit quiet and allow it to happen over and over again!

How would you like if they SHOT your kid accidentally? Would you say ahh neverminD? Dogs or not…a life is a life!

Stop the Shooting NOW stray or not! Perhaps try catching the snatch thief that robs the lives of our population on a daily basis, now that could be helpful!

For more information on the issue;

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