‘Bloody In-Pockets Relationships and Somemore

Posted: November 9, 2010 in amusement, Personal ramblings

Bloody In-Pocket relationships?> What the hell is Cher crapping about now you might wonder? Well, it is rather simple really. In-pocket relationships occur when you spend a huge amount of time with someone on a constant basis and bloody in this case refers to bloody ties (ada ikatan darah or those you have blood ties with). In my books anyways!

This is when you spend most of your time sms-ing the person, calling them every other time of the day, meeting them for one meal or another, chilling at each other’s place if you don’t already live with them, doing favors for them at a drop of a pin, doing every other thing together (going to the vet, mamak-ing, cooking, eating, movies etc). The list goes on and on.

I think I’ve never really had In-Pocket Relationships especially bloody ones with anyone from the FAMILY as I always lived very far away (now I’ll call that a safe distance). But the moment I stepped foot in Selangor, all that changed. Bloody In-pocket relationships were now possible, in fact achievable (not that I craved for it) but I was always reminded about how I missed most family gathering etc and how I was missing on life being so far away (Where that came from I have no idea, this is what I call a myth).

So here comes Cher walking right into the trap of Bloody In-Pockets relationships with no point of return. B-IP relationships are very exhilarating as it is constant and your constantly running and trying to push forward. It makes you busy at all times, makes you used limited memory and access on specific areas of the brain after all it is routine, for crying out loud!

Most importantly, it puts you in what I’d call as comfort zone of which you begin to rely on the said person. Most IP relationship occur between males and females at varied ages that often end up in long courtships or marriage.

Bloody IP relationships usually occurs among sisters, brothers, cousins etc and can seems very promising. Unlike IP relationship that can end at anytime, Bloody IP relationship are forever like a diamond. There is no such thing as a break-up, after all your Bloody related! There is no way you can get a clean break or a clean gateway…what are you going to do? Make a run for it? Miss a wedding? Ignore an uncle’s birthday,?skip a visit from an uncle who has come from overseas? So hence why its un-breakable, totally guarantees never-ending courtship. What’s there not to love? Notttttttttt

Another very lasting character of Bloody IP relationships is that it has a domino effect. Once it affects the person in the relationship it has the potential to affect everyone who has bloody ties and before you know it…guess what? You can become non-existent like the invincible man! Now who said you need formulas to become invincible? Just visit me, I’ ll teach you a thing or two on Bloody IP relationship that will set you up for life in being invincible.

But I got to say the gorgeous thing about Bloody IP relationships like I mentioned earlier is that it is capable of bouncing back even after you have been immersed in invincibility. Such power,eh? Well, despite immersion, you can always choose one of the many options, in this case just press the re-start button where you can basically erase any memory of invincibility and pick up directly where you left off. Its like your in a whole new relationship! And guess what? Because you have bloody ties chances are you have but no choice but to comply and eventually press the erase button yourself. The beauty of it is that it often comes with a “bloody ties potion-forgive n forget mantra” that works wonders when dealing with IP relationships which are bloody.

So try one today for an everlasting, diamond like experience cause with Bloody-In Pocket Relationship you can always turn back and do it all over again! Its like immunity against all odds. So what are you waiting for? Call-18000BloodyIP.Bloody Immunity.com



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