EPL: Same-same but Different?

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Inspiration, movies, Personal ramblings, women

EPL has been the talk of many, many women in particular. I have not heard even the slightest negativity being mentioned by women across the board( but bear in mind, of course the movie will never compare to the book like most book adapted movies and no I have not read the entire book yet). But most of my male friends, students etc just do not get the movie. How is it different from any other chick flick, they say. Isn’t it the same old thing?

Well to a certain extent I’ll say that it is same-same but different.What do I mean? Well EPL does present re-occurring themes that we often see breaking up, patching up and then living happily ever after. But is EPL represented as such? In such simplicity?

It’s hardly simple. That I’ll say.

So why is EPL so different? What makes it different from other chick flick? Some men categorized EPL as another attempt of bull or women drama maximized into a love story in amazing settings (Think Bali :) but I can personally vouch that it is much,much more than that! I’ve personally watched the movie twice and am currently listening to Liz’s audio book on EPL.

One word comes to mind when I think of EPL- RAW

Why raw? Does it lack the nice polishing most movies have? Nope, not at all. But EPL represents the raw reality of what really happens behind the scenes. It shows the brutal reality…

Roberts was amazing in the movie. One thing that was a re-occurring thing I felt was desperation. I felt that desperation when she felt to the ground `and talked to god, begged god….desperation when she was kneeling on the floor of the ashram feeling like crap after having the most amazing and uplifting adventure in Italy..desperation when she was in Bali being swept of her feet, feeling hopeful yet struggling that the lost of that balance will ruin her completely….desperation that she knew that there was no guarantees yet she ached for it. The one thing that comes to mind is that intensity that is prevalent throughout the whole movie, the depth of emotions, the rawness of the situation that begs for you to sit up and listen, to pay attention, to acknowledge her presence, her struggle….her existence!

I think EPL proved to be something close to home for many. Many of us at one point of another have been through that desperation. That stage of life in which you do not know what to do and how and at times you feel so lost, not knowing how to proceed on. Yes, I do realize that it is not the best solution to take off and dump everything you know to travel the world (but if I had the dough, I’d do it in a heart-beat-if I did not over analyze it like I do most things). When I first watched the movie, some scenes were very hard for me to sit through (not because it was boring) but because it struck a nerve, it hit me where it hurts, it made me acknowledge the presence of a force bigger than myself. It forced me to sit up and take notice!

Some might say, traveling the world is not the solution to any problem and it will not guarantee you a great ending necessarily. Yes, not everyone who does what Liz does is going to find her prince charming within a year or in an exotic location in this case. It does not always bear the same fruit. But for me, EPL is not really about traveling to exotic locations, it is not about the relationship she had in the past, present or future, it is not about finding someone to share your life with. More so it is about finding yourself, being comfortable enough with yourself, being alive and kicking deep within your soul. I dare say many have not found themselves and life in a world they constructed and will destroy.

EPL has taught me many lessons. It has opened my eyes.

Yes perhaps it will also boost Bali, Italy and India’s tourism. Create some publicity for the Indian Ashram that Liz stayed in. It will make people suddenly want to travel in an attempt to find themselves….

But for me, EPL represents so much more than all that. One of the best movies I’ve watched and c

ould not have come at a better time (those who know me would know why). 

For the men out there, I do not expect you to like the movie or even accept what is being portrayed but considering it and the themes it represents would tell you so much about a women and her vulnerabilities. It shows a women -baring it all (I don’t mean bare-naked ladies btw), how could you not want to know? But that is a whole different story altogether.


*Will update when I get to the end of the audio book. So far the movie is already seeming to be so empty of the content I got on the audio.


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