TOP 10 reason not to GO for TM Streamyx [UPDATED]

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

1. Upon application it takes  1-1 1/2 months for them to install the service if your lucky.

2. If and when they finally do, it is done separately. You are charged RM30-50 for installation of your phone because it is done by an outside contractor(so kalau rosak or not done properly it is not their problem, it is yours!)

3. After 1 or 2 weeks of your installation of the phone, slowly streamyx contractors will sail in to fix your streamyx. And mind you they have their own mind, so they will sail in as and when they please, such a thing called appointments are foreign to them.

4. Aren’t you lucky you have streamyx now? It takes them another 2 months to send you a bill, that’s if your lucky for some it is a month. When they do send you the bill it is often late.

5. They decide to send you 3 months bill in one bill because that is their procedure apparently. So you see all of us must have a truckload of cash all at one go . To make matters worse they do not have a breakdown suddenly you have almost RM300 dollars on your bill.

6. You do not have the option to apply for a package online or make payment for it online, you got to go back to the stone ages and return to TM center and wait for an hour or 2 if your lucky just to apply and when you finally do, they leave it out of the system.

7. Call 100 and they will take you on a merry go ride round and round n not give you an answer because its TM, they are only answering calls. They say they will find out and call you back but they never do.

8. Want to make a complaint? Sorry they do not take complaints over the phone you got to get you ASS to TM Point, take leave la..why not? We got so much of leave to take to waste your time further with TM.

9. Service is suppose to be the best but I can tell you it is super slow and far from the best!

10.  “TM Always at your service” -what a load of bull. They bind you in a contract for a year but what if they can’t provide the service? Is that not grounds for not following the terms of the contract?


Your former Loyal (NOW LOYA) customer since 2002

P.S- Do remember TM that you are no longer a monopoly…and there are other options out there. Next time, I will try my luck with P1 …You are bound to lose your customers sooner or later.

“Buck up or shape out TM!”

UPDATED: My modem got busted a couple of weeks ago, was extremely worried due to my experience with TM. I called the service center and  reported the fault in the modem. Within the same day someone called me to find out the issue and within the next 2 days it was replaced. I’m impressed, maybe there is yet hope for TM yet?

  1. kebun500 says:

    That is very through. I have been in this condition before. The service always suck and the line always breakdown. Everytime reported 100 told me to check my lap top or desk top bla2222 and it merry go round for a while . Sometime it tokk 4 or 5 working days to be resolved and guess what it was the TM problem, TM box or whatever. It was really in the stoned age service, Lousy and sucks. Now I just potong to P1 and things hook up in 30 minutes,, and I never get any problem ever since. No phone line which is sewa buta and no hassle… F@^k off Tm net

  2. visithra says:

    I( have had pros and cons with streamyx – p1 is as lame as streamyx when it comes to connection – it all depends on ur location n how dense the number of users in one location – n the reason i got streamyx – i cannot go find a window for p1s convenience

    i have super fast speed in my place – which has been slower in the last few days coz of the prob at n9 – though im in selangor i think since im closer to there – theres a prob

    their help desk for trouble shooting is kinda efficient – its easier to get the streamyx in a box – it may take some time to arrive but no installation fees no need to wait for ppl n its easy to install -plus the helfdesk guy was very helpful

    tm point bangsar is very efficient – i had a prob with my modem n they solved it in mins – though the tm in my place was a pain

    when our lines went dead recently – that took forever to be solved – coz of their lame helpline – their phone customer service is horrible – had to resort to screaming bfr the manager took over my case – n within 30 mins – the tm guys were at my house to check on the repair – their technicians r super gd n nice too – so most of their probs r caused by bad staff – they need to put proper emphasis on their staff training then it will improve tenfolds – or just pray for the right person

  3. sabrina says:

    Streamyx sucks!!! Get Celcom Broadband :p

  4. Kavi says:

    despite all this, i have oni one reason that keeps me wit shitmyx…

    unlimited download bandwidth.

  5. Su Ann says:

    i’m using p1wimax! but i have tons of friends working with p1wimax people and apparently p1 is about to shut down. the p1wimax connection isn’t any better too .. in fact it’s slower. sigh.

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