Common Decency and Neighbourly Etiquette

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

I mean I never really bothered about these sort of things, I did not thing that you actually have to teach people these sort of things. I mean commonnnnnnnnnn lah what so hard, just be considerate and everything will be good. Wondering what I’m rambling about?

Well, I recently moved to a neighbourhood in Selangor and like most people I was excited about moving to a new neighbourhood. So when some of my neighbours approached me, I was delighted as I was in the city yet my neighbours took the trouble to ask about me. Little did I know, it wasn’t  just about being nosy nothing else nothing more. But to be honest, not all of my neighbours are like that at my current place.

So anyway I answered their, where do you work? how come you are living here? how many people are living here etc and others! Which I thought was ok…little did I know that everytime I came back home, curtains would be drawn and their heads will stick out looking to see what I was up to. At times, they would even walk out of their houses to the front of their porch to “menyibuk”. God forbid if anyone who was the opposite sex ever comes to my house. Now that would really call for a celebration of “menyibukness”. Of course sometimes I would even be quizzed about whos who.

Even that I can take, tak per la.tengok la…sibuk la..whateverlah. When I first moved in, I went back for the holidays and left my place for a good 5 days when I was back there was a car parked in my house cause the gates were left unlocked by the repairmen. Coming back with a jammed packed car full of stuff to unload I had to start unloading and carrying into my house quite a distance coz some idiot parked in my house. After a good half an hour, he comes and says ohh your back, do you want me to remove my car? I was like…..duhhh (in my mind I wanted to scream “Are you freaking mad for even daring to ask me a question..dah la got no brains park in people house and on top of it cannot even be aware when the person returns!). He then proceeds to park right in front of my house even though he has place right in front of his house. My friend approaches him and says could you please move your car, he goes like still can come out what. My friends repeats what she says and he removes the car quite unhappily. I got stares after that….I mean come on mentah mentah I’m on my own, why lah nak bully orang.

Another neighbour parks in front of my house, not blockin my gates but in front my house so that she doesn’t happen to block her gate. Which is fine with me when I do not use it, I too have visitors. But once when I had a visitor, her hubby asked me to move the car coz it was “her place”. I was rather annoyed, I’m like I let you park there all the time without so much of a word and when I need to use my own space I gotta be asked to move? When she return she apologized about it. She still parks there…although I don’t get why they can’t park closer to their own house…

The neighbourhood is such and even when they park in fornt of their houses it sticks out a mile. When I try to reverse into my own car park, it is so hard to manevour coz of the way they park. Do you think they could be bothered? Not a bit..It has been 3 months since I first moved in, nothing much has changed. But I’ve learned to become a little less friendlier coz it just doesn’t pay. But should I get another car they will just have to move theirs, for now it doesn’t matter that much. But it annoys me that people just don’t know about it. My dad spoke to the neighbour about it once and he said “I’ve lived here for 20 years” and my dad was that still does not give you the right to park in front of my daughter’s house. Well for now, that man parks in front of another’s neighbour’s house. Sigh, what happen to common decency and etiquette.

  1. sabrina says:

    OMG!!! I can;t beleive he actually parked IN your house! What an ass!!!!!!!!

    • cherwith says:

      my other neighbour parked depan my gate while I was out..n when i came bck..his car was parked for another good 10 minutes…i came out opened my gates..came in..then..he asked me..wanna me remove my car..i was tinkin…waaaaat do i live ard morons?

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