Are we allowing our kids to be sitting ducks?

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

Sitting Duck the idom refers to someone or something vulnerable to attack, physical or verbal. Often associated with ducks floating on water, not aware or even for a moment realizing or suspecting that they are the hunter’s target.

To begin in, I never really agreed with the concept of national service. I do not find it useful nor necessary for our kids to attend but as we all know the government thinks its necessarily, so be it. I’m just glad I did not have to go through it. Anyways I picked up Nuraina’s Samad posting( on this National Service issue and I have to see I was not to happy thinking of ‘my kids’ as sitting ducks. It sure didn’t sit well with me (No, I do not have my own kids yet nor am I married) but still I think its something that all of us should worry and question.

What do I mean by sitting ducks in this context? Well according to, trainees attempted to return home when conditions were oh not so suitable( no water-I think is a good enough reason but it gets better) but were warned that they would have police after them, should they do so. A form of coercion?  Some might say, they are spoilt brats and can’ t rough it out but do not be too quick to judge, just yet. According to the Star, complaint have been coming in way above their head concerning water supply and food problems. Low water levels at Sg. Titi Kerawang is said to be the problem. It’s great that they have identified the problem but the question is why are they not doing anything about it? But the water authorities (Penang Water Authorities) seem to have a different story to tell and claim its from the Bukit Genting resvoir( no its not from Genting Highlands, its actually in Penang).

Jeyabalan of Corporate Affairs at the Penang Water Authority (PBAPP) said one thing that struck me immediately,he said they are no water supply for fire hydrants. In my eyes, that only spells DANGER, DANGER and more DANGER. How can the government allow for such a situation to even occur? Isn’t that considered a fire hazard? Do we want another episode, where we have mothers and fathers crying over their kids? Why do we allow our kids to be sitting ducks again and again? When do we say, NO and actually mean it? When do we take action and be taken seriously?


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