Did You Hear? Rape is not Violent

Posted: February 25, 2010 in human rights, Justice, Malaysia, Society

Yesterday, I spoke about clueless coppers. Today not to far away from their world, we have the great Judicial Commissioner, Datuk Ahmad Nasfy Yasin with his words of wisdom which I will definitely highlight below, he says;

“However, Ahmad Nasfy said he also took into consideration that the accused was not violent against the victim in deciding to reduce his sentence”.

What am I talking about? If you haven’t already heard, today a man who raped a minor just got his jail sentence of 18 years reduced to 8 years. The pretext of such an action.. well Justice commissioner says that he is after all a first time offender (kesian bah,cut him some slack-so he says) and after all he was not violent (coz in Justice commissioner’s thoughts/perception, god knows what else…rape is not violent enough, you see?). So you a man who raped a minor at some rubber tapper estate, who was initially given 18 years imprisonment and six strokes of the cane (by Kuala Pilah Sessions Court) for the offense of raping a minor (15-year-old kid) is now getting a discount. He will still receive the six strokes of the cane but get a discount of 10 years off the sentence.

What is the world coming to? At one hand we have reports of women getting canned for alcohol consumption and pre-marital sex and then we have the ridiculously stupid decision of decreasing a criminal’s sentence due to the accused being a first time offender and not being violent(do they even know what rape is?). Firstly how can you ever begin to say that rape is not violent? Stripping the dignity,soul, body of a kid not violent enough? Put yourself in the victim’s shoes, her family, just be human. How can you stomach that? How can you have the nerve to imply that it was far from violent?  I’m sick to my stomach thinking of the crap that is constantly circulating and corrupting our beloved country. The way the authorities have been running the country is sad. I dread thinking of bringing up my own kids here in the future. I love Malaysia but this sort of situation just makes me want to pack my bags and leave yet I stay. What can I do? I feel helpless so all I can do is to highlight this issue to you and hope that you highlight to others and someone big somewhere realizes that it just too wrong to stay true…8 from 18 😦


You can read the original story at Star Online through the link below;


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