Clueless Coppers: A Malaysian Dilemma

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Freedom of Expression

It was quite an eventful Monday I would say. Was it amazing? I would hardly say so but was it puzzling the reaction we found from our ‘beloved’ police diraja Malaysia. So let me tell you the events of Monday. A close friend of mine was leaving her grandma’s house when she was robbed.  Thankfully she wasn’t at the so call scene when it occurred, although she was hardly 200 metres away. She opened the gate and parked her car somewhere across from her grandma’s gate and then went over to speak to her dad. A car was suspiciously parked beside her car and when she returned to her car, her mirror was cut. Her Mac laptop was gone and so was her wallet and her GPRS tracker. She was devastated and worse still shaken. Its been a few days now and she fears going home alone.

When it comes to such a situation you have no choice but to report it to the nearest ‘balai polis’ and that’s where she headed to..Still shaken you can sort of figure out that she would not drive. Furthermore, it would be kind of ridiculous as it would not be safe…imagine..shattered glass, an open window.. So obviously, she did not drive. Anyhow she was at the ‘balai’ filing her report when the lady assisting her asked if she could look at the car. Her answer was “I did not bring my car,my dad drove me here” and the lady then reverted to her higher rank officer who was also a women (My fren told me that they were not allowed to park in the ‘balai’ and had to park in an alley as the balai was on a main road).

The higher ranked officer apparently said “Masalah..aku?”. My friend was rather offended, here she had been robbed, left with no wallet, left insecure, terrified to even return to her own place by herself…and her we got this ‘nice’ police woman who basically could not be bothered one bit (Tegah, Adil and Berhemah? I think perhaps they should change it.) That was the first scenario. Well anyway she left the police station a little annoyed but she was like, oh well, nak expect apa, biasalah polis kan. Kind of sad right, the way we kind of expect that they will behave in such a manner.

Going back to her story. She was given a number and told to call this guy (don’t worry he was an officer, so they said 🙂 to make an appointment so that he could interview her.  She was soon contacted by Citibank as the dude who stole her wallet attempted to make a transaction at Shell (normally…let’s say if we had a good system in place, Citibank would contact the police and they should have been able to track the guy down immediately or at least get a good lead on him but then again.its Malaysian police..). So equipped with this valuable information, she excitedly called the policeman with the help of another friend (maklumlah some of our bahasa karat gila!).

My friend told him what had occured. It went something like this;

Friend: Encik, saya telefon untuk kawan saya, ****.

Policeman: (He sounded confused). Siapa?

Friend: You bagi dia nombor untuk telefon supaya encik boleh interview dia.

Policeman: Pasal apa ni? (Still confused)

Friend:  Semalam kawan saya disamun, bukan…bukan hari Isnin dia disamun depan rumah lepas itu encik bagi nombor telefon untuk interview.

Policeman:  Ohh..(finally sounds like he understood)

Friend: Encik, sebenarnya Citibank baru call kawan saya, katanya orang yang samun dia cuba guna kad kreditnya di stesen Shell

Policeman: Ya, ker? Lepas tu apa jadi? (he sounded really excited, like tonton movie suspense!

Friend: Tak der apa .

Policeman: Lepas tu, you beritahu sebab apa?

Friend: Saja nak beritahu encik sebab ingat boleh bantu dengan kes.

Policeman: Oh..begitu..

I mean can you imagine? The first scenario, you’ve got the copper who couldn’t care less about what you are doing…The second scenario, you’ve got a copper who is so blur with no idea what’s happening. Now, that’s why I do not bother visting our coppers unless I have no choice because I feel there is no purpose, what’s the point? There are of no help, I do not feel any safer having them around nor do I even for a minute think they can solve or will even attempt to do their jobs. Hence, my understanding of our coppers…Truly Clueless….

That said, I can’t generalize and say every single copper in Malaysia shared the same characteristics(because some coppers are amazing and deserve applaud) but I can honestly say that a majority of them do and like the Malay proverb states “Kerana nilai setitik, rosak susuk belanga”. (one ill behaviour may cause others to forget the kindness we’ve done.)


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