What Can Make This Woman Smile?

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Freedom of Expression



Thai Ice Cream….the mixture of various items in it (sticky rice, peanuts etc) makes for an amazing mouthful of yummylicious, earth shaking, mood lifting day changer…so for any of you out day having a bad day, have a spoonful of this amazing mixture for a pick me up and ..NOo …I don’t expect you to fly all the way to Thailand (although if I could…I would) Instead..just savor the moment through this image..Will ya?

  1. sabrina says:

    What about chocolate?Loads of it???? :p

    • cherwith says:

      hahaha..chocolate and me…..ikut mood..sometimes its heavenly..sometimes I won’t even touch it..What can I say creature of moods? But it does make most women smile.:) that I gotta admit!

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