Pre-marital sex: Who is to be punished?

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Discrimination, human rights, Justice, Society, women's right

Pre-marital sex. In this day and age, such a notion is not excatly something very bizzare, or even something that would raise the eyebrow. You can count the amount of men and  women,who are still virgins, before they decide on marriage, muslim or non-muslim. The numbers doesn’t necessarily reflect the sort of Malaysian culture, that Malaysia often loves to portray. That aside, pre-marital sex is definitely something that is happening among muslims and non-muslims(no matter how much either of them would like to deny).

Personally, I could not be bothered, as to who decides to save their virginity or who doesn’t, men or women, muslim or non. Frankly speaking, it matters very little to me.  Like I often say, each to its own. But when pre-martial sex brings about the canning of women, Muslim women in particular, it definetely raises more than an eyebrow.

After a long hiatus away from reading newspapers or even blogs, UNSPUN’s post on his blog concerning Malaysian Women that were being canned due to their pre-martial affairs caught my eye. It really baffles me, that it is punishable by law, in fact it even makes it ridiculously silly (by no means am I making fun of syariah law). If you were to really punish by law, the crime of pre-marital affairs, I promise you there will not be enough jail cells for muslim or non-muslims alike! Why were this women in particular chosen to be put in the spotlight and canned? If it is truly punishable, I’m surprised it is the first we are hearing of. Most importantly, the fact that only the women are punished, makes it rather sexist don’t ya think? As far as I know, it takes two to tango ( in this sense, have sex). Unless the natural order of things has changed (if it has I sure did not get that email). Why only punish the women? Were the men unwilling participants? Were they victims? Are the men protected by law? Are they invincible to the hands of the laws or is it ok for them to do as they please? If anyone out there is an expert in Syariah law..please enlighten me… cause as far as I know, this is extremely ridiculous! As usual, our authorities have a lot of time to police this sort of affairs instead of actually bothering to solve real problems and issues like snatch thieves…sigh…


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