A Never Ending Love Affair

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Personal ramblings
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This posting is rather on a very personal level. For most of you who know me well, you know my heart belongs to Penang. I stepped foot unto this island in 2002 after receiving an offer to study at Penang’s local university, Universiti Sains Malaysia. When I received the offer, I was already settled in MMU, Cyberjaya(doing accountancy-funny eh?). I had already made friends over there, had good roomies and enjoyed every minute of MMU. Yet, upon receiving the offer, I was somehow attracted to the prospect of living on an island, studying at a local university and moving miles and miles away.

Penang was foreign land for me, before 2002 I would have probably only come to Penang on one or two visits at the most. The first day I arrived, I was amidst crowds of people registering for uni . Parents dropped me off at uni and from then on, my life changed.

As I recall all Penang means to me, tears roll down my cheek. Not because of all the bitter memories but how much I’ve grown, learnt, hurt and lived. Uni years were fabulous, I have to say. I had the best housemates, they were such good human beings. We laughed, we fought, we cried, we did so many things together. I remember late night studying, going to the beach at the wee hours of the morning, planning surprise birthday parties for each other, being there for each other(during the tough times), screaming at each other for petty issues, graduating together… I had great friends too of which I need not mention(you know who you are). Had so many sleep-overs in my tiny room (1 mattress mind you!) if you don’t count the other spring one (which spring dah keluar). Staying up till wee hours, dancing the nite away at SS….you name it we did it. Throughout my uni years, I also managed to make good friends out of my professors and lecturers. I developed a bond with one of them and till now he means the world to me (although he is hard on me at times..so much like my daddy).

After graduation, as decided to stay in Penang. All my good friends left, one by one. Only one of my housemates and a good friend from uni is still in Penang. During this time, I went through a horrible break-up, that leaves me scarred till today, but I was lucky that two of my closes friends were there for me in Penang alongsides the rest who lended support from KL. Both of them have since left, one to KL and the other to US.

Things became a little more harder, all my girl friends had left Penang for good. Yet, the love for Penang remained. I loved going to eat Char Kueh Teow and Belacan Fried rice at Pekaka Corner. Not to mention the great Chilly Chicken from the uncle(been going there for 7 years now!). I love going to Zaini to get my hair done, he is a whiz with my curly hair, hard to find! I love going grocery shopping and knowing where everything is…I love taking cuddles to get her hair done at Macalister ..I love passing USM, every time I drove to work. I loved spending time with my students out of campus (steambot, ocassional nights out, house visits). I love my occasional visits to discuss things from my life to education with prof(although when he is in a bad mood, I cringe in my seat). I love looking out of my window and seeing the world (Penang is and has been my world). I love having my own place. I love that I found a man to love and who loves me too..in Penang…. Although Penang got really lonely and I didn’t have much close friends ( I didn’t want to search for new ones, was holding on to the past). But still I loved Penang to bits and refused to leave…Even when my job sucked, I convinced myself to stay a bit longer…

But today, I sit here pondering about my life, about what Penang means to me and how she has housed me all these years. The decision to say goodbye to Penang is no doubt a big one. I leave Penang with a heavy heart. I’am a little bit excited of starting anew in KL and being around my closes friends and not missing out on family outings. I’m excited at the prospect of a better career, of a place that will cherish my talents and develop it further.

But the timing couldn’t have been more untimely ..I’ve found such good friends in the last 2 months or so right here in Penang …and graduating(yes again with my masters!) at the same time… It’s just hard to say goodbye sometimes. It’s hard to explain my love for Penang. Some might think, I’m holding out for my significant other but my love affair with Penang started long before he even came into my life (yes I’ll miss him to bits and it will be tough to be apart after being together(almst everyday) for more than 2 years, though).. I hope I’ll be able to come back to Penang..It will always be the love of my life…So today, I start saying goodbye…goodbye to her for housing me and allowing me such bitter-sweet memories… I never regretted coming to Penang and I wish she has a place for me some day from now…

Goodbye my love..

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