Maid’s Day Off Absurd or Necessary?

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Freedom of Expression

When I heard about the Maid’s day off, I thought to myself.. why should it even be questioned in the first place? Shouldn’t  it be common sense to give your maid the day off? What are they? robots? They do not need rest,do they?

I think is absurd to treat your maid like the are beneath you…like , they do not matter. I heard a housewife say that if you allow them to mix with other maids, they will come up with unreasonable demands. And we wonder, why the government limits our freedom to information?

How we any different from the government, we constantly critique ? We are like them, we want to control people from mingling, from discussing, from thinking . It is because we are afraid of the consequences, of the demands, of everything. Because we have this fear..fear that the maids will do us wrong. Afraid that they will mess up. Perhaps some do, some get influenced, some get frustrated. But don’t we all? You shouldn’t  generalize!  How would you feel if you were in their shoes…
If we cannot even give the maid a day’s off and insist on all this drama just to make our lives easier… I just do not know what to say….We have definitely not grown as a society..but then again maybe we have…on the outside….make-up like everything else..It is no wonder we are said to be naive , we are controlled and as they do onto us, we do unto others.

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  2. clone dvd says:

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