New Level of Low for All Malaysians

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Freedom of Expression

Some of you might have heard this audio before. It started surfacing around August of last year but it finally reached my hands when a student of mine played it in class. The audio was long winded no doubt but necessary to listen to as it showed us all how low we all stoop, how we behave at times when we think the world isn’t watching.

Please watch this audio, that I will insert in this post. You be the judge of the atrocities we dish out to people we think are beneath us. can download this and get the extract from here..for the audio
After you have listened to the audio, do leave comments and tell me what you think. Some of you will feel frustrated, angry, pissed off, embarrassed or some might not even care and might say hey it is all in the job. I believe no one should be treated in that manner no matter what line of work it is.

Personally, I feel that this woman Kanangambai of Cheras, is one of the most rude people I have encountered ever. Her behavior is not acceptable and is appalling! The conversation that is between this lady and a customer service consultant from Astro. Her mother’s sarcasm is not welcomed either. You might be the customer, but that still does not give you any right to tell people how “fantastic” their English is, especially when her English was so “fantastic”. The mother was very sharp, no doubt less noisy. The daughter should not have insulted him through her words and statements. How can you insult someone because you think you are more highly educated? I myself have studied quite far up the ladder but you will never hear me saying that anyone is not worthy just because they have not been highly educated. What good is education if it produces individuals such as this! She would be smart to apologize to all parties concerned for her bad behavior, but I doubt she has.

It is truly sad that we treat our own people, our own citizens, our own neighbors in such a manner….God help us all. Please remember the next time you are calling for HELP please remember that the other person on the other line, the counter, wherever….is a human being trying his best.

Thanks for your time!

  1. sabrina says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! Hahahahahahahah….what a sorry excuse for a human being!!! Her english is so so fucking bad and she has the cheek to tell him to ‘grade-up’ his english!! Hahahahahahahaha…what a moron la.

    But to be fair, he was rude in the beginning la. Actually they’re both idiots la…hee hee

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