I should have..he says

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Freedom of Expression

At Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2009, Tun Dr. M was  reported to have said that he SHOULD HAVE CENSORED THE INTERNET. No offense to the man, that I admire and put in high regards. Of course I do not agree with all that he has done or said but I do acknowledge his contributions to the country over the years. But when he said, he SHOULD HAVE regulated the Internet. I wonder if it is the case of sour grapes? Why now? Why all of a sudden he has such a desire, has such regret?

To me, it is pretty simple …it is the issue of control. I believe that the Internet to begin with, was not regulated (then again goes back to what you define by being regulated-since we do have blogs/sites shutdown/ppl thrown under the ISA etc) due to control. By not regulating the Internet, Malaysia maintains some sort of control towards the growth of the MSC, it gained control over what it wanted…to happen, so they thought.

But it was only so, as they thought, they were steering, they were in the driver’s seat….Little of course did they know about the Internet and the powers it brought to all its users directly or indirectly. I do not dispute the fact that PORN as mentioned by our former PM is not excatly the most suitable material for generations to come, but I believe people should have the choice to decide for themselves..they are after all not children to be dictated to….We cannot control every aspect of life as much as we would like to, although controlling might seem like a good option(more like an easier one) I think education is more essential. We often want and desire to have something we think we shouldn’t have, something forbidden, something we are told is wrong is bad for us. The day we decide for ourselves, then it sticks, then the desire to want “the unwanted” does not arise. Of course

I disagree with his statement that we are primitive people but I do believe that we can be naive sometimes….

p.s- I know I’ve been away but am here to stay.

  1. sabrina says:

    He is a total dumbass la! The only ‘primitive’ people are those who are calling for censorship!

    p/s : Glad you’re back after such a long time. We’ll be having a bloggers gathering at the end of july in KL…can u make it?

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