Report Against Penang Deputy CM??? Warranted or Not?

Posted: November 18, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

It has come to my attention that Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia(IRIMM) has lodged a report against DR.P Ramasamy due to his statement on certain .Umno policies which he alleged had caused an imbalance in the number of Malay and non-Malay staff in the civil service. This fellow, Zainol Abidin I think is really immature, childish a tad stupid if I may say so. He claims that such a statement will cause ill feelings among races.

That really makes my blood boil. I mean are we now accused of being racist or one-sided for the mere mention of a particular race dominating a service line? So if I’d say that the fast food service line is dominated by Malays would that make me a racist? One who causes ill feelings among the races? Thats absurd!

If they really want to keep peace and harmony between all races they should stop making racial blurts here and there concerning how other races are illegal immigrants, we have no right being here among others. But no no..they rather focus on the matters that in fact do not even matter. It’s like they are kicking up a fuss just for the sake of it! Common!

As for playing politics with ethics….UMNO has to be an expert by now in that manner…NOOOOOOT…How is that insensitive? It is true that there is an imbalance in the civil service…it’s true that it is dominated by those of the Malay ethnicity, what’s wrong with saying that? It’s true that it is difficult to attain a job in that field, its the same for any government related job…universities etc. It’s a fact not an insensitive remark. If I were to say that during Thaipusam they are loads of Indians walking about and Thaipusam time there is massive traffic jams that would be facts ….simple as that…

Why would any sane Malay get angry?Why? There do dominate the civil service as how certain races dominate certain professions, engineers, lawyers, doctors etc

“It has racial undertones and could spark racial misunderstandings.”

The statement above only seeks to reinforce the fact that the person who said  this is a complete moron and sadly does not think before he talks. God, please guide this ignorant man as I  do know that I can’t be angry with him because he does not know any better. Please open his eyes as he has been blinded……

* I say a prayer for all the morons who think that anything about them is a racial undertone and anything said is to threaten their existence so that God will show them the way!”




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