Caravan to Kamunting: First Day of Raya

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

I’ve just heard of the caravan to Kamunting on the first day of Raya. Please head on to Anil’s blog at for more information.

Flowers, cards and gifts, if any, will be passed on to Raja Petra and the other ISA detainees to let them know that they are not forgotten on this special day.  RPK’s wife Marina has been informed of the event and hope that she will also be able to join us. The Press will also be invited for this event.”

When? This Thursday, 2nd October 2008

Time? Leaving Penang latest by 9.30 am

Estimated Arrival? 11 am, Kamunting Detention Centre

Interested? Contact committee member Mr Ronnie Tan at 012-4277883 and go to Anil Netto’s blog for pick up location and more information on the Caravan.

So if you can make, do make it to Kamunting and show your supporT!

P.S; In case I do not log on anytime soon, Selamat Hari Raya to all my dear readers!!!! I can’t wait for Raya, miss going to open houses, going to catch up with Primary school friends this year!


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