Free RPK Repeal ISA:In a Show of Solidarity 15/9

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

I just received this sms that said;

RPK telah ditahan dibawah ISA. Beri sokongan utk RPL.Sila dtg beramai-ramai ke Stadium Kelana pada 15/9 jam 8pm untuk menunjukan solidariti.

I was bawfled….by the news. What else will they resort to? Started with numerous threats, intimidation acts, scare tactics, lawsuits, blocking of sites and now arresting under ISA. How rational is that? How can they detain him in ISA? How is that justified? We’ve got ppl like that Ahmad Said going about with nothing but dirt falling from his mouth, spiting evil into the air, insulting us Malaysians but do they do anything about that..No sir…they don’t.They go after RPK..

The thing is they can’t shut him down, no matter what they do…So they think if they lock him up, all will be over and done with. Sorry to tell you naive people that it doesn’t work that way! Everyone is going to fight struggle for his freedom. One thing is for sure, the government of Badawi isn’t gaining any fans by making this move, perhaps some enemies. I don’t know what’s on their minds but one things is for certain…they are scared..Can you smell the fear?

Let them continue to cringe…to know that they cant stop us all. Come to Kelana Jaya Stadium at 8pm on 15th September 2008…show your solidarity….show them that we don’t crumble easy…Show them that they can’t use ISA to continue to silence the voices of the people.


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