Running out of Options?: The Censorship of Malaysia Today

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Blogging and Democracy, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Malaysian Blogosphere, Society

“By now, what Screenshots mentioned yesterday about RPK’s Malaysia Today being blocked by TM Net has turned out to be something more sinister.” Jeff Ooi

Sinister alright… What is happening? Well in my opinion they have run out of options. Options to retaliate. The tried the defaming, insulting….they tried to blame the Internet for all the wrongs, all the mishaps of human errors..they basically tried to use the Internet..blogs,websites alike to take the blame for irresponsible behavior of certain parties. Did they succeed?

Hell no! But instead, the General elections saw bloggers (yes those who had been said to be the root of all evil, all things impure….you get my drift?) taking regard to distribution of information, in fact bloggers even made parliament! Then they thought hmm perhaps we should be nice to them, learn the trade from them. Worship it as it won them the election and it will give them a chance to gain back their dignity and what better way….then the Internet. So they started off praising blogs, saying how those without blogs should hold certain positions. I was like dumbfounded..what the hell one minute you’re a hater the next a lover? Ehem…ehem..What’s next?

Of course that took a turn……and it went on and on the roller coaster….until i believe they just can’t take it no more..they couldn’t beat us…they tried so they joined us..yet it still didn’t work in their favor. They tried to take power through threats, intimidation in the beginning which didn’t work, then they tried becoming one of us yet it didn’t work so what’s the last best option for their little minds? Simply to censor for that is the easiest way….to curb something they can’t control. They tried their best to behave like adults but a mask can only hold for a certain extent (its like a first date, you can’t be as flawless as your first date, it tends to show your true colors, that little temper your have perhaps, your annoying habit etc)

So here we are..I guess we all knew that the time would come..that they would resort to censoring and so they have now with Malaysia Today.

“We know by now the reason for Malaysia Today being unaccessible to TMnet subscribers since Tuesday evening is actually a result of Internet censorship. Malaysia Today is inaccessible to Malaysia readers because the website is placed in what is known technically as ‘DNS blackhole list’. [ SEE EVIDENCE HERE ]” Jeff Ooi

Today DNS blackhole list? What lies tomorrow? What was the rationale behind this move by the MCMC? Aren’t they an independent body? Read Nuraina’s thoughts on MCMC Biggest Mistake;

Can they really stop the flow of the information now? Now that society is so hyped? Now that people are yearning for the truth? Now that people want and know their rights? Can censorship stop the urge, the passion of the people? The passion for change?

Most importantly how will the move affect Malaysia? Go to for Rocky’s insight into how this will possible impact how Malaysia is view by the world especially in regards to our investors. Bill of Guarantees….hahha.What a joke..joke of the century…oh well..

We will just have to wait and see. But know that the battle is not over. Bloggers will not fall off the face of the earth….they will remain and continue stronger as ever. Don’t be mistaken, bloggers have a cause and no amount of censorship can stifle their passion. After all blogs have taken to the streets….

Anyway for those of you who are trying to access Malaysia Today, please go to;

Access RPK and Malaysia Today through


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