Uniquely Spicy Merdeka? That it definitely is…

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Event, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, MERDEKA, Society

Who would have thought that Merdeka would indeed be as Spicy as it has become. With the Permatang Pauh Elections which has just subsided and Merdeka just around the corner….we are surely going to have one spicy Merdeka. I’d like to relay a post here which is closer to home of a unique merdeka effort by students..and guess what its all about the SPICE!!!….Students of the Business Executive Club of Segi College Penang have created this masterpiece that I thought is extremely worthy thus I have listed in below together with their write-up ;

Segi’s Uniquely Spicy Merdeka

Penang’s title as the Food Paradise has not gone unnoticed this Merdeka. Recognizing its heritage of great cuisine, the Business Executive Club (BEC) of Segi College Penang has devised a plan to immortalize the pride of the nation, in tribute of the Pearl of the Orient. Merdeka 2008 will embody the exoticness that is Penang through the use of ingredients that makes Penang cuisine hard to resist.

SPICY MERDEKA 2008 launching ceremony will be officiated by Mr.Jeffrey Goh, Principal of Segi College Penang at the lobby of Segi College Penang, Greenhall on the 28th of August at 9.08 am.The masterpiece in making will encapsulate the Malaysian culture that is created not just for Segians or Penangnites but for every single person that calls Malaysia their home.

Through the embodiment of ingredients like spices, herbs, legumes such as dry chili, white sago and yellow lentils (dhal), that are loved by all the different races since the days of our forefathers, the aromatic version of the Malaysian flag will be realized. The process of immortalizing the Stripes of Glory will be done through the use of the mentioned ingredients that represent the four main colors of the flag and will span 14×30 feet encompassing the Segi Colllege Penang lobby.

The Strips of Glory that consists of 14 horizontal red and white stripes equal width, representing the 13 components States and the Federal Government will be symbolize d by the fiery red dry chilies and pure white sago respectively. The canton of dark blue in the upper quarter next to the staff and extending down to the fifth stripe that symbolizes the unity of the people will be aptly represented by the use of sago that will be sprayed blue.

The process of creating the flag will signify the building blocks of unity that has been nurtured over the last 51 years. The union contains a crescent that represents Islam, the official religion of Malaysia. While the 14 points of the star, denote the unity of the 13 states with the Federal Government. The yellow color that signifies the royal color of these items will be denoted through the sweet and nutty yellow lentils/dhal that often accompanies Penangnites breakfast, lunch and dinner at the local mamak stalls.

Merdeka 2008 will not be just another public holiday that is observed by all but as the day each Malaysian recognizes and feels like Anak Bangsa Malaysia as the amazing food culture that is glorified by the Stripes of Glory is portrayed…

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  2. Ah Huat says:

    Good Spicy Merdeka launch and you are a good MC. SEGi BOLEH! We love SEGi!

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