Anwar’s Winning PP: Unoffical Results Updated

Posted: August 26, 2008 in All things Anwar, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, Society

As reported through People’S Parliament and Malaysia-Today;

Votes for Anwar- 31,949  as compared to for Arif – 14,297 (8.30pm)

This number were apparently incorrect

Here is the final unoffical results according to People’s Parliament;

9.13pm : Din Merican reporting from the counting centre

Final unofficial ( whatever that means ) figures

Votes in favour of Anwar -31,579

Votes for Arif – 16,045


He has definitely won the race, the question is at what scale and how will these affect the upcoming events in Politics in Malaysia.

I think this win hasn’t come so much a shock in Malaysian politics. It was quite expected that Anwar would win. For most of us anyway.

Buat as Lilian Chan says its not so much of a win for Anwar rather a lost for aptly put!!!! Read below;

The question that lingered in my mind for the last few days is what would happen after he won? Would there be scumbags assigned to create havoc and unrest in Permatang Pauh? Would there be a peaceful victory celebration?

But most importantly, what would that win mean to Malaysia? When he enters Parliament for instance…what will that mean to Malaysia. Will he able to change the course of Politics in Malaysia? Will he actually be able to end racial based politics as he has promised? There is just so many question left unanswered…Will Anwar truly be our beacon of hope or faded in the background like many other politicans …once they attain our votes..or more so our confidence..What will happen???

Will September 15 happened?

 For more current updates on the election;

People Parliament;

 Malaysia Today

Anil Netto

  1. whitelight59 says:

    god bless anwar – the cat with nine lives

  2. slumberaja says:

    is this official result? i heard the unofficial one, DSAI won it but with slim margin.

    wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!

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