Petrol Prices Down: Don’t We Have a Compassionate Government?

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

Barely a few days ago, our YANG AMAT BERHORMAT told us that despite the decrease of oil prices globally, the country will only observe price change on the 31st of August and it would become effective come 1th September 2008. It further emphasized that it would not make any changes as our PM did not want to be seen as fickle (as he most often is!!! for good reasons so he says!)

Now, not even a week later headlines in the papers read “15 cent down in bold red, Government lowers fule prices to ease burden of the people”. Don’t we have a compassionate government?

It’s really funny don’t you think? It has been some time, if I’m not mistaken about 2 weeks since global prices went down. Yet, only today they decide to decrease the prices. If my memory serves me right, they sure did not hesitate to increase the prices when the global prices went up. But these time around they took their own time in decided about decreasing the prices. Don’t we have a compassionate government?

Once again, the fickle ONE changed his mind all in the name of easing the burden of the rakyat! All this time they didn’t realize? All this time the burden of the people was alien to them? All of a sudden its bright and clear? Coincidence or well organized?

Furthermore, they emphasize it’s not about Permatang Pauh, we really care about the people. Hell! Are we suppose to trust them this time around? Is it just coincidence that is barely a few days away from the Permatang Pauh Elections? The elections which is rumored to change our government once and for all! So its just pure coincidence and has nothing to do with Permatang Pauh Elections. The sodomy charges of Anwar also came very timely, so close to the elections…why?

To me it seems rather politically motivated…but then again that’s just me. You are all free to think and act as how you will. But if I were you, I’d be aware..very aware…As patterns show quite the obvious! So to the people of Permatang Pauh, make your choice well aware of the deception that underlie this elections. I believe that the people of Permatang Pauh are not stupid, let alone naive and they will not fall for lie after lie. It might hurt their perception but I believe that they will not be blinded by the lies that undercoat everything. May the lord give them clear sight!

It’s a pity that a free and fair election is so scarce, so extinct in this day and age. But it is the truth…


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