You Got One Life…Do Something!

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Event, human rights, Society

It was truly an eye opener to have visited Gurney Plaza on Wednesday morning with my mare class, alongside Michelle, Felicia and Pn.Zak…..World Vision Malaysia was having some sort of event at Gurney Concourse for HIV. So I thought I’d just tag along and learn a thing or two. It certainly did not prepare me for what was to be seen or heard on that fateful day.

You Got One Life..Do Something!

The theme I’d say was very inspiring….the layout of the exhibition was spectacular. It was a sight to behold even from the outside and we were all wondering what was waiting for us inside. We saw people lining up and going in equipped with an MP3 player and headphones but little did we know what happened behind those close doors or shall I say curtains.

The One Life Revolution Exhibit attract many be it the public, school children or college kids…not to forget their educators..ehem..ehem..Anyway after waiting for more than an hour, our turn came to actually experience what went on behind those curtains..As you walk into the exhibit area you pass through curtains at each phase equipped with your MP3 Player and headphones. Walking into the area was somewhat peaceful, it was like I was entering a different world altogether. Sitting there at the waiting area, listening attentively to the voice over the player..the journey begun…into the life of a little Cambodian gal. The voice guided me further on in this journey..this enriching experience of a young Cambodian gal struggle and empowerment. I saw her life through my eyes..through imageries, sounds, environment that surrounding me in the exhibit. It was moving, most importantly it seemed so was after all a true story. Not a figment of my imagination or any one’s fiction but a true life. The experience truly opened my eyes to the suffering, the stigma that surround those with HIV. The wall of hope and reflection was a great ending to the whole experience.

It is one of the best exhibits I’ve been for ever! It was impactful…enriching and most importantly it taught me something about life, about what we are capable of doing for someone else. I’d recommend everyone to go and live through the journey of these individuals. Although I thought that it should have been made bilingual- Chinese/Tamil etc to ensure audience understanding as a lot of kids seemed pretty confused. Perhaps a short briefing before entering would have been sufficient especially for kids as there are very impatient and do not take to instructions very well. But overall I thought it was a great way to reach out to the public, to create awareness, to teach people the meaning of life…of what we can do about it…..Pictures will soon follow…


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