Cited as a landmark case in the Malaysian blogosphere as it has been the first case in the history of the sphere to be handed such a judgment, time will only tell how this case will prove crucial for future cases dealing with the blogosphere in the future. I shall not go into the details of the suit but just briefly explain what the judgment is about;

The High court of Kedah ruled in favor of Nordin Kardi, the VC of UUM amounting to a sum of RM2 million to be paid to him while another RM2 million to be paid to UUM. The decision could be considered as a default one as RPK lawyers were not present to defend the case of defamation whereby RPK was supposedly guilty of publishing a defamatory article that tarnished MR.Datuk’s reputation and UUM. RPK ignored it and despite the judgment call of the high court, RPK views remains the same, refusing to budge from his stand. He still defies to pay RM4 million and Nordin Kardi has threatened that he will follow suit although he knows RPK probably can’t afford to pay (no brainer?stupidity? You call it!

I wonder what this says about defamation cases and the blogosphere. Some might argue that defamation is defamation be it online or off line. Some might argue facts are facts and thus cannot be considered defamatory.  Whatever the case, this particular suit will definitely contextualize what bloggers can expect in the future especially with the refreshing new look of the Information Minister towards blogs. Will the promise to be more friendly phase out with the steam of the elections? Will it be grounds for more cases to come? Will it be a deterrent for bloggers to continue being as bold and outspoken about the government or its functionaries? Or will this issue just boil over as many other issues have. The only difference this time is in a way a case has been won over a blogger, the ramification of it is yet to be felt.

Only time will tell.

  1. Julian says:

    “in a way a case has been won over a blogger” – I’m not sure I agree with that, I don’t know all the ins and outs of this case, but it seems to me that RPK has not done himself a favour by ignoring the courts. After all, it’s in the courts that one gets a chance to argue based on the facts, even if ‘justice’ may not be as blind as it should be….

  2. cherwith says:

    Julian, I meant a case has been won over a blogger meaning a blogger has to a certain extent lost the case..didn’t mean it the other way around..

  3. ServiceB4Self says:

    I think RPK’s apparent bravado is just posturing on his part. Could it be he is already a bankrupt and thus know that no one can make him a bankrupt again? If this is the case, he won’t bother defending any suits against him.

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