Pak Lah Challenged Us to the Ballot Boxes:But the Battle is far from oVer!

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Barisan Rakyat, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Malaysian Blogosphere, Society

Not too long ago, Pak Lah challenged us to go to the ballot boxes. He said if people were not happy there was no need for demonstration etc, they should just say their piece through their rights as voters. I guess he didn’t not expect the outcome would be such a tsunami. He didn’t expect those same words he used would actually be the starting of an avalance of protest through ballot boxes against BN. But the time again and people as he challenged us the ballot boxes to have their say. But is that enough?

Yes, we used our rights as citizen of the country by voting but is that sufficient? For us to vote every 5 years or so and hope all will be well. Some might say well we voted for a different party to rule so that we could give a check and balance. Yes, perhaps so but as concerned citizens that is not enough. It is the beginning, a good start I’d say but not ENOUGH! So what next? We need to make sure there is a check and balance, we need to play our part.  We need to stop talking and start acting. Step 1 down, now for Step 2…

Bangsa Malaysia

A lot of people who voted this time around voted for a better Malaysia. Their votes went beyond racial lines, they did not care what race was running for the post as long as it was not BN. A lot of us including myself went along that approach to give the BN a run for their money so to speak!!! To make sure they perform but we have to go further and that’s where Bangsa Malaysia comes in. An initiative started by a great man, Haris Ibrahim and his people( Tony,SK,Bernard etc) somewhere in August last year.What started off as a simple gathering of like-minded people in KL and then later in Penang has since transformed. It is hoped that through Bangsa Malaysia we Malaysians can participate in the workings of our government and not just watch from the sideliness wondering or feeling as though we are helpless to say or do anything when something is amiss. So this time around we can have a say, we can make things right before rot sets in.

In Penang, a group of us born out of the great idea of Bangsa Malaysia which was held last August had our very first meeting beyond the cyber world. In the last year we have communicated online through our e-mailing group but decided to take it one step further into the psychical realms of things. So today, over lunch at a local mamak 14 of us from various backgrounds got together to embrace the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and revive it for Penangnites in a hope that we could serve…we could contribute our part to society and our country! We discuss on various issues, some which is already on-going through Bangsa Malaysia in KL run by Haris such as Project Irrelevant. While some others will deal with us forming a solid foundation of a group that will seek audience with the state government of Penang to make sure Bangsa Malaysia is implemented at state level and hopefully in time are at the beginning stages of our efforts and it will probably take us some time to reach our goals or objectives set out but we call on concerned Malaysians from which ever background, race, religion to join us in our fight, in our struggle for a better Malaysia. For the battle has just begun…

Check  <“Pg Watch”> for some pictures of the meet !!!

Like I’ve said in a previous posting;

 I see a glimmer of hope…perhaps the concept of Bangsa Malaysia will not be something so difficult to attain or conceptualize for our children. As people now are beginning to realize, it’s not about being any particular race that matters but being Malaysian. Loving the soil you were born on, loving to be a part of this land, apart of this beautiful people and culutre, apart of our world. I’m glad that people have opened their eyes but much work needs to be done just to create the awareness that it does matter, that it does reflect on us and I salute Haris Ibrahim for making this possible…making this happen, it probably won’t happen in a day or two but we can always start small and work from then on…The future of a Bangsa Malaysia is no longer bleak, this General Elections proved that Malaysians can go beyond racial lines..

If you feel the way I do…….then make a change and be a part of Bangsa Malaysia..

A group of us will be meeting again on the last Sunday of the month to discuss further on some issues discussed at our first meet. If you are interested in becoming a part of this “Rakyat”group do not hesitate to email me at and I will get back to you a.s.a.p!!!

Hidup Rakyat!

  1. jin penunggu says:

    somebody ought to document all this from beginning… so our children and their children ‘s children can also learn and cherish what it is and how it is to become a BANGSA MALAYSIA

  2. Adrian says:

    Bangsa Malaysia is a great concept. Will require lots of ground work especially grass root discussions and joint activity to enhance the RAKYATS understanding. This is crucial especially since for too many years, BN has used racial politics to divide and conquer.Good job Cherly, U MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MALAYSIA.

  3. julian says:

    may the good lord bless you and yopur family

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